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jorson28 2/15/2010 10:56:47 AM

Self medicated?  Did you watch the show drunk or after rummaging through the medicine cabinet?  Either would explain the review.  For the most part, the episode was just awkward, with big chunks of scenes looking as if the actors didn't quite understand the context of their lines and what they were doing.  Then again, just about anything would probably be a let-down after a Geoff Johns episode like "Absolute Justice" or last year's "Legion." 

jfdavis 2/15/2010 4:18:42 PM

I choose to read Chloe's expression when she found out the kid was 12 was "Thank God we didn't do it..." Yeah she and Ollie did mainly because she was drunk and was at least dangerously close to doing with a 12-year old... The way I figure it, Clark and Lois have each other so the other two might as well hook up...

I honestly didn't notice Swan's bad acting but I did think it was interesting she also played Aphrodite in Percy Jackson...

No one really commented on this but once again, someone figures out how to fly immediately while I don't think Clark has. He might have been when he caught Chloe but I wasn't positive. Still, it's been 9 years...

CaptAmerica04 2/15/2010 4:26:45 PM

I think by "self-medicated," you must be referring to a fifth of cheap Russian vodka from a town not far from Chernobyl... followed by a fifth of Jack.  Seriously?  An "A"?!  An "A."  As in, "can't get much better than this/top of the class material."  This episode was LAME.  Even after the stillborn disaster that was "Absolute Justice" last week, this was barely C- quality. 

I agree that the CW should perhaps raise this show's budget slightly above what appears to be a level equivalent to my 6-year old's allowance.  But we've known that for YEARS (7 of them, as far as I can tell).

I also am not sure about the Chloe-hatred.  For me, she's often the saving grace of the show, delivering some of the best one-liners and quiet nods to the source material. She is further rescued in my eyes by the fact that her existence on the show is often the only character NOT actively raping said source material.  I'm shocked she hasn't been incorporated into any of the comics yet, frankly.  I also agree with Samson that she is often the driving force of the show.  I'm ready to rename is "Chloe-ville" at this point (and not just because she has more screen time than the namesake town has for the last couple seasons - how many times CAN they show us the same stock footage of the same coffee shop before it induces incontrolled vomiting in 98% of the show's viewership?).

Oh, Serinda Swan.... I don't think she is a bad actor, so much as an amateur further hindered by the crushing weight of atrocious dialogue.  I think she plays the role of Zatanna with the right mix of flaunted sexuality, shameless theatrics, and good-natured play.  She's a character who sees the insanity of the world she is in, and has decided to have a little fun with it, without becoming a villian on one side or an insufferably depressing, self-abusing "reluctant hero"-type like Clark or Oliver.  I'll gladly take Zatanna as a regular on this show for 10 more seasons before I'll settle for 5 more minutes of the obnoxious, ham-handed, 1-dimensional take on Lois Lane that has been inflicted on us for the last couple seasons.

Lastly, I'm just gonna ask this:  why did we even need this episode?  How did it possibly advance the overall plot of the show?  Why couldn't we instead be treated to more of Checkmate (even if the show's budget can't afford regular appearances by Pam Grier in a fat suit)?  We've seen enough rare "good" episodes to demonstrate that the show has the potential for true fun (if not actual greatness); I don't understand why they can't be consistent, get a little better writing, and work towards some overall plot every episode, rather than keep falling back on the tired "freak of the week" and "Lois gets possessed/drugged/entranced/enchanted/hypnotized but won't remember a thing when it's over" time-fillers.  It'd be infuriating if it wasn't already beyond the point of just being quietly ridiculous.

redhairs99 2/15/2010 4:31:37 PM

Capt, I don't think that was a fat suit that Pam Grier was wearing. Unfortunately, it's called "the change" for a reason.

