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lazarus 5/17/2009 7:39:35 PM

 I am not sure if there are still legal issues with the Superman title now, who knows. It might be something to do with property conflicts with the film franchise. I know when Lois and Clark was on there was not ANY superman films being made. In any case the longer they continue to drag out this series the more tragic and painful it will become. That which does not grow must die. Laws of nature. Clark's character has to grow and become the persona we all know in the comics or the show loses credibility. As for the age thing. I do not give a rats ass about what officially they say clarks age is supposed to be. There is NO way that man is 22, I do not even care if he supposed to be playing 22. He is appearing a lot older in the way he acts and seriously, what newspaper would give a 22 year old guy with no college education a job as a front line reporter? Come on now. 

As I said WB needs to start thinking how to keep this going but moving it. I still say let Smallville take a break for a season and start a spin off with the JL. All the players are in place and I love the way most of them play their roles. You could have it where Clark leaves Metropolis to do his sabbaticle around the world, at the fortress, and comes back with all his powers now fully developed. Notice he never has used his cooling breath? Also never used anything except xray and heat visions. He has many other powers they have not even tapped yet. 

One last thing, when the hell is he going to bother to repair the fortress? Right now it looks like the Kryptonian version of the projects. Have the place is busted up from fights and Brainiac infected the other half. You would think this might matter to him. You know maybe Clark outta think about getting some State Farm insurance on that place. Wouldn't hurt. 

Note to WB, if anyone there is monitoring these boards and reading the posts, hey listen to the fucking fans you douchebags. Everyone here is telling you what they want and for the sake of all of us who care about this character. Fix the show, the 90210 of DC comics thing was cute and catchy in the high school phase. Move on damnit, the show needs to grow. Stop making villians into good people with some rather extreme personality quirks. There is real evil in this world, bad mother fuckers that need punished. Stop tiptoeing around the thing and have him fight some bad guys. The exostenialism self realization bullshit is OLD> IF CLARK IS SO FUCKED UP GET HIM A THERAPIST INSTEAD OF CHLOE. He needs help, like professional help, or just another good kick in the ballz from Jor-El saying, look stupid you are starting to annoy me and I AM DEAD. Just fix it WB, please. Thank you, that is all. 

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