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karas1 10/25/2010 9:26:04 AM

Jakester, that was the Shazam! Isis Hour.  Each segmet got 30 minutes of superhero goodness.  Yet another reason why the Black Adam refrence is gold.

Joe, it's the Law And Order test.  Would Law And Order allow a character to sashy through international airports with a 5000 year old golden necklace in her bag?

Airport security - "What's this in your bag lady?"

Lois Lane - "Oops!  How did that get in there?"

Judge - "That will be 10 years in an Egyptian prison for smuggling,"

redhairs99 10/25/2010 9:39:33 AM

CaericArcLight, I've always thought that too, but that was back when I expected the show to last 4 seasons.  Now that I have 10 years invested in this show, I WANT THE SUIT NOW!!!  Sorry, but I just feel like they should just go ahead and pay it off for the fans kind like going ahead and getting the whole "Lois, I'm The Blur" thing out of the way now.

jfdavis 10/25/2010 10:43:02 AM

Maybe I have lower expectations than the rest of you (It's the CW for cripes sake!) but I was actually impressed by Durance's acting in this episode. It was seriously reminiscent of the "Go'auld acting" on Stargate...

I was very impressed by the Black Tom reference  and wonder if Billy Batson will ever make an appearence. 

I was also very impressed that finally Clark and Lois are on the same page with the Blur secret.  I was afraid they'd drag that to the end of the season...

Truthfully, a plot point like how Lois got the necklace completely escaped me. (Again, lower expectations I guess...)

heath0920 10/25/2010 10:50:25 AM

I think everyone's spot on with their fear that we won't see Clark in the suit until pretty much the end. I fear they want to keep it for the big closing finale, and since we're all pretty used to the Blur as his hero name, why upset the applecart at this time? Lois naming him Superman will be one of the last things on the show, a headline for The Planet. Isn't there supposed to be some two hour telemovie as the TRUE finale,? Thought I remembered reading about that at last year's Comicon in San Diego.

Since theye got Darkseid as the true vilain for the year, it makes me wonder how they're going to fit Lex in. (And the fact he's a clone solves the problem that he already knows Clark's secret, so he has conditional amnesia). I guess that means their friendship is also a thing of the past, which is said, 'cuase that more than anything is what got me into this show to begin with. I love the epic tragedy that we all knew it would eventually break. But I wonder how they're going to fold both stories together? Maybe Darkseid will possess young Lex?

JoeArtistWriter 10/25/2010 11:05:19 AM

Kara and everyone else, but definitey to Kara, because she , like me, is righteously angry over this topic. Here's another thing pertaining to the Isis necklace. Even if I could forgive them for not showing us that necklace slip in Lois' handbag until the pre-credit montage (and I can't forgive them for that) and even if I could believe the necklace somehow (magically I suppose) got through international customs (and again, I can't) wouldn't Lois seem surprised that she owns this new piece of jewelry?

I assume Lois knows a thing or to about jewelry and gemstones and such. I would also assume that necklace would be heavy, so Lois would never assume it's just some cheap costume jewelry. Why does this just happen? Can't someone at Smallville call bullsh!t on it and rewrite it so it's believable?

I know some of you will tell me to calm down and just check my brain at the door when watching this show, but I can't. Plus that's not my job as a reviewer. Smallville could and should be sooooo much better. As mentioned before, Xena and Hercules were fun light shows, but they were never sloppy. This team doesn't care aout its audience, and they never have. It's that simple.

heath0920 10/25/2010 11:23:35 AM

Maybe the necklace wanted to go to Lois and manipulated events to make it happen (think the Ring of Power  from The Lord of the Rings). As such, it modified memories in order to move closer to Smallville, since it knew that's where the bones of Osiris would be. Lois was a useful taxi service, nothing more. All it wanted was to be reunited with the love of its life and Lois was the unwitting catspaw to get it there.

xpaladinx45 10/25/2010 11:27:08 AM

I think the writing team is just lazy.  I am glad at least where the necklace came from was put to rest.  When watching the montage at the beginning I admit I didn't recall seeing that happen,  but I can also admit i don't always give "certain" shows my undivided attention (i won't name names.)

Adding something into a prologue that you cut from a previous episode just sets up a nasty nasty precedent.  Imagine if this show were on next year, and you decided on a new story concept but you were like, "oh, do i make this work...well hell lets just film a new scene thats supposedly already aired and tack it onto the beginning of the show, no one will notice!"  Talk about leaving your doors open story wise, jesus lol.  Hell, perhaps movies should stop making open ended finales, and just give them real close.  If they end up making a sequel just film some goofy ass prologue to cover it up.  (yes, i'm aware there have been some that have done something similar....ugh)

At any rate this is the kind of thing that annoys the piss out of me.  I can put up with cheesy and/or bad dialogue.  I can put up with average at best acting.  Those things aren't huge deals to me, nor does it mean i cannot appreciate a very above average performance.  But cutting part of an episode, and then using it in a "previously on smallville" clip, is just complete and utter BS.  Zero excuse for it.  Thats as much bad directing and bad producing as it is bad writing.

karas1 10/25/2010 11:35:16 AM

Now that I think about it, how many episodes has it been since Lois was in Egypt with Carter Hall, three or four?  So how long has that amulet been floating around in Lois' handbag?  It's not some small thing.  The amulet is huge.

You guys who post here probably don't have handbags but let me tell you, I'm in my bag a dozen times a day getting my keys, my wallet, my checkbook, my tic tacs, my tissues, my sunglasses etc. and so forth.  Not to mention my passport and airline tickets if I was flying internationally.  If something as large as the amulet of Isis was in there, believe me I'd know right away, if for no other reason that a solid gold amulet that size would be HEAVY.

How could the writers have addressed this issue?  Show the magic amulet hiding itself in some manner.  Lois reaches into her bag and the necklace shrinks or turns invisible of jerks out of the way to avoid her hand.  It's a magic object and I could go with that.  Otherwise we are left with Lois carting 5 pounds of solid gold ancient artifact around in her handbag for several weeks without noticing it and that's something I'm not willing to go with.

redhairs99 10/25/2010 12:15:47 PM

heath0920, they already said in the premiere that the clones have genetic memory.  I assume all of them have all of Lex's memories, but I could be wrong.  Maybe only some of the clones have it.

Kara, I believe the Egypt episode was 3 episodes ago.  We had the Supergirl and 200th episodes in between.  That is a good while to go without noticing, but in Lois' defense (very loose as it may be), I didn't think that was a handbag the amulet was in.  It looked more like a sort of overnight bag if you know what I mean.  Like maybe one or two changes of clothes in there rather than a regular purse.

Still, I would assume that in the last 2 weeks that Lo-Lo would have unpacked from her trip.

JoeArtistWriter 10/25/2010 12:21:19 PM

Yeah, there were ways to explain this amulet away, but we the viewers should not have to guess..... Sure it could be a Lord of the Rings thing and yes it could have turned invisible since it's magic, but that still doesn't explain why Lois puts it on and doesn't remember purchasing it, or worse yet, doesn't recognize it as the valuable artifact from Carter Hall's tent a few days ago.

This to me looks like Lois is at least guilty of knowing this very expensive piece of history is not hers, but she's keeping it anyway. Doesn't Superman put jewel thieves in jail?


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