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Bryzarro 10/27/2010 8:58:40 AM

@Joe - I kinda like Batman B&B but don't go out and say that the writing is better than Smallville.  

1 it's a cartoon compared to a TV series.  2- It's a 22 min show to a 44 min show.  3- Batman has some pretty sloppy things in it too.  They just give him so many outs to beat people.  Like against Music Master......some on all of a sudden he's a deep enough baritone to destroy the sound control voice on Black Canary......COME ON!!!  Black Canary who has a sonic scream.  That was lame.

But the out Batman B&B has is it's for kids.  And that is why you can't compare it to Smallville.  

Other than that I do enjoy reading your reviews but I usually stay quiet on the Smallville front.  i mean the show is called Smallville not Superman.  I'm not super pissed (excuse the pun) that they haven't put him in the suit yet.  I have always thought that was going to be one of the final things seen on the show.  If they had gone ahead with the rumored Metropolis show then yes he would have to be Clark / Superman.  But while the title still is what it is then I believe the symbolism is that he is still growing into that Icon status.  

As for the necklace.....who really cares.  I think alot of people are dwelling on loose plot points in the show as a way to still complain about ANYTHING!!  Seriously....the show is based on a comic of an alien who has unmeasured strength, translated to a TV show on a budget set to air on the CW.  It's not ABC or NBC. So in my book i have learned to not really care about a few unexplained things here or there.   

Bryzarro 10/27/2010 9:04:32 AM

 Oh and i have to correct my post it was the Music Meister played by my childhood hero and current man crush Neil Patrick Harris.

karas1 10/27/2010 9:46:29 AM

Bryzarro, yes, Smallville is made on a limited budget.  But good writing doesn't cost any more than mediocre writing.  Just because it is based on a comic book doesn't mean it has to be sloppy.

Jakester 10/27/2010 10:30:48 AM

Sorry, Bryzarro, but Batman B&B has much better writing than Smallville.   The writers on Brave & Bold  completely understand the tone of the show (which is cheesey, wacky, golden age fun, peppered with the occasional dose of seriousness) and they completely understand the universe they're writing for.  It embraces those golden age roots and updates them with smart and witty storytelling. 

Oh, and just because it's shorter than Smallville, don't assume it's easier to write.  Ask any author and they'll tell you, the fewer pages you have to tell your story, the harder it is to do it well.

On the other hand, Smallville wants to exist in a world mostly like our own.  However, the relationships are still high schoolish at best, and characters take action (or inaction) to serve the plot as opposed to behaving in a way that is true to that character.  Occasionally, there are glimmers of hope, but they're few and far between.

Why do I watch the show then, if I think it's bad?  After all, I ditched The Event because it sucks ass.  Make no mistake, Smallville is bad.  But it's occasionally fun to see other DC heroes (the Wonder Twins were groovy), and it doesn't conflict with any other shows I watch.  I can fast forward through most of the stupid bits (okay, most of the show) or have it on when I'm doing something else (like spanking it to pr0n or something) and not miss anything important.

Jakester 10/27/2010 11:54:33 AM

Oh, Kara, I was going to argue that good writing tended to be more expensive than bad writing but then I remembered the last season of Lost.

karas1 10/27/2010 6:44:54 PM

Maybe better writers charge more for their services than bad ones, maybe not.  In this economy, writers should be glad to get what they can, the same as the rest of us.  Did you see the segment on 60 Minutes last week about former high salary executives working at Target for $10 an hour and glad to get the work?  Depressing.

But the trick would be to hire consistently good writers for your show.  It's amazing how the writers they have can do something brilliant like the Black Adam easter egg and be so sloppy in the rest of the episode.

JoeArtistWriter 10/27/2010 8:53:33 PM

Bryzarro, I was going to take the time to speak to your points, but Jakester said everything pretty well.

I get your point that the shows are different, but Brave and the Bold is just better written. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but my gf loves it. I've seen it, and can appreciate the writing. The writing is MUCH better than Smallville, yet I watch Smallvile and don't watch Grey's. My point, you can compare apples to oranges sometimes, although I believe Smallville and Brave and Bold are just different types of apples.

Jakester, well said.

Kara, this economy sucks, but I'd happily write for Smallville for 10 bucks an hour. I have to assume the 6th graders currently writing for the show make close to that.   ;)

Stratosserbia 10/28/2010 1:37:49 AM

People what's wrong with you?

Free your imagination!!!

Don't search for LOGIC(like customs,and cell coverage)this is a tv show.

I mean:The protagonist of the series is a man from Krypton,and you are talking

about cell phone coverage...Get real...lower your criterias

Bryzarro 10/28/2010 6:37:58 AM

@Joe and @ Jakester

You can fast forward through the sucky parts.  But go back to 10 seasons of this and all the bitching about the show.  Come on.  They are High School in nature because that is the target of the series.  I think back about 20-21 when the show started.  Not too long out of college.  But i have stuck with the show.  At some point if you were or weren't close to that age when the show started you made the decision to stick with it.  

He was never going to put on the Superman suit until the series finale!  Why would he.  The show is called Smallville not Superman begins.  Even Lois & Clarke had him in the suit because that is what the show was based on.  

Listen I'm not changing anyones tunes here i'm just saying week after week in reviews you nit pick on some of the most ridiculous items or missed facts in the show.  Yo call it sloppy writing.  I say a show geared to teens and tweens doesn't really give a damn.  And 10 season's on the air shows it doesn't matter to the majority of viewers.

millean 10/28/2010 9:08:06 AM

Great googely moogely, Batman, I was victimized by the evil vanishing post.  Arrrrgggghhh....

Finally got a chance to watch this last night.  I was disappointed, but not surprised at this episode of Smallville.  It had a couple of high points, but most of you seem to agree that it was for the most part crap.  My favorite moment was when Clark intercepted Lois' punch that was aimed at Cat Grant.  The only thing that would have been better is if ol' Kal-El super-punched Ms. Grant in the face and rid the world of her evil once and for all...

Too bad Smallville writers don't use logic.  Otherwise, Cat would be fired for stabbing a fellow employee... in the workplace... in front of the entire population of Metropolis (cause, you know, more people were in that room than we have ever seen in the streets of Metropolis, right Joe?)  My biggest disappointment of the entire episode was the realization that not only was this faux Cat Grant in the episode, but that she will likely be back for more.  (Yes, Chloe is gone for now, but do we really NEED a super annoying blonde every episode?)

Glad Clark finally outed himself to Lois,  The scene was nice, however it could have (should have) been much better.  (I echo the sentiment someone said earlier about Lois' comment about this being a super romantic day for her.... WTF?)

Tess (with the reverse Oedipus complex) should have asked lil' Lex "Who's your Mommy?" (that's a shout out to the latest How I Met Your Mother, which I also watched last night.)  :)

Speaking of shows featuring Neil Patrick Harris... Batman: The Brave and the Bold has IMMENSELY better writing than Smallville.  Are we seriously having this conversation?

Smallville's target audience may very well be high schoolers, but does anyone believe this show would still be on the air if it weren't for the comic fans out there?  You would think the show would embrace that more than they have.




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