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ponyboy76 3/20/2009 7:21:24 AM

Is anyone else hoping that is the last we see of Jimmy Olsen? He`s kind of a boring character. Besides him trying to find out who the red-blue blur is, and being Chloe`s husband, he`s not there for much else. Although, I did like him tearing a Chloe a new one, because he was kind of right.  She always rather believe everyone else aprt from her husband.

And really, "The Red-Blue Blur"?  That is a ridiculous name by anyone`s standards.

Bryzarro 3/20/2009 8:10:35 AM

Pony I too enjoyed Jimmy ripping out Chloe.  I mean come on the guy has a freak out about seeing Davis murder someone then i'm going to walk out the room and hug his accuser and just assume my husband isn't going to look to his freaking left!!!!!!  COME ON WRITERS!!!!  Thats the best you could do to set them down this path!! 

Looking at next weeks promo i saw a few flashes of Clarke flying and Zatana can be heard saying "Up, up, and away!!" So my hope is that he finally gets this flying thing and that it's not a dream.  I just want to fastforward to the season finale and see the main event.  But they continue to have some great tunes for this show since the begining. 

Rob:  I think they will definatley move away from canon and not have Clarke die.  Since there is a season 9 they will tease it and have him finish off doomsday for the primere of the next season.

fft5305 3/20/2009 10:01:46 AM

I thought the only major flaw of the episode was having Chloe hug Davis right outside Jimmy's room. Come on.  That was pretty stupid. The rest was pretty good.

I disagree with Bryzarro. I think they will have Doomsday kill Clark in the season finale. The only way I can see for the series to make any kind of sense with established canon is for Clark to get killed, then somehow a reconstructed Jor-El brings him back, but alters things so that everyone remembers Clark as the goofy nerd with glasses. That's the only way I can think of that he can establish his secret identity of Clark with his public identity of Superman. As it stands now, if he were to show up as Superman, everyone and their grandmother would immediately recognize him as Clark.

monkeyfoot 3/20/2009 1:00:06 PM

Fft5305, that is an excellent scenario for setting things right with the whole glasses thing. That's always been one of my major points of contention with the show. Yes, the show plays wide and fast with every bit of Superman mythos but the glasses are an imperative and your ideas makes sense to bring them in.  There has to be some time travel/manipulation either by Jor-El or the Legion to set things right.

Jimmy Olsen on drugs? I joked with friends after Warner Bros. made the announcement that they wanted the next Superman movie to be "darker" that they'll probably have Olsen be a crack addict and Lois Lane be a former hooker to make everything more gritty. Now it looks like they're going that route for Smallville. Episodes seem to be getting darker and darker.

ThanagarianSnareBeast 3/20/2009 4:54:28 PM

fft5305, the producers of smallville (and wb) should send you a check - you've given them a perfect out for correctly (almost) the continuity issues of smallville.  from the clues/spoilers that have been leaking out, i think chloe and tess will be killed at season's end.  tess is getting tiresome.  also, chloe does not belong in the dc universe and at this point, after tom welling got the big bucks, they need to cut their costs and allison mack's salary going away makes perfect sense.  next season, they should center the show on ck and ll - they make the show (and have done so since season 4).


stupidmania 3/21/2009 5:24:53 AM

another ep. i did a lot of fast forwarding. I don't care about the davis, jimmy, chole threesome. Mercy was setting up clark the whole time so i'm not going to watch an hour of her spouting off grabage when we knew what the end of the ep. would be.


make clark fly, fight doomsday, kill chole and mercy. too bad Micheal is set up on another series now. Get him flying and for the last season have him be superman and luthor back in town and running for office of some sort. and he just holds clark's secert over his head the entire time. no mind washing or passing out crap. use good wriiting not cop outs.

Moz72 3/21/2009 6:36:07 AM

I agree that the moniker of "Red Blue Blur" is getting stupid.

Second, since Kryptonsite has included in their spoilers that two of the show's characters will die, it's a good bet that it will be Bloom and Chloe.

Third, can't wait to see the "Injustice" episode w/ Tess' Injustice Gang. Hoping it's a fight between the Injustice Gang and the Justice League!

And Zatanna is a HOTTIE!!

LionKing 3/21/2009 12:44:26 PM

This show is getting to be a bore… the same thing over and over again… First Clark and Lana and Clark not wanting to let her know the secret because of the consequences and no the shame Fcuk AGAIN with Lois. First Lex is obsessed with Clarks secrets now Tess. E-Fcukin-nuff already. And this show was renewed for a 9th season? Enuff Chloe, Jimmy and Davis. Have Clark fly already. Have him focus on more villains and enuff of the damn soap oprea.


redhairs99 3/23/2009 1:01:26 PM

Bryzarro, the "Up, Up and Away" line is actually spoken by Chloe.  I know the preview after last week's Smallville doesn't show who says the line, but I saw a preview earlier last week that showed snippets from several upcoming episodes.  In that video, you see Chloe and Clark standing on the sidewalk and she tells him "It's just Up, Up and Away!" and Clark takes to air.



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