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Wiseguy 6/13/2012 8:05:50 AM

Yeah ElBaz, read about it the other day. Supposedly time constraints is what held it up. The Oscorp building making an appearance in the Avengers film.

I wonder if the Avengers or Stark towers, whatever name it's going by, will make a cameo in Spidey being that they may have had the time to render it in time.

It's only the buildings but it's still cool that they'd acknowledge each other

nemesis1_57 6/13/2012 8:15:03 AM

It was a great scene until he dunked the ball OVERKILL

ElBaz13 6/13/2012 8:15:30 AM

I'm guessing Sony maybe had cold feet in the end because of the uncertainty of the success of Avengers. Bet they are regretting that now.

But this is a good sign. Amazing Spidey looks like a Marvel Studios produced movie so it seems like they caught on. Not only that but it is possible because of the partnership Disney made with Sony in regards to the Spidey movie franchise (merchandise).

Now wouldn't it be freakin cool if both Marvel and Sony kept it secretly hush hush and had Nick Fury show up at the end of Spidey's credits? This would create as much buzz as Fury's appearance at the end of Iron Man in 2008. Plus Andrew Garfield recently said he wants to have Spidey part of the Avengers universe.  You never know....

spiderhero 6/13/2012 8:31:45 AM

No matter how much I see of this movie, I just can't get excited. I hope it's good, but I sure have doubts.


violator14 6/13/2012 8:59:05 AM

 *whistle blows*~ "Traveling!!"

shac2846 6/13/2012 9:35:56 AM

Think it looks great. I was never realy excited when the trailers started appearing for Raimi's spider-man in 01. Everything about this one has me interested. I don't know, guess we'll see.

zipahead 6/13/2012 9:50:29 AM

That was a charge..offensive foul on Parker.

DarthoftheDead 6/13/2012 10:23:07 AM

Spiderman is gonna make TDKR look like Ghost Rider 2....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

XeroWarp 6/13/2012 11:46:03 AM

This is going to be LAME. So completely not needed. I expect this to have a good opening weekend but that will be it. I'll catch it when it comes on FX.

monkeyfoot 6/13/2012 11:49:12 AM

Seems to be an appropriate scene for where I think this would go in the storyline of the film. Whether I will like the movie I'll find out when it opens.

Whether the public will like it, or want to see Spidey's origin told again in a new movie we'll all have to wait and see.

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