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PAGE 5/2/2010 7:29:46 PM

My bad Redhairs99 you're right about the episode names. Even still, I hope there is no more Chloe next season.

jedi4sshield 5/2/2010 7:56:35 PM

You are right 100% and as I said before I am glad I'm not the only realizing all these common sense mistakes. What the writers need to do is hire a common sense person off the street and have them fill in the blanks on the most simplistic wrongs of situations.

I totally get that this is a variant from the NORMAL (emphasis on normal) Superman Universe but jeez arent they taking this too far? Clark lacking ability to fly! Clark lacking Intelligence having to rely on Chloe all the time. I was happy when he had taken the Red Kryptonite and was freakin taking charge for once, thats the way it should have been minus the attitude. What I don't understand is and please explain it to me is how is it that his willingness to help others and to be the greatest good can overpower his need to use his powers to their fullest potential?

At this point (sorry people) I dont buy the "he's afraid of flying crap because it will be the last thing to make him feel human." Well all right then, I guess running faster than the speed of sound really falls in that "I am totally tethered to humanity to lose my Kryptonian heritage feeling." What a crock of Kryptonian Turd droppings, lol. One word, "Pathetic." Clark should already be Superman, period. This Jor-El flight training is just another addition to the character being pathetic! Training about other Alien species and other worlds that is in the Crystal database is one thing but having to learn to fly from computer simulations is just a real low even for Superman!

They need to set up the God damn episode where Clark saves Lois by flying because lets just face it, unless they use the "we forgot what Clark Kent looks like" abaracadabra, Hocus Pocus using maybe Zatana's talents there is no way he's going to hide his Identity. The CW has the greatest opportunity to gives us a whole season to see how he goes about using his new abilities of flight. Trips to Paris with Lois maybe, awesome fight scenes (potentially anyway), going against others Villains that could fly (potentially anyway). Having him put on the suit will GUARANTEE boosted ratings, not to mention finally give the fans what theyve been wanting since forever. Waiting for the last episode to show the great reveal of the suit is just a pointless tease. Just for the simple fact that we realize this is how Clark will transition doesnt offer anything to the table. So he wears the Suit in the last Episode, big deal. We want to see action in the suit. Because when the show ends we are all going to be left out in not seeing any important events while Donning the Suit. So when this happens are we suppose to fill in the Gaps of the battles Superman has had from the movies?

But I digress, because as Joe so blatantly states this too would fall into the realm of COMMON SENSE. Something Smallville clearly does without!

Kraken89 5/2/2010 8:41:00 PM

Hurrm.....I wonder if Hartley helped to write the first half of the show or the second half of the show?

I honestly believe that the "Smallville" managment really needs to hire a full-time script and episode sh#t screener. That way those LOCSM's will be caught before and not after the show airs. I am still very surprised that in this economy where jobs are so few and far between to get and to keep, that this consistently poor writing continues to persist.

I was about to say the same thing Redhairs99, finally we get a good reason why Tess is still alive even though Waller's hunting her down.

By the way, was that Deadshot we saw?

Yep, Zod get's around. Tess is still closer than ever from being killed off, so at least Kandorian sifilis isn't the worst of her problems.

I LOVED the Zod half. It's what should of been done earlier. I do dislike the fact that they sprang the Hara pregnancy on so soon and then kill her and fetus in the same episode, but atleast the fact that the plot/story was included. I would of also preferred seing Zod giving them their powers, ala the Kandorians taking a sip of Zod's blood like a church ceremony.

I definetly knew what Clark was thinking when the Kandorians flew off : "God damnit, I reall need to learn how to fly". I mean, Zod could of easily just levitated above Clark and started taunting him "na na na na, you can't get me".

SelectiveRealism 5/2/2010 8:52:23 PM

 The problem with Smallville is that certain core storylines really aren't advancing.  Clark doesn't fully except his destiny, Clark heavy handedly interfering in the lives of grown people he calls friends, Clark can't fly, Clark wants to do everything himself, Clark doesn't confide or trust in the friends who have risked their lives for him, Clark has more issues with his girl.

Now which season can you say all this is from  Season 3? 5? 8? 9?

JoeArtistWriter 5/2/2010 9:36:31 PM

Hey everyone, I just added a new feature to my blogsite. It's entitled, "Ask an Educated Fellow." Please feel free to pass along any question you've ever had. The Educated Fellow will solve all your problems... in an educated fashion.

JoeArtistWriter 5/2/2010 9:44:24 PM

OK, the Angry Douche Bag wrote me again. Here it is... and here's my response. Enjoy.

