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herbyneo 2/21/2010 6:12:37 PM

 i'm sorry, but JOE?  you're an idiot.  yeah the episode wasn't great, but it sure as hell wasn't an F-.  and you say F smallville, but this season has actually been the best one since the early years.  so you say F smallville.  I say F you.  get the hell of mania, you shouldn't be writing articles for it.  i like how you're trying to defend your stupid review by responding to pretty much everyone that has left a comment so far.  you're an idiot.

JoeArtistWriter 2/21/2010 6:33:35 PM

herbyneo, really... you'd say "F you" to me because I didn't like a show that you like? I've given this show high marks this season, and I've given it low marks when it deserves. I'm absolutely confident I'm not an idiot, and the only evidence you have to  point to your assertion of my idiocy is that I have lowered myself to defend my opinion to some guy who has the bravery to call me an idiot from the safety of his keyboard.


Jakester 2/21/2010 9:44:49 PM

Joe, can I call you an idiot?  I don't believe you are, but it'd make me feel all warm and gooey inside.

I started watching Smallville with "Absolute Justice" a few weeks ago.  I hadn't seen it since the pilot.  I kind of liked the pilot, but there was too much competition with other shows, IIRC.  Anyway, I'd heard it totally sucked ass more often than not, so I'd given it a miss.  "Absolute Justice" was okay enough that I started recording the back-to-back Friday episodes, and I'm glad I did, if for nothing else other than Zatanna.   Holy hell, she's sex in a top hat.  And Zan and Jayna on Friday were pretty damn awesome.  Scagliotti FTW.

But back to Friday's new episode.  V-day episodes of genre shows kind of suck, except for Supernatural, which is all awesome, all the time.  This one was no exception.  1) lame colored kryptonite plot.  2) NO ZATANNA.  3) Some jagoff killed a hot chick.  4) I kind of thought we'd see Green Arrow mack on Chloe (ha!  Get it?  Mack on Chloe!  I'm so funny).  Did I mention there was no Zatanna?  Jerks.  The one good thing about this episode was Lois in the sexy '50s outfit.  To be honest, I muted it and just stared at her.

Joe, know this:  Go against me about how awesome Zatanna is and you are an idiot.

JoeArtistWriter 2/21/2010 10:09:29 PM

Jakester my man, I'm happy you're both warm and gooey.

I agree "Absolute Justice" was an enjoyable episode. Not as great as I wanted it to be, and you can check out my review of that as well as the Zatanna heavy "Warrior" of last week. An episode I gave an "A" to for all you Smallville zombies who like to call me mean and hurtful names. That grade of course was weighted heavily on the amount of skin shown by Lois and Zatanna.

I'd also say the Wonder Twins episode was far better than I imagined, but whoa yeah when this show sucks, it sucks harder than ten other sucky shows at one time.

You're also correct about Lois in the June Cleaver dress... pearls and heels can be almost as sexy as fishnets and top hats.

And Jakester, you be an idiot if you thought for a second I thought Zatanna wasn't smoking hot. The woman who plays her is a terrible actress, but I'm guessing she doesn't get many roles based on her "Sophie's Choice" monolouge anyway.

Kraken89 2/21/2010 10:40:19 PM

So anyone else a little disturbed that Clark basically blew up 2 skyscrapers in the middle of Metropolis and didn't think, "hey there might be alot of casualties" or "hurm...wasn't there a big terrorist attack in another large city on two very large twin skyscrapers that killed a massive amount of people and of course no ones going to think terrorist especially since I the Blur have not warned anyone or given the city any explanation"

Aside from that, the whole "persuasion" affect was very poorly done and explained. I never new when Clark was persuading people, when he was being persuaded etc. A flash of purple in the eyes was cheap and poorly done.

Was anyone really asking who killed the cloned Jor-El? Not me, he was a clone and thank god they killed him off before he became a reacurring character.

Oh and if Tess Mercer is soo badass and Zod is powerless, why the hell is she threatend by him?

I wish Jeph Loeb would step in and lay down the law. Or bring some DC comic writers on board like Michael Green and David Goyer.

Atleast we know their bringing back Martha Kent, who'm we haven't seen in forever even though she's Clark's mother and only lives in D.C when Clark can run there in 5 minutes even if it's just once this season. Also coming back is Perry White (probably because the two actors are married in real life) FINALLY! You'd think he'd of been the first one to get Clark a job at the Daily Planet since Clark saved him a while ago.

I agree that there should be better villains on Smallville, I loved The Toyman as a serial bomber. And Maxwell Lord will appear soon. Solomon Grundy maybe, Metallo (again), Deathstroke, and Parasite (the pink one, not the teenager we got before) would be awesome to see.

PAGE 2/21/2010 11:38:26 PM

Whoa whoa! Take it easy! What's up with all the hostility?

