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jedi4sshield 5/16/2009 7:40:29 AM

One more thing, I'm not really looking forward to next season with ZOD. Personally I think TODD (Remember the Supernatural Episode?) would give Clark a better fight. Muhahahaha.


Duggernaut 5/16/2009 3:54:27 PM

I 100 percet disagree with Ponyboy as Tom Welling has huge power on this show. Most stars do and ones that revolve around one character is super powerful. He basically dictates whether the show will continue or not so that is pretty powerful.

According to other sites dedicated to the show  he has made it extremly clear he does not want to wear the costume. So yeah he is part to blame but it is shared with the entire show.  The only way to help the show is by not watching and maybe then they will get the hint! If not cancel it and make a decent superman movie. 

Superpool 5/16/2009 8:57:04 PM

Everyone: I think I figured out what they're doing with the show. For those of you that didn't see the finale stop reading, for those that did I am about to blow your minds! (Maybe).

I think this is the biggest step so far to Clark becoming Superman and is the beginning of the end of Smallville. Also a huge problem I've been trying to figure out since the start is beginning to be addressed; how people won't know Clark's Superman when they've seen him all these years without glasses. First of all Jimmy is dead, and turns out he's not the real Jimmy! So Jimmy Olsen hasn't met Clark but will one day, as in the comics.

Lois has been sent to the future, I thought nothing of it at first, just a cliffhanger to be resolved in the first episode of next season. But then I got to thinking, in the future surely she'll learn of Superman, and likely her relationship with him. It wouldn't take much to realize it's Clark (she is a reporter). The Legion just hate things messing up the time stream (as you do) so maybe they'll make Lois forget Clark even exists and send her back. Then she can get back to the Daily Planet where she'll meet Clark one day (again like in the comics) for what she thinks is the first time.

Tess will leave or get killed at some point (most likely something to do with Lex returning) leaving Perry White to take her job at the Planet. I remember he met Clark one episode though, I don't know how they will address that, if they even will. Lex is another wild card, he's clearly not really dead and will return one day. Will they give him amnesia? Bit lazy but I don't see how they'll explain Lex knowing Clark and his secret.

All this ties in to Clark not wanting to be Clark Kent anymore. Maybe he'll spend some time in his Fortress now, training and such stuff. Hopefully he'll go back to the farm or they can't quite get away with calling the show "Smallville" anymore. Anyway, the point is he is just Superman now, without the flying or costume. Chloe is his only link to the human world at the moment, other then that, no-one will see him as Clark. Think about his fact: Superman is an alien, his secret identity is Clark Kent, who he pretends to be to fit in with humans and lead a normal life. Being a hero is fine but he's gonna miss having a life and being close to the ones he's sworn to save, so he'll decide to become Clark Kent again to fit in with everyone like a normal person. He'll wear the glasses, meet Lois etc etc. Oh and along the way start wearing the red and blue.

Allison Mack's contract is up at the end of season 9 so Chloe will leave or die which will probably have a factor in Clark leading two lives. And she's not part of the mythology so good riddance. I think Zod will just be the main antagonist next season and not have much to do with what I've said so far.

Now, all this is my own opinion, where i think they're going with the show and what I think they should do. So don't wait to tell me I was wrong one day, I'm not saying any of this will actually happen. But I hope I'm at least close. Plus I can't see them stretching this out for two seasons, one barely, not two. So from what i gather he will be Superman in season ten, which will kind of be a Superman Year One. That's probably more of a pipe dream though. I know what you're all thinking: damn he should be writing Smallville. And you're right. Don't act like you're not impressed. I think I should put my name at the end of this I've spent a long time thinking and writing about it (at half four in the morning i might add). I hope more then one of you read it so write back and let me know if you think I'm right or just plain awesome!

Graham Derry

lazarus 5/17/2009 12:33:34 AM

 Ok so here is the one problem everyone is seeming to miss in this huge bitch fest about smallville and how inexplicably long the show has ran. First thing everyone needs to realize is the show will never be called Superman, use the Superman name, use the Superman image/likeness/character as we know it. The reason why is obvious, LAWSUIT. Christ, did not anyone pay attention that when the show was first conceived there was a legal snag because the legal rights to Superboy were still owned by another party and they attempted to derail the whole thing saying it was an infringement upon their rights to that character and the title. Hense the saying and issues of NO FLIGHTS, NO TIGHTS. Now if they go back and put him tights now it would give this issue some new validation and poof, you have another legal battle. This is got to be the ONLY reason they have not let the show evolve and progress. I mean Clark is damn near 25 now and STILL can't fly? That makes no sense. The writers could easily get it written in, the fans all want it. The only explaination is the legal shit they are going to go through. I would also assume the Superman rights would be a tangle since I guarantee WB does not own them outright either. So in order to keep out of a huge legal snag you will never see the Blue Boy in his true form. Personally I am about tired of this show and the disconnect they are pushing with the original mythos. I bought it for about 6 seasons but for fuck sakes, EVERYONE has been used to seeing Clark in no glasses. He has not embraced the dual identity thing at all.  How they could ever fix this with out insulting the intellegence of all the viewer is the issue. 