Dear Joe The Lazy Columnist,

First of all, I tried to post the comment but I didn't really want to "become a maniac" if your uneducated reviews are what they are going to have posted. As far as where I disagree with your review, there are two things. The first is the fact that you the whole "kneel before Zod" thing is "ham-handed." The series has tried to show some good in Zod's character, giving Clark a reason to try to save him. The fact that he has powers now makes him feel more superior to mankind then he did before and hence, he believes the humans should kneel before him. Terrance Stamp says a version of "Kneel Before Zod" at least four times in Superman II, I don't think hearing Callum Blue say it six times over the course of an entire season is overduing it at all. Then you write..."and they definitely wouldn’t wonder if they remembered to check if their own gun were loaded or not" which is obviously aimed at Tess but the problem is that the gun didn't belong to Tess so she would have never had it to check. The second one is nitpicking, I know. But, your the one who asked. Not to mention that if you are going to write" If Smallville is picked up for next season..." you should really know if it already has been. Sorry to get you so mad you big loveable guy you. P.S. In your response you write "You failed to defend my very valid critique of the show..." Why would I defend your critique? I obviously disagree with it. Just more laziness on your part I suppose. I wonder if you will post this on your little forum?


Well bravo Mike ,

You have caught me in a typo-style mis-speak. What I meant to say, obviously enough, was that you should defend why you felt the show was good. But if we're nitpicking, you used the word "Your" incorrectly. You meant to use the contraction of "you are" which would be, "you're." Now granted, "You're" not a professional writer, but I will assume you graduated 3rd. grade. Now that I think about it, if you did graduate 3rd grade, you'd qualify to write for Smallville.

As to your point about Terrance Stamp, using a variant of the phrase, "Kneel before Zod," it doesn't bug me in the context of the movie. I am a bit turned off by the constant repetition of the phrase in this show however, and I have a right to be annoyed by what I consider an over usage. For whatever reason it worked in the movie, but it seems tiresome to me hearing it over and over again during the course of the season.

Now to address your statement of my "uneducated views;" could you do me a favor and point out (aside from the fact that I neither knew, nor cared that Smallville had been picked up for a 10th season) where my ignorance for this particular episode shone through? That seems to be the bone of your contention with me, so please educate me on this matter.

As for the gun, the simple point is that that Tess should and would have never gone into ANY place without a weapon, especially since she is being hunted by Checkmate. Your point about her not knowing if it was loaded is voided, because she wouldn't go in to that situation unarmed, but as a reader pointed out, James Bond knows the difference in a loaded gun just by the weight. The writers should assume Tess Mercer is as clever as James Bond, considering her high rank within the Checkmate organization.

I may or may not post this on the column, but that will depend on how much I want to feature the words of someone who isn't a Mania member.

Oh yeah, I loved your spelling of the word "overduing," especially when your major criticism against me is that I'm uneducated... OK, that settles it. I will publish your email.

Thanks for the laughs pal.


citrafreak 5/2/2010 10:30:36 PM

 Hey Joe I'm new to the mania I just opened up an account a few minutes ago and wanted to say that I enjoy your reviews most are extremely comical.  I started reading this one because of the lost review which is great by the way.  Now on to Smallville I have been watching this show since the beginning and have always enjoyed being that I am a Superman fan (I have the tattoo to prove it)  I watched throughout the nine seasons liking most of what I saw I could of done with out the freak of the week episodes, or the teenage love triangles, and that everything seems to come down to being Clark's fault, (especially with Lana) but I think the overall episodes have gotten better over the last couple of seasons.  On to Sacrifice, I am in the same place as most of you guys on here regarding Chloe, her character since near the end of Season 8 has gone down hill tremendously.  She used to be one of my favorite characters on this show, but now I can't wait for her scenes to be over and Tess as well.  The rest of the episode I enjoyed quite a bit; the Kandorians, the few scenes with Clark, and obviously Zod Callum Blue does a great job doing this part.  Keep up the good work Joe I might disagree with some of the things you say, but I enjoy reading your reviews.  By the way there is no need to insult if you don't like the review... don't read it.   jedi4ssheild I heard that they were going to make flight part of season 10... but I'm not holding my breath.

JoeArtistWriter 5/2/2010 10:45:02 PM

Moz, thanks for the support, and I can see why some would find this an enjoyable show, but the front-loaded nonsense took me right out of the game.

jedi4sshield, it will be interesting to see how this team figures out how to disguise Clark once he starts wearing the tights. Just slicking back his hair and giving him a spitcurl isn't going to cut it, and I hope they don't have Zatanna work some kind of face-blurring magic. We the Superman-loving audience were willing to buy into the nerd glasses, but now it's even too late to accept that device. My guess is we will all be disappointed by their solution.