Joe, this was a very entertaining review. I did say last week though that this episode would be a filler, and I was mostly right. I found it entertaining though. I don't know. I mean, even the scene with Lois dancing in Ma Kent's wedding dress, I honestly didn't find it being stupid at all. I thought it was pretty funny. But, I may be a little biased because I just get a little mesmerized with any scene involving Erica Durance. She's a hottie. I was actually thrilled the episode had something to do with the plot of the series. And I was a little shocked by the ending because with the way the story was going, nothing about the future we saw some episodes ago was being changed, and all of a sudden, the Kandorian Ninja chick was killed by Zod and the towers were destroyed by none other than the blur himself. I mean, I agree it wasn't the greatest episode, but there have definitely been far worse episodes. If anything, I'd have given it a C . It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either.

However I must point out that I do only watch the episodes once during season's run. So, in all fairness to Joe, when you are writing a review, the show you are reviewing does require multiple viewings. At least two. So with that said, I'd be seriously more frustrated with this show and it's writers because with more viewings, the more mistakes and errors and terrible writing you notice. And with this show, we all agree it should be so much more than what it is. But like one of the other maniacs stated before me, the show clearly has a limited budget and it shows. That's why we keep getting stock footage of the superman cape when we see Clark's future, or like they did when Lex was on the show and they showed him as President a couple of times. They can only do so much with the limitations they have. If this show were on say Fox, it would have gotten in Season 1 but they would have had a much better budget. I get that it should be a far greater show than what it is, but I will take what I can get and I for one am enjoying it while it lasts. Its not everyday you will get a live action version of some of your favorite comic characters. I just hope someday WB/DC allows Batman and Wonder Woman on the show, and for that matter Green Lantern as well since his motion picture debut is coming up. And I actually give props to Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders because they are the reason that Smallville has become more involved in the DC Universe. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough made Clark seem like a lost puppy dog when they ran the show and are the reason for making it seem like a super powered version of Dawson's Creek. They didn't touch on anything from the DC Universe until the last season they were invovled in which I believe was Season 5. I haven't stuck around because I've put 9 years into this show and I'm waiting for some sort of payoff. I stuck with this show because for better and yea mostly average and worse, I enjoy it. Simply put, there's not a lot of great shows on TV anymore and with the exit of Lost this year, that's less Tv I'll be watching. I do not condone reality tv shows because all it does is show a further lack of creativity. When a godd show does come around, like Journeyman or The Sarah Conner Chronicles for example, the networks cancel it because the ratings aren't what THEY expect and they don't wanna dish out the money for it. So at least Smallville does the best it can with the budget they have and they have been able to do it for 9 years, and I'm quite sure for one more because even airing in the dead slot of a Friday night, the ratings have been consistent (for CW standards of course). I'm sorry it's not your cup of tea Joe and even more sorry you can't enjoy it any more than you can. Especially for the sake of your reviews. They are still very entertaining  though! And you still garner my respect even if we agree to disagree.

Now bring on Lost dammit!! I wanna see what Jack sees in that damn mirror!!

cheekymonkey 2/22/2010 5:08:06 AM

I have watched this show from the beginning, and I have to say, that this season is playing out like many others.  A few good episodes, a few outstanding episodes, and too many of these fluff ones that give maybe a good scence or two that you hope will set up the next good episode.

An afro'ed Lex....bring it on!

noahbody 2/22/2010 7:24:59 AM

Joe, too bad you can't watch the show like I do.

I fast forward through the crap that looks like soap opera shit, and I can watch the show in under twenty minutes.


gopherblaster 2/22/2010 7:50:55 AM

Chloe with the kryptonite rock to cancel the effects again shows how easily Clark can be controlled in this series.

How did Zod make Clark go murderer? I didnt catch that.

I agree with Kraken89, they keep referencing his fathers killer. It was a clone of hie father, not his real father. They are muddying the waters of the back story.

All episode I was thinking to myself, "Why doesn't Clark just trash that tower?", and they deilvered. Was actually impressed with that, mainly because of 9 years watching this show I didn't expect them to actually do that sort of story telling. But that is like rewarding someone who fails for so long, and finally does something right.

Joe your frusrtations of this show are the same as mine. It even goes beyond Smallville. Too mainy times good ideas are trashed, and we as a viewing audience, miss out on ideas that could be great. Granted this is all based on opinion, but I think history shows that I am right. Transformers, Terminator Salavation, I could go on for days.....

isgrimner 2/22/2010 10:24:54 AM

I caught up on the past three Smallville eps this weekend.  So I watched the JLA ep, then the Warrior ep and then this ep, and Joe is right it stunk.  After seeing the preview from the Warrior ep, and then watching it right after, I had no epectations for it.  About the only part that was worth watching was when Clark destroyed the towers. 

I haven't always watched Smallville, I saw it when it first came out and I've seen lots of reruns, but I probably didn't start watching regularly until I got my first DVR.   I don't hold it to too high of standards because to me it is basically a pop-corn show to watch when I'm bored and have time. 

I do try to give the writers a little leeway, but apparently they have no idea what consistancy is.  They write themselves into corners and too often just use their, "meteor rock/sci-fi" show to explain away lazy plotting.  For instance, like Joe pointed out, they had Chloe holding her own against Tes in a straight up fight.  The same Tes who they have previously showed taking out linebacker sized commandos in hand to hand.     Just weak.

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