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Jinx99 4/19/2010 1:56:58 AM

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than Checkmate. (In fact, I pretty much hated Checkmate.) I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Erica Durance's Lois Lane, and to me, she was great tonight. I loved her interactions with John Corben, and her one and only scene with Clark was great too.

Clark on red K was good; bad boy Kal-El is always fun to watch . Maybe it's because I find Chloe so unlikeable, but when red K infected Clark pushed Chloe off, and burned the Kryptonian symbol on the wall, I was practically cheering. I don't condone violence against women at all, but ha!, the conniving little backstabber deserved it! However, the enjoyment of that scene was mitigated by the fact that you knew Clark was going to have to apologize to her later on.

I find Zod a one note character - all he ever seems to do is sneer and attempt to say profound things. Much like Chloe, I suppose. The Tess character is a bit of a mess, I can't figure out whether she's supposed to be evil or just plain nuts!

Anyway, to me it was a good episode and I'm really looking forward to the next one, Charade. The Sacrifice episode? Not so much.



redhairs99 4/19/2010 3:05:36 AM

Kraken, the hexagonal disc was given to Metallo (off-screen) by Chloe so he could meet up with Zod and Clark at the Fortress.  I'm guessing Clark just ran there with Zod in tow although we have seen in past episodes that when Clark is on Red K, he can fly.  Also, I'm not sure how Chloe knew they went to Fortress since he only saw them in Seattle, but I guess you just have to go with the flow sometimes on this show.

gopherblaster 4/19/2010 4:57:08 AM

Kraken89, in an earlier episode Oliver found out Chole was stealing from him. She was stealing funds to store the K around the country.


ponyboy76 4/19/2010 6:05:32 AM

My biggest problem with this episode is that they used the Red K to validate everything Chloe has been doing behind his back. Even without the Red K, Zod had a valid point about how his so called friends are stacking things against him and will never truly understand him.  The Red K is supposed to take away his inhibilities but it also seemed to make him more Kryptonian, instead of all emo, like he usually is.  He needs to find a balance.

Joe, come on dude! They clearly didn't freeze Seattle or lower the temperature to dangerous levels. He only lovwered it enough to snow. Not very deadly is you ask me. And everyone knows the Fortress is in the North Pole which makes the fact that Chloe decided to "cut" the feed showing their location was pointless because Zod now knows anyway.

Erica Durance in my opinion is by far the best representation of Lois Lane since probably Teri Hatcher. They should have cast her in Superman Returns instead of poor excuse for an actress.

xpaladinx45 4/19/2010 7:00:19 AM

I agree with you on the review Joe.  Not an overwhelming episode, in fact i fell asleep towards the end somewhere and had to rewatch the last few minutes.

The whole red K thing is getting old.  As well as the other various colors.  but aside from over used gimmicks, here is my big issue with red K, and maybe someone can set me straight if i'm off base:

Ok, green k weakens him when it's nearby.  So....why is it that red k turns him into a bad boy....regardless of whether he's still near it or not?  Am I left to believe the magical cloud of red k was inhaled (we all know superman wouldn't inhale right?) and infused in his blood stream?  If memory serves me right, some time way back seasons ago, I think it was even the first appearance of red k, it was on a ring he was wearing.  Thus enforcing my "shouldn't it be near him for him to stay bad?" issue.

I actually agree with ponyboy in regards to Lois.  I do think she's a pretty good representation most of the time.  I would also agree however, that the show wouldn't hurt without her either.  Sometimes, much like Chloe, it feels like they are attempting to make something up for the characters to do.

lracors 4/19/2010 8:58:04 AM

This episode suffered as a filler, however, it did allude to the portent of things to come (next week looks great).  Now, however, i cannot ignore the negative aspects of this, Chloe should have green rock tattoo'ed on her ass for the # of times Clark's gone Red on her.  I can understand Clark bemoaning family because Kara did leave and hasn't been in contact with him.  But on the other hand, his family is staring at him right in the face and you just want to bitch-slap him and scream, "WAKE UP!!! THE LEAGUE IS YOUR FAMILY!!!"  An overall weaker episode after the last few good one's.  I'm hoping for a solid end to the year... Hey we get to see Shanks return as Hawkman RAWL!!!

