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LIDA 9/28/2010 8:55:52 AM

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millean 9/28/2010 9:41:00 AM

This was actually my favorite season premiere, too bad that's not saying much.

Page, if Tess is Lex's clone, that would be a great twist.  That would actually explain why he left her in charge after he "died" (which I think we all suspect he probably didn't -- it was another clone or something.)  Besides, do any of us actually think that the writers are clever enough to come up with that idea on their own?  Plus, it would have had to have been 3 years ago, and wait that long to pay it off.  (Not gonna happen.)

Joe, I caught the LOST parallels in the opening scene.  Clack Shepard waking up in the cornfield and the mysterious it's night / now it's daylight time shifts.  All they needed was a cork to plug.  (And a smoke monster, but we kind of got a glimpse of one of those by the end of the show.)

And what's up with that, anyway?  Since when has Darkseid been all tall, dark and smokey???  (Guess that's Smallville for you.)

Also, I'm with redhairs, I didn't get the impression that Chloe would be the new Fate.  Otherwise she would have swooped in to save Ollie, then go off for mysticism training or something.  At the very least she would have had the helmet at the prisoner exchange.

Finally, LOIS in AFRICA???  They aren't giving her a haitus as well, are they?  Yes, I was frustrated that she didn't tell Clark she knew (but not as frustrated as I have been with Clark the past 4-5 season for not fessing up).  Not unexpected, but still frustrated.  Back on point, I'll be upset if we don't get to see Lois around for the next several episodes.  I was expecting Chloe to go away, but Lois too???  Only way I can live without both of those lovely ladies being around is if Zatanna comes back for a while.  :)

millean 9/28/2010 9:43:12 AM

Oh yeah, and all SPAMMERS MUST DIE!!!!

Mania, you better get your act together with all of this stuff, or you will soon be overwhelmed with an overabundance of spammers and an underabundance of true Maniacs....

Duckbeaver 9/28/2010 4:40:30 PM

millean, I think they made Darkseid look like that to show that he's not entirely "there" yet; like he's going to need an extremely powerful amount of negative energy in order to break through completely to Earth (like the bad guy in "Ghostbusters 2").  Of course, that doesn't make much sense given that Darkseid could just use a Boom Tube to get to Earth whenever he feels like it.  I kinda think that could be a cool storyline, though: Darkseid in spirit form and his advance agents manipulating the populace into turning on each other and the heroes so that they're left defenseless for an invasion from Apokolips and the only one who can lead the charge against them and re-instill hope is Clark FINALLY in "Superman" mode with flight and the suit. 

OR I could be completely wrong and the producers just love alluding to LOST, as you mentioned before...

And Lois is in the next episode.  She's probably in Africa doing "soul-searching" for some reason and comes back to (hopefully) act like an adult and just be upfront with Clark about her knowing who he really is.

millean 9/28/2010 9:21:16 PM

 I hear ya, Duckbeaver.  Soooo many times I want to punch my hand through the TV screen at these character so I can slap them for the idiotic things they do and don't do.  Then I realize that it's the writers' fault, not the actors.  This show has so many cool things that are offset by twice as many stupid things.  (Kind of like my iPhone).  :)


redhairs99 9/29/2010 10:23:13 AM

Millean, I think that Erica Durance might finally be in every episode this season.  I DO know she's doing more than her usual run of about 13 episodes, but it seems like I read somewhere that she's either in them all or all but maybe 1 or 2.  

Lois went to Africa, I believe, because after the cornfield/Lex clone incident, she knows that if she's around that bad guys will use her to get to Clark.  Plus she was already planning on going since she got the offer from Perry.  But I'm sure that after a nice long chit-chat with Hawkman about true love and his history with Shayera, that Lois will decide to go back to Metropolis because Clark needs her as his connection to humanity or some such.

citrafreak 9/30/2010 12:51:38 AM

 No Lois will be in all 22 episodes this season and Chloe will only be in 5.  I just gotta say welcome back Joe wasn't sure you were coming back.  I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this episode and I like where they are going to this season.  Of course they teased the suit, did you not think they were going to after last seasons finally.  They had to find a way to stall at least until November sweeps.  I really enjoyed the Lex clones I thought the actor doing the older Lex did an amazing job... and I was definitely glad to see Johnathan again, and it was important to see Johnathan again because it touches on some of the baggage that Clark has been carrying around with him all that guilt that they brought up in Salvation (For those who haven't seen Salvation I do apologize if i spoiled it) I'm definitely looking forward to the this season and would have to say that I really enjoyed the premiere... had to watch it twice to catch everything they really crammed a lot into the episode.

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millean 9/30/2010 9:45:35 PM

Was that old guy an older version of Lex, or is Lord Voldemort taking some acting gigs now that the Potter series is coming to an end?

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