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gauleyboy420 3/16/2011 11:10:17 PM

Sanctum, What was the other franchise? The Tom Clancy series?

McQuestion 3/17/2011 4:50:02 AM

 It's so nice to know that Fox would rather do another crappy DD movie than let the rights go back to Marvel. IMHO, Affleck was okay as DD. I HATED Colin Farrell's Bullseye. I've never seen that guy perform well in any movie I've ever seen. He brings down everything he's in. Jennifer Garner, whom I loved on Alias, was bad in the original film as well. Her heart didn't seem to be in it. There were some horrible, dread inducing moments as well, like the fight in the playground. But there were a few good moments here and there. Nobody could do this better than Marvel though. Fox just sucks most times.

Batmite 3/17/2011 12:41:54 PM

While I admit that the original DD had some hoakey stuff in it, I confess that I really liked it, and have seen it probably five times.  Some times you just have to suspend your disbelief and let yourself enjoy.


Don't know much about Slade or the films he has made.  Guess I'll see DD when it comes out.

Wyldstaar 3/17/2011 3:33:36 PM


I'm not sure what the exact standard is, but it's clear from press releases regarding other movies that an actual filiming timeframe is involved.  Ghost Rider II and X-Men: First Class were both rushed into filming because the licenses were in iminent danger of being revoked. 

kinetoscope 3/17/2011 4:43:09 PM

I liked the directors cut, added a lot of story arc.

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