Kraken, a sh#t screener would be perfect for this show. I'd volunteer for the gig. I've seen morre than enough of it during my one season of viewing and reviewing to know it's a full-time job, but they could have me for free. This way they could save money for special effects and the ocassional extra to walk by on the streets of Metropolis.

Selective, you're preaching to the choir my friend, but please feel free to preach on.

citrafeak, glad you enjoy my work. As you know my main concern with this show is the sloppiness, the ridiculous logic and the lazy writing. It wouldn't take too much to eliminate those flaws and highlight the good work that is done on that set. They have a treasured prize in the Clark Kent character, and too often they throw it around as if it were a Cracker Jack toy.

JoeCool 5/3/2010 2:23:34 AM

I've been watching "Smallville" (fortunately and unfortunately) from the very beginning and I think I may have a pretty good idea how they will address the whole Superman disguise issue.

I think they layed a hint already when the Justice League???? from the future showed up. They said that they never heard of Chloe in the future. She is not part of Superman's timeline or something like that. So my guess is that Jor-el, the Fortress, or some other force rewrites history so that things change, no one will remember who Clark is, and/or remembers a different version of him, one most likely with glasses. Disguise in place, Superman good to go. It's pretty much the only way they can fix it at this point. Of course, they may never show him as Superman so they may never have to address that issue.

And, to reinterate a point that was already made here (I believe by Joe), that fact that Chloe didn't have some kind of bypass code to unlock the Watchtower (because she never thought she'd be inside if it went into lockdown) is truly some of the laziess writing I have seen for this show (and that's saying something). Here's a logical fix to that problem. All they had to do is was to say that when Checkmate hacked into her computer, they disabled all bypass codes (or some nonsense like that). I'd buy that.

After almost 10 years watching this show, just make him Superman already. If they won't do that, then at least put Lois back in a bikini (minus all dialogue). She can just stand in the background posing. Come to think of it, if I can only have one, then I'll take option #2.

tiberiuscan 5/3/2010 5:19:43 AM

OK Chloe is as annoying as Lana was, maybe even more so. But the whole Jason Bourne thing is too muchy. Tess may not appear to be on the side of the angels but she is not a cold blooded killer. She was not on assignment she is underground remember? Checkmate is after her dead or alive. (Granted she should be carrying a gun if that's the case). She would not have killed Chloe because she has her own agenda. What was harder to believe was that she would so readily accept certain death from Chloe in exchange for killing the bug in her system. Perhaps she preferred death to being a pawn of Checkmate.

Don't expect Clark to become Superman. He doesn't have to. This show is so far off the mark as with DC continuity I still maintain it's all in an alternate universe/time-line. In 'Legion' remember Clark is told there is no Chloe Sullivan in the history books. Look at all the DC characters Clark has met and interacted with that he wasn't supposed to even meet until after he has donned the famous cape and tights.

Don't forget this is a re-imaging of Superman on a TV budget. (Hence no throngs of people in Metropolis). We did not see the teaming masses in Adventures of Superman or Lois and Clark the New Adventures either.

The fact is, with so many plot threads the writers are digging themselves into a hole. Having Jor-El brain wipe the entire planet to forget everything about Clark isn't likely.  (With the internet and international news coverage do you really think the red/blue blur would only be known of in Metropolis?) The National Enquirer alone would devote tons of issues to him :). If he had that power he could have saved Krypton by making everybody forget Zod even existed. Or even wipe out Zod's memory to forget all his evil plans.

With the end of Season Nine only to weeks away we can ask ourselves where are they going from here?

Why can't Clark fly? He knows Kryptonians are capable of it. His cousin can, Jor-El did when he visited Earth. In fact he is going to have to fly just to compete with all the flying Kryptonians.

Who is the Red Queen and how is she so powerful? (Someone has suggested it is Lex Luthor :)).

As I said, the writers have written themselves into a hole just to pad the series out so it would fit into 22 episodes a season. Episode 9-22 will be a cliffhanger (again), with the fate of the world at stake (again). Perry White will now be at the Planet as the new Editor in Chief but will Lois and Clark be back at their desks? Most likely Lois first then Clark. Then Clark can put on those amazing glasses again that can fool everybody.

I predict Season 10 will even end short. They are literally running out of ideas to keep it interesting.


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