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xpaladinx45 4/20/2010 6:10:14 AM

I agree with you millean on Kristin Kreuk.  I grew to hate her on this show, but she was quite enjoyable on her short stint on CHUCK.

I think the problem with the acting on this show isn't actually a problem with the acting.  I think it's a problem with the writing.  You are only as good as what you are giving.  There aren't many actors who can be givin a turd, and give you a gem back.  (Evidence:  See Star Wars Prequels.  Natalie Portman is a fine just about anything that isn't Star Wars.  She's aweful, as was most of the cast, in the Prequels)

JDK008 4/20/2010 8:15:04 AM

The funniest thing about that episode is the picture of Clark's and Zod's faces while on the tower in Seattle. They had pretty funny expressions on their faces... Had to have been intentional.

esotericcandy 4/20/2010 8:23:03 AM

I am amazed that I have stuck with this show over the last nine years.  I realized from the get-go -- that I had to abandon all my desire to se the Superman mythos that had been built (and torn down, and rebuilt and torn asunder a dozen times over) in the comics.  So when I critique the show -- it is (almost) never due to "that's not the way it happened in the comics".

However -- the show has often suffered in many areas.  While some of the acting has been...shall we say 'so-so"...I would sooner pin the bulk of the blame upon the writing.  During the first few years -- the problem beyond the "meteor freak of the week" issue -- was that it was just painfully redundant -- and not just in the formulaic sense.  Years later -- so much has changed , and so much remains the same.

Although there are many differences -- it's no longer about the farm boy moping about the girl "next door" but can't reveal his true nature blah blah blah...the show's storylines seem to be strung out with little interest or plot-propelling action.  Much in the same way the show wasted a great adversary like Brainiac (or even a lame one like Doomsday) -- the whole concept of Zod & the Kandorians has been dribbled over the course of the the entire season with little to no sense of true dramatic tension.  When the best thing has been a brief "vision of the future" -- and there's really been nothing else to speak of -- that's just ridiculous.  There was the fodder here for an epic saga this season -- and it has simply been non-existent.

Putting aside my (prehaps comic-related) problems of how Clark could ever be Superman since everybody (including the "c'mon -- he ain't dead -- they just can't get Rosenbaum to come back just yet" Luthor) would recognize's a few nitpicks that continue to irritate me about the show...

~There's little to no mention of Martha Kent for the past few YEARS.  Yes -- I hear she's showing up on an episode later this season -- but c'mon.  One of the only people who not only knows who he is -- but knows him better than anyone else -- one of his confidants throughout his whole life -- is his MOM, for Rao's sake!  But she's had nothing to do with him all this time?  WTF?

~So -- he works in Metropolis -- but still lives on the farm. Whatever.  Since it's a farm -- is it still actually producing anything -- or is all that farmland going to waste?  Is someone else runnign things?  What's the deal there?   Yeah -- I know it's not important to the overall story of the show -- but when the story is fairly lackluster -- I start to dwell on things like this.

~And speaking of Brainiac -- how long did Clark actually spend in college -- a few weeks?  As opposed to the thousand years of high school?  So Clark kent doesn't have a college degree?  Good luck getting a job as a budding ace reporter without a college education. 

~Is the so-called "inability to fly" thing just going to be put to rest once and for all?  There have been several instances where it certainly seems like Clark can fly -- why not just let him already? 

~And why would Clark choose an outfit that has every connotation of "evil" -- dressed from head to toe in black with a full length duster -- outside of the Matrix -- is not exactly symbolic of hope, justice, honor and so on.  At least when he was clad in his typical red shirt/blue jacket or blue shirt/red jacket -- thus being a red & blue "blur" -- it was cute and made sense.  This all feels like a way of (ever) adressing the eventual Superman outfit -- and thus feels like a cheat once more.

In any case -- the show has never been nearly as compelling or as good since they lost the strong dual presence of both Lionel & Lex Luthor.  The villains/adversaries have been rather limp & inconsequential -- just simply not having any of the presence or gravitas that both Glover & Rosenbaum exhibited.  For every problem they "solve" (like finalyy getting rid of Lana) -- they create a few more (forcing a new version of "Lois & Clark" -- and the dreary and draining moments whenever the dreadful Tess Mercer is on screen - and yes, I used three "dr-" words).

I'll continue to watch it -- again -- I've stuck with it this long -- and hope springs eternal and all that -- plus I wanna see how they choose to eventually end this thing.  But unlike many other programs I watch -- there is a LOT to criticize here.  As both a watcher of this show since its inception as well as a fan of Superman since I was a small child -- I feel that's my right.



millean 4/20/2010 10:16:25 AM

JDK, the second funniest thing is when Chloe wants to find where Clark got off too, the following things happen:

  • She "hears word" that something darted to the top of the Space Needle.
  • She then gets a pristine close-up of the two people standing on top of the Needle.
  • The resulting close-up looks like it would have had to come from a helicopter, yet there is no evidence of any "helicopter wake".
  • If there was a helicopter there to get that close-up, don't you think Zod and a Red-K-infected Kal-El would have dispatched post haste?


Duckbeaver 4/22/2010 10:56:12 AM

Yeah, I'm with esotericcandy on this one.  "Smallville" is definitely not perfect, with giant leaps in logic and continuity happening frequently, but it's had some stellar moments in the past and this season and (as stated before by Joe) demonstrates on rare occasions what kind of show it SHOULD be.  But then I remember that it's on the CW, home to some of the most inane televised drivel ever created.  A network can't help but be involved in their product's quality on some level and maybe there is some mandate from them to the writers to "dumb down that 'comic-book show' so that our airhead 'Gossip Girl' demographic can enjoy it, too."  If anything, "Smallville" and "Supernatural" are the only real shows worth viewing on that network.

Of course, the original developers of the show DID keep us in "Lana traction" for 7 years AND left the show to pursue their "dreams" of writing/producing high-quality films such as "The Mummy 3" and "Hannah Montana: The Movie" (no joke, IMDB them).


Madmardegan 4/22/2010 2:45:11 PM

duckbeaver- hilarious

pony- the red k was for metallo boys sustained heart

something that i think is a paradox is most of us vets of the show keep watchin it hoping to see clarky boy fly and wear the suit, even though we know in the contract of the show he can not.  We need to make a petition for them to rewrite that frakin thing!!


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