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Jakester 11/7/2010 10:04:04 AM

I tried not to hate this episode (and I didn't), and even gave it some leeway since I'm unfamiliar with Lois' sister, but....

How the HELL could she be that stupid to take the documents and pen and NOT think it was shady?  The military can't involve themselves in an official operation?  WTF?  Not even Raymond Babbitt would buy that.

And Lois forgives her for nearly geting her killed and blowing up her apartment building?  Not.Bloody.Likely.

That said, I didn't really have a big problem with Lois' Daddy issues.  There are fathers and sons and daughters who have that somewhat messed up dynamic.  Plus, Michael Ironside!

Also, Durance and Welling got to show some good chemistry.  The porch swing makes me wonder if Lois'd get drunk and give Clark a lap dance at a football game...

The ridiculously horrible character actions simply to drive the plot forward would force me to give the episode a "C" at best.

JoeArtistWriter 11/7/2010 10:21:35 AM

Jakester, I'm not arguing your grade at all. I have long ago decided to grade Smallville on the Smallvillle curve, because if I didn't I would have given way too many F's and D's along the way. This ep could easily have been judged a D because I felt Lucy's actions regarding her father were so embarrassingly unrealistic. Even if the rest of the episode was an A (and it wasn't) that bit of stupid writing could drop it two full grades. 

I liked Michael Ironside, but he didn't blow me away here. He wwas fine, but didn't stand out, and knowing what a great actor he is, I'll chalk that up to not having a script to highlight his abilities.

Jakester 11/7/2010 10:34:23 AM

Roger that, Joe. 

Also, I suppose it's nice to see Tess working on redemption, but given some of Freeman's comments, I'm expecting a complete 180 that will come out of nowhere. 

Oh well.  We get some good television tonight w/ Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead.

karas1 11/7/2010 10:38:22 AM

It's a good thing that Lois is the only one who lives in that apt building otherwise Clark would have had to rescue them too.  Or fail to rescue them and have them get blown up.  Maybe they were all visiting relatives for Thanksgiving?

Kraken89 11/7/2010 11:05:51 AM

I agree too that I didn't hate the episode. That's mostly due to Michael Ironside's acting which I loved, especially the opening dialogue of Sam describing why he distrusts The Blurr and the vigilantes, because we all know the John Dalberg-Acton quote "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely" and have Shakespear's Julius Caesar before. I'd find it close to Lex's veiw of Superman from Luthor  but Sam actually has the experience to justify his position.

Oh and although I don't object to seeing Erica Durance with sex-hair and just a shirt, let's keep the sex in the erotic fan fiction, I don't mind the subtlety but most teens and adults understand that when they wake up in the same bed that it means they've been having sex. No need to chew up air time with Clark and Lois playing Cowboy and wild horse in the back yard. Although if they want to make Vivid video on their own time, I wouldn't object.

The Tess and Ollie scene wasn't needed, as it felt they were just chewing up air time with a meaningless conversation. "Look how far we've come, from the middle of the ocean to the top of a skyscraper", now it would of been really fun for Tess to of mentioned Lil' Lex and watched Ollie's reaction especially since he killed the original. But it just came down to checking out Ollie's new Suicide Squad track-too (I hate myself for just saying that) and Ollie implying that he might leave Metropolis because people know who he is and it will endanger his friends who have powers and huge weapon cache's.

Lucy Lane was handled a little hyprocitical because on one hand she's manipulative enough to seduce Clark and yet dumb enough not to of seen past Rick Flag's bull.

The best scenes were obviously where Green Arrow and The Blurr ripping the door off Rick Flag's utility van, and introducing the new freak, Elijah Wood meets Kim Coates Nightcrawler? I'm sure his identity will be revealed to be somebody important and when I find a character of his description in the DCU databank I'll post it. Oh, and why would we care if the Elijah Coates Nightcrawler blew up the anti-vigilante protest center when it was clearly after dark, no lights were on and there was no visible sign of people in the building? Clark took down a freaking skyscraper and barely shed a tear and yet I'm supposed to be outraged over Happy Harry's million dollar property damage?

Atleast we know we'll eventually see Granny Goodness, Mad Harriet (possibly others like Lashina), Aquaman and Mera, some more Deadshot and Deathstroke, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Desaad and Darkseid and eventually probably at the finale Lex Luthor (all grow'd up of course).  That's the only thing that keeps me watching the episodes, DCU characters being under-utilized.



JoeArtistWriter 11/7/2010 11:13:06 AM

Jakester, as a former Jersey boy who visited the Atlantic City boarwalk every summer back in the early-mid 70's as a young kid, I really looked forward to Boardwalk Empire. I've liked it, but it took a while to find it's groove. The Walking Dead however, was brilliant last week in it's premiere, and I'm expecting to love this week's as well.

Also "East Bound and Down" is surprisingly funny. Didn't think I'd like it, but it's great.

kara, excellent point. Sometimes I'm reeling from the sheer volume of poor choices made on this show I let an obvious flaw like that go by. In Smallville's defense though, simply judging from the amount of foot trafffic in any scene that takes place in Metropolis it's possible Lois is the only resident in that 5 block radius.

PAGE 11/7/2010 11:14:47 AM

This episode was ok. A better improvement over the last couple of weeks for sure, but just another filler. I did like the appearance of The Suicide Squad though. And Joe, I agree with you that if Darkseid is the major villain this year and as big of a threat they were making him out to be, even last season they talked about it, but he hasn't been mentioned once in 4 episodes. It would have been better to have him as the threat in Harvest as everyone discussed and I think you mentioned last week rather than the blue K thread. And they did it with Zod last season as far as showing him off almost every episode and it worked out great I think, so why go away from that with Darkseid? Next weeks episode looks to be a little bit better, especially since we get to see Granny Goodness. And from what I could also see from the trailer (and spoilers), we'll find out what Tess IS.

PAGE 11/7/2010 11:16:16 AM

Oh and Joe, thanks for mentioning The Walking Dead in the Harvest review. I remember seeing an ad for it but actually thought it was a movie that was coming out and didn't look into it much. I downloaded the first episode last week and it was pure awesomeness!! Can't wait for tonight's episode!

Kraken89 11/7/2010 11:34:11 AM

Just found a potential candidate for the un-name freak that helped Rick Flag: Bolt.

Apparently Bolt can "teleport instantaneously" and uses an "energy blaster"

And if this "Bolt" character can teleport, why not just grab a frag then teleport into Clarks home and drop it in Sam's pocket? And if the Suicide Squad had been tracking Clark and knew of his powers, why in the hell would they try anything in the first place?  I could understand if the plot was "Deathstroke tries to asassinate Samuel Lane and the Suicide Squad show up to try and kill Deathstroke". But I know trying to find logic in a Smallville episode is like trying to find condoms in the Vatican.

heath0920 11/7/2010 12:45:41 PM

It was a nice step up from the last two weeks but I agree that they spoiled Darkseid too early for a villain who hasn't beed mentioned much in the past 5 eps. What I did like was the scriptwork with Ironside. His only appearence, he pretty much complimented Martha's coffee, kissed Lois on the head, and took off. This time, he actually had some work to do and I thought he came across strong, morally convicted, and determined. But he also had a some actually NOT cringe inducing dialogue. His conversations with Clark and Lois didn;t ned to feel forced and it was nice to see. Way too often, those lines just scream ridiculous. I think a solid B as well. 

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