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PAGE 9/27/2010 1:18:37 AM

Duckbeaver, you're absolutely right about Oliver and Zod getting it on with Tess and therefore getting it on with Lex, much as I love this show, we are talking about Smallville here. I don't know. Maybe the writers did something with the storyline from Return of The Supermen storyline where they re-introduced Superboy as a clone of Superman and Lex Luther. Maybe they will do the same with Tess. She did die at the end of Season 9, and I mean Granny Goodness did something, or nothing perhaps. She was healed some kind of way. All I heard Alexander say was "that's how we were able to heal you". So maybe this is a new Tess merged with Lex? Would be interesting and I did hear that there would be a twist to her character this season. So far the only one that has been sucessful in coming back from the dead is Clark. He's died like 5 times so far during the series. What's bothering me now as I'm typing though, BLC (Bad Lex Clone) said that the "creator" died two years who's been running the lab since then? He couldn't have been locked up for two years and someone's been taking care of the clones so who is it? Guess we'll find out at some point. They shouldn't, but I have a feeling we'll be teased with the suit, and flying no less, until the last episode of the season. Which blows, but I'll still be sticking around till the very end.

redhairs99 9/27/2010 3:44:25 AM

Joe, I actually liked Chloe for the first few seasons of the show.  Her character has grown a little tiresome over the years though.  I do agree it would've been more interesting to have her become a villian, but I have liked some of her stuff during her time as Watchtower.  I'm also pretty sure I saw a quote from one of the producers that said Chloe would NOT be the new Dr. Fate.  They just used it as a tool for her to find Ollie and get herself taken out of most of the season.

The "Tess as a Lex clone" theory sounds cool.  Don't know if that's what the producers have in mind or not, though.  If they do go this route, they'd have to explain it as Tess is only NOW a hybird clone of Lex and Tess and that her character HASN'T been a clone all her life.  She has a past with Ollie, so in my mind, she couldn't have been a clone her whole life.   

I would have liked some sort of pay-off though in this episode as to what Granny Goodness was doing at the hospital.  Did she take Tess' lifeless body?  I suppose that Darkseid and his minions are the ones running Cadmus Labs in Lex's absence, but it would've been nice to see a pay-off for that bit from last season.

I know Evil Clone Lex said that the creator died 2 years ago, but he could have been lying.  That's typically what bad guys do.  It would be interesting to see that kid grow into Michael Rosenbaum though. The kid did say some of them aged to quickly, which probably means they were engineered to age at least to maturity quicker.

And yes they will continue to tease us and tease us with the suit and flight, but I think we might see both after the mid-season break...or at least I certainly hope so.


Chris Beveridge 9/27/2010 4:34:34 AM

 I don't care whose niece she may be, I love the character of Chloe and Allison Mack in particular. :D

millean 9/27/2010 8:28:58 AM

I haven't had a chance to watch the episode yet, so I haven't read the review or comments yet either.  However, I do see two things that I'm really digging...

1) Joe appears to be back for the final season of Smallville reviews.  At the least, that should ensure plenty of interesting conversations here.

2) That picture of Erica Durance.  :)

I'll try and check back in here tomorrow after I watch the ep.

xpaladinx45 9/27/2010 8:34:21 AM

Joe - welcome back buddy, glad to see you at another subpar smallville episode review :D

I predicted last year this whole Lois pretending she doesn't know crap and/or being knocked on the head and forgetting again.  I'm glad they avoided the forgetting part, even if the other happened.

The line that bothered me the most was the " almost felt like i was flying..." of course it did dumbass.  He already knows, based on other Kryptonians, he SHOULD be able to why he's so mystified by the feeling of flight....hell...he's flown before when he wasn't himself.  Maybe, unlike what Jor-El said....maybe he needs to go full Emo to actually.  Thats the message Im getting.

Quit playing hide and go seek with the costume.  It's expected, but somewhat insulting.

When they flashed Lois in africa, was anyone else thinking that those sand dunes look as populated as a Metropolis main street?

Wiseguy 9/27/2010 9:09:36 AM

Page, I like your train of thought about Tess maybe being a Lex clone but I doubt it because didn't one of the clones say they get all of Lex's memories too.

PAGE 9/27/2010 11:28:17 AM


yea the Lex clones do have all of Lex's memories but if she's a hybrid clone of some sort, maybe she has her (rather Tess') memories and just have some other qualities from Lex. It's a stretch I know but I think it would be a pretty kick ass twist. And maybe she'll start to get some of Lex's memories down the line somewhere. I know dead isn't always dead on this show but they did "heal" her and bring her back to life somehow.

cheekymonkey 9/27/2010 2:40:11 PM

Lots of promise, though don't expect to see the suit anytime soon.  I imagine a January after December cliff hanger will be the first time he wears the suit and the first time we see the 'real' Lex.  I'd also bet that the Darkseid stuff wraps up before than so that Clark and Lex can really battle it out second half of the season.

I must be the only one who doesn't find Chloe that annoying. I think her character has some issues, but I'll take her any day of the week over Lana or Supergirl (who I know is coming back for an episode or two). 

redhairs99 9/27/2010 5:29:10 PM

Cheekymonkey, the producers said that we really won't see much of Darkseid until the second half of the season.  I was surprised to see the glimpse at the end, but I'm sure that was just to add hype.

If Rosenbaum comes back, my guess is that it will be the series finale...maybe an episode or two before, but most likely just the one.

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