JoeArtistWriter 2/15/2010 5:17:21 PM

PAGE, yeah, I noticed the Superman diamond insignia too.... there's just too much to crap on in this show... especially if you're taking notes and watching twice like I do.

samson, there was no excuse for the seeing through walls comment. We could come up with possible reason, but why? They should just avoid mistakes, or anything that can easily look like a mistake.

ponyboy, saying Serinda Swan is as talented as Megan Fox is like saying Bill Clinton is as faithful to his wife as Tiger Woods. You're completely right about the DC/Marvel animation. Wasn't too pleased with Planet Hulk. Favorite DC so far is JL New Frontier.

gopher, yeah, they did it... booze, tired, after hours, fingers on fingers. They did it.

redhairs, good catch on the Canary emails.


JoeArtistWriter 2/15/2010 5:26:08 PM

jorson28, yes to drunk, and a possible yes to what California sells legally. It's a sure fire way to enjoy this show. Lower your IQ.

jfdavis, yeah, I'm sure she didn't hook up with the 12 year old. As for Ms Swan's acting abilities- she sucks. She doesn't listen to what her acting partner is saying, and she's memorized her lines the way she wants to say recite them. She couldn't care less how the actor opposite of her delivered his/her line. She does have plenty of positives... just none of them are in the acting category.

CaptAmerica, I've tried watching this show stone cold sober, and it can be down right painful. I'll let you guys know when I'm watching in an altered state, and I'm willing to agree if I watched while straight I could have an entirely different opinion. Fact is, I was buzzed, and I enjoyed it... warts and all, and there were plenty of warts.

samson 2/16/2010 12:43:15 AM


I'll agree that the comment was handled ham handedly. It was. And while it did catch me as "off" it just didn't bother me that much.

But, I do agrre with you on one count; the crew behind Smallville really need to stop making such easy mistakes. They'll have very good ideas and ruin them with lazy writing or directing. I think the people behind the show are talented. I just don't believe they take the genre seriously. It's like they say to themselves, "It's just a show for kids and fanboy nerds, they won't notice." 

Frankly, it feels a little disrespectful. If this same crew was on a "serious" drama, I'll bet they wouldn't let such minor and easy fixes get by.


xpaladinx45 2/16/2010 6:02:45 AM

Ms Swan can act on my chops anyday.....mmm....fishnets....


anyway....uhm, where was i?

Ah, yes.  I remember a time on this show, way back in the beginning, when Clark wouldn't tell ANYONE what his identity was, even his closest life-long friends.  Why does it seem like now he tells everyone, their dog and distant 14th cousin who he is and what he can do?

fft5305 2/16/2010 7:23:02 AM

Maybe it's just me, but the "see through walls" comment didn't even register with me.  No medication, either.  It just sounded more natural than, "see through a couple of cardboard boxes."  They could have side-stepped the whole issue and just said, "x-ray vision" but then everyone would have been complaining that the character used jargon that fanboys and writers have used for years.

I didn't think Swan's acting was terrible, just not great.  But for the part she needed to play on the show, award-winning talent wasn't required.  She had what was necessary to play her part.  After the previous comments, I don't think I really need to spell out what that was.

I'm fine with Chloe & Ollie getting busy.  We all know she won't end up with him, because he will eventually end up with Dinah.  She's got a hero worship complex and just had a sexually frustrating experience (I don't think she slept with the kid, but she wanted to, when he was all grown up).  He has already had a string of mindless bimbos, and seeing Lois with Clark for the past few episodes has painfully reminded him how much he missed a strong-willed woman with a brain in her head.  Chloe doesn't bother me like she seems to bother many here, and I think she's pretty damn hot, so I say go for it, Oliver!

JoeArtistWriter 2/16/2010 7:56:26 AM

samson, I think you hit the naiil on the head... it is disrespectful. Shows like Xena, Warrior Princess, or the old Adam West Batman show catered to the same audience, but they never made these mistakes, because the everyone cared enough about the product as well as the audience.

xpal, there is no possible reason for Clark to trust some 12 year old kid he just met with a secret that big. PLUS, who's to say Zatanna's magic is permanent and the  kid doesn't turn super and bad again, and now he knows Clark's identity. Just lazy, sloppy and inconsistent logic.


But I'll let all my anger subside, because tonight is LOST night!

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