I am also very pissed, although not at all surprised at the direction they took. I am figuring they are going to pass it off that Brainiac reporgrammed the orb while it was destroying the fortress to bring Zod here if Doomday fell. Something stupid like that. I wanted to see a fight that had more substance than the Tyson Spinx fight that lasted 91 seconds. That was really an insult to the fans. It would have been nice seeing them trade blows instead of Clark getting made Doomsday's bitch and then making a desparation attack. I mean he never even attempted a punch, he just looked like a deer in the headlights with the Oh shit someone can hurt me expression. Why Clark finds this concept so fucking surprising by now is beyond me. That guy from the future with the ax was turning him into dog food. This character of Superman has much of his nobility but none of the strength of character we are used to. Too many times does he come off soundling like the later part of Anakin Skywalker throwing his tantrum about not being good or powerful enough. 

They need do something to correct the course of the show or just wrap it up and SEVER the connection to the DC world. Make it  a parallel universe or something like that. The concept for the show was excellent but they are victims of their own success. They never intended the show to make it pass 4 seasons which is why they started it in high school. They figured by the graduation episode they would be going off the air. Well now this is becoming as annoying as American Idol with Seacrest doing these pathetically transparent and pointless drama extensions to hold everyone in suspense. Stop WASTING our fucking time WB. Seriously, the Green Arrow, Flash, BC, Cyborg, all cool. Oh and what do they are have in common, no property rights conflict issues. That is the reason for none of the main faces, GL, WW, Bats, Captian Marvel. 

DC would do well to take a note from Marvel, get back your titles, setup your own house, and make your own characters and titles into legends. Doing less is just demeaning to the characters in the comics, it really alienates the fanbase that you have earned over the years and it just plain pisses people off. 

Final note, DC, Smallville has the potential to launch you back into first place with comic movie and properties if you could pull your head out of your ass and move it to the big screen finally. Welling would make and EXCELLENT Superman/Clark and you could tie in the series. Spin off JL into its own series, with Green Arrow and gang there are lots of stories to tell, you could bring in blue bettle, bring back Maxima (as punishment for her behavior they sent her to Earth to learn some manners), Fyre, Ice, Hawkgirl, the list goes on. If Justice League unlimited showed us one thing, there is a HUGE audience for a comic based series that does not cater to mindless morons. Give us well thought out plot, with an actual chance the heroes will lose. I hope and pray they can make something watchable for TV again. I watch Smallville now because frankly there ain't much else on. 

Well that is my opinion, anyone agree, disagree, just want me to shut up? Peace out guys.

stupidmania 5/17/2009 2:17:13 AM

Superpool, unless i read over it how do we get everyone at Smallville High to forget what Clark Kent looks like when they turn on the news and grab their year books?

Superpool 5/17/2009 7:11:25 AM

I don't know, but in the films he didn't wear glasses in smallville at the start either and they somehow didn't know it was him so I gues you have to have a big suspension of disbeleif! Hey my ideas are just possible things they could do I'm sure they'll be much more detailed then I went into i'm just hoping there isn't a cop out like making everyone forget Clark exists or saying it's a parallel universe or something.

Lazurus Clark is 21 in season 8, so 22 in the next, but you're right he should be able to fly by now and much closer to being Superman. But remember people this i just a Tv show and I for one still find it entertaining (and better then Heroes). I'll be sticking with it to the end as i've stuck with it for every episode so far already.

Superpool 5/17/2009 7:12:02 AM

Oh yeah and also I bet anything the bloke who played Davis is playing Zod

Duggernaut 5/17/2009 9:24:23 AM

Superpool baby.......the bitch fest must continue...... i disagre with you on one thing. I saw the same thing about the lawsuit about super boy but you must have forgotten the reason why this sham is continuing. No flights no tights rule which the original producers wanted ( and tom welling agreed to)

 Maybe it was because of super boy tv show or their artistic direction which also stated the show would only be on for five years becuase "anything after that would be ridiculous". (their words not mine) 

Well its been now 8 yrs and the original producers left so bring on superman. There absolutley nothing stopping them legally from using anything in superman as they own it. They just have to convince everyone that the show must move on and its not cute or funny about hinting or making gestures about beign superman. Its so old and really pathetic. Me i always thought the show would just progress and would have changed its name to metropolis and have the begining stages of superman.

Superpool 5/17/2009 9:32:17 AM

If they have the no flights no tights rule because of a legal loophole, how come they already broke the rule in season 4? When he thought he was Kal-El he was flying around all over the place. Plus in the second episode of season one he was hovering over his bed. And we've seen the "S" symbol plenty of times. So they can make him fly if they wanted to, they already have...

Duggernaut 5/17/2009 3:25:26 PM

Superpool I asked myself those same questions about the flying but it was answered that it was Kal-el flying not clark kent (stupid I know). Alot of these questions were answered in a documentary interview ,I can't remeber what the interview was called. But sorry dude a lot of these problems are from the origiinal producers and tom welling not wanting to do superman in smallville. Try googling "No flights No tights "as that is the offical line they used  and original rule of smallville  Hopefully now that the original producers are gone the new guys want to go that direction and get him on board. 

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