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TheHumanScorch 10/25/2010 3:15:58 PM

This creates another Henry Jimmy, because the Lex that we knew is gone. That little boy, even if he gets his memories, didn't do all of those things.

I've got more comments here, I don't have enough room to say it all:

TheHumanScorch 10/25/2010 3:17:02 PM

And this means that Lois is a thief as well.

Duckbeaver 10/25/2010 4:13:14 PM

Scorch, yeah that was a concern of mine too when I first saw "Lazarus" and this whole clone story started.  Just because he might share the original's memories doesn't make this kid, who will probably/eventually become Michael Rosenbaum, the Lex we watched for 7 seasons.

But as I have said before, Lex and cloning have a history in the comics, too (except I think they actually just built a clone body around his original brain to save him from Kryptonite poisoning, so it's not exactly the same thing).  In any case, I was able to believe that the "Lord Voldemort" Lex clone could be a faithful older representation of the character.  I really just want to see Rosenbaum back in the role and playing off of everyone again.  I hope it works out that he can come back...


heath0920 10/25/2010 4:59:01 PM

Yeah, I also thought the guy playing Lord Voldemort Lex did a great job of mimicking Rosenbaum's speaking cadences. It was an eerily precise performace. But I still want to see Michael make a comeback, just to have one last verbal showdown in the barn. I really think that would be a fitting denoument on their relationship.

Jakester 10/25/2010 6:36:41 PM

Ah yeah, thanks Kara!  It's sad that I've forgotten some of my childhood TV!

And I don't know why you're all freaking out about the amulet being hidden in Lois' purse.  Kara *says* she'd notice it...but c'mon....guys...have YOU ever tried to find ANYTHING in your girl's (or your Mom's, for most of you, I'm sure) purse?  It's like a fucking black hole in there.

karas1 10/25/2010 6:52:38 PM

Our bags of holding are mysterious and beyond the ken of mortal MEN.  But we women know EXACTLY what's in there.

PAGE 10/25/2010 8:50:42 PM

I'm not going to hold my breath regarding Michael Rosenbaum coming back to the show. The producers, even Tom Welling himself, have reached out to Rosenbaum trying to get him to commit to at least one episode and they haven't heard back from him at all. I like Michael Rosebaum and I think he portrayed one of the best Lex Luthors on any screen, but it's a disgrace to us longtime Smallville fans that he can't seem to commit to at least one episode during this final season. It really makes me not even want to support him in any of his future projects. Where the hell is the love Rosey!!

millean 10/25/2010 8:54:32 PM

Dangit... work is kicking my butt!  I'm still a week behind on Smallville and I hate not getting in on the boards talking about it.  Just wanted to check in and see what the grade was.  Gotta admit, I figured we were due for a C level episode because I really liked the last 2 episodes.  Will have to wait until I get back from travel before I can check it out for myself.

In the meantime, you all be nice to Joe (though if you piss him off, that does make for some interesting posts.)  Oh yeah, one more thing... War Eagle!

tiberiuscan 10/26/2010 3:46:59 AM

Tess is either Lex's sister, or perhaps a clone of his mother. When you think about this it makes sense.  The most powerful moment of this episode which was more or less a 'filler' epsiode was Tess's maternal feelings for Lex. Beautifully played by Cassidy Freeman, the shock then pleasure on her face when Alexander cuddles with her and tell's her he loves her is a pure Hallmark moment. Lex adored his mother and if anything he would certainly try to bring her back via cloning. Cloning has been used before to bring Lex back, not only in the comics but in Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman, and in previous Smallville episodes. This Alexander as was his childhood counterpart in Lex's waking nightmares of previous seasons, is a good version of Lex and is definitely his mother's son. In her efforts to redeem herself for past sins she is now in a position to raise a good Lex. Might I suggest as this Lex is rapidly aging, he will not only become the future Lex we know but may indeed be influenced by Darkseid?

Unfortunately the writers will have to put in more fill episodes to stretch the season to it's full 22 episodes. (Not like they haven't done that before).

To me Tess was the key to this episode and could have been used more.

redhairs99 10/26/2010 5:15:54 AM

tiberiuscan, I just rewatched Lois and Clark during the summer and I don't remember any Lex cloning going on.  He was frozen after the first season and then thawed out.  Then he went to prison for a while before actually dying.  Now he did clone Superman in an episode and he made clones of Lois, the President and a couple of other people, but not of himself.

Page, I'm hopeful that Rosenbaum will return.  SupermanHomepage posted a link to an interview with him a couple weeks back where he said something along the lines of he'd really like to comeback once more and see everyone again and they are trying to work things out to make it possible.  Now that probably will boil down to a) money b) scheduling and c) if there's some way of not having to shave his head again.

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