tiberiuscan 4/19/2010 9:12:28 AM

B is a more acceptable Grade for 'Upgrade.' For one the acting. Lets face it Jack Corben did not ask to be Metallo, and for a change we get to see why Clark has fallen in love with Lois. She does care about others. Even though her epic 'bravado' steels her thunder most of the time, she actually is seeking the truth as Clark does and is willing to step up for the underdog. We musn't however forget "Smallville" is not your father's or even grandfather's Superman. It is a re-imaging in every sense of the word. He never met Lois,  Jimmy Olsen, Doomsday, Metallo, etc., etc., until her was an adult and caqme to Metropolis as an adult.

What's missing in the previous discussions is where exactly the series is going. Clark is not a brooding variation of Batman/Bruce Wayne. He is still struggling to find out where he belongs in this world. Where the producers and writers have done it right is they are showing a Clark Kent/Superman who is not infalable as well as invulnerable. Red K is Clarks Alcohol or drug which he takes unwittingly most of the time. It alters his consciousness to allow him to be 'naughty'. It also allows him to become more intouch with his Kryptonian side, and that is the only bond he has with Zod. I don't know where the idea that Clark trusts Zod is coming from. He said as much in 'Checkmate'. He has seen the World War III that Zod will start with Zod as the ultimate leader.

The story archs are beginning to merge and they have a lot in common. Tess is a puppet of Checkmate  though I predict we will see this change. Zod needs Tess but she has made him a puppet as well. In spite of his powers he is a victim of the one fatal weakness. He believes humans are powerless to stop him simply because he is Kryptonian. He cannot control Tess and he knows it, yet he won't kill her. She uses him he uses her and they are both puppets. John Corbett/Metallo also fights in 'Upgrade' not to be a puppet.  Even Waller at the end of 'Checkmate' is a puppet as eveidenced by the red chess piece. The only one that needs to be in full control is Clark and he isn't yet. He still struggles with his destiny. He still doesn't believe in this destiny everyone from Jor-El to Dr. Fate keeps telling him about. We know what that is but he doesn't. He can't be manipulated by anyone to fulfill his destiny. He is still too young and inexperienced to choose his destiny.

Why Seattle? If you look at the episode you will see that this was one of the areas on the U.S. map shown as a location for stockpiled green Kryptonite.

One final thing. I still think that this Smallville will turn out to be in an alternate universe which will explain all the inconsistencies since day one. In Season 8's episode Legion Clark is told there is no Chloe Sullivan in the historical records. How can that be when she has played an integral part of his life for so many years?

ponyboy76 4/19/2010 3:07:52 PM

He inhaled the red K. Why there was cloud of Red K in thelab, I don't know.

millean 4/19/2010 5:04:33 PM

Kracken, I believe Zod tipped off Lois as to the whereabouts of the lab while impersonating the Blurr.  This show tries to explain so much with throw away lines and obscure details, that I can almost understand how someone whould think that there is a Fortress of Solitude built in the frozen tundra of Seattle.  (Cheers, Joe!)

Smallville got renewed again, right?  Any chance Damon and Carlton could be wooed to Smallville since LOST is leaving the airwaves?  (Oh, to think about what could be....)

By the way, I'm convinced that the actors on this show are immensley better than they are given credit for.  The writers seem to hate the character of Chloe (and Lois may even be falling into this category) that those actors all but have their hands tied.  I even enjoyed Kristin Kreuk's recent stint on CHUCK, despite hating Lana.

Moz72 4/19/2010 11:30:49 PM

Good review Joe!

I totally agree with the "do something kind of epic in the last two minutes" comment, this has become a predictable staple since Season 1, and more so now.

"By my count Lois Lane has received more concussions than your average NFL quarterback" HA HA! Maybe we should start calling her Reggie Ray! One more concussion and she dies!

By the way Joe, have you noticed some awkwardness lately when Welling has to kiss Durance. If you look really close, he seems almost uncomfortable when doing so. Whats up with that??

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