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ponyboy76 5/3/2010 6:50:43 AM

There were definitely problems with this episode but I enjoyed it until the very end. The writers have turned the fact that Clark can't fly into this running joke that is really not funny. He's standing there with a bunch of full powered Kandorians talking about how he will stop Zod and they just fly away. And Zod is right Clark can't stop them. He can't fly after them, so he's just lft there looking like a tool.

I understand that the writers didn't want Clark flying in past seasons but just from a story standpoint and for him to progress as a character, he has to fly. He is a total disadvantage in this fight with Zod and his people, even with the JSA/JLA. Everyone keeps talking about how they need to make him Superman. He doesn't need to be Superman. He doesn't need the costume. He just needs to be able to fly. Correct if I`m wrong but what defines Superman as a character, isn't his flight abilities. So, have him fly as the Blur. Just get him up there.  I'm sure the idiot writers will find away around this but I don't see why they would, except to continue to screw with the fans of the show and stall as long as they can.

esotericcandy 5/3/2010 7:45:31 AM

I think you're pretty much dead on target with this recap/review, Joe.

Chloe has always been at the very least a minor irritiant -- and she became a total waste of time, space and infinity during the Doomsday season (oh, how I hated her then).  I've grown weary of the sorta/kinda references to things from the comics -- although they're turned over and changed to completely lose their cache with the comic book reader turned "Smallville" viewer.  Having Chloe be essentially the new Oracle -- and naming the location the Watchtower (after one of the later versions of the JLA satellite) only annoyed me.  She's been largely needless -- except to show what an apparent dunderhead Clark is without such assistance.

Tess -- ugh -- another blight upon this show.  rue -- by initially trying to "fill in" for the departed Luthor(s) -- she was given a tough road to hoe to begin with -- but her character is less about being enigmatic and more about just being wishy-washy and dopey.

The Zod stuff was fairly entertaining and such -- so I can see giving the episode a somewhat better than passing grade.  However -- the ads pretty much blowing the "secret" that I (and probably a few million other viewers) has already suspected was also another dumb move by the CW, producers, or whomever is responsible for such things. least LOST returns tomorrow...



JDK008 5/3/2010 10:03:57 AM

Joe.... Jesus man, I can't believe that douche bag who emailed you.  You see it's hard core fan boys like that that solidify my thoughts that he never has felt the touch of an actual female.  Maybe a blow up doll but that's even pushing it.  Either way, you handled that whole fiasco with class.  Now moving onto the show.............

You're right about the slop that is the writing.  I was thinking the same regarding the Tess/Chloe fight.  I don't think watching Tae Bo tapes a few times a week makes you equipt to fight a trained agent. The Zod part was good.  I concur with you on that.  As far as Clark defeating the Kandorians, do you think they'll bring Kara back to help him?  That's one thing I thought could happen.  Oh and is it me but when Zod and the rest of his flock flew away at the end of the episode, did it seem like really cheesy effects?  To me they all seemed to take off in a slow manner like clark could of super speeded to them and grabbed them all.  I maybe nit picking there but that really bothered me.  Anyway, great review as always. 

JasonTMays 5/3/2010 10:35:08 AM

 Agreed with the review, now some thoughts of my own.


1st. idea - JoeCool, Im not bashing on you i just wanted to point out that it was already established (At in the movies) that one of there big rules is the tampering of human history/destiny, which was explored somewhat in the show (i.e. involving Pa kent's death.) so i while a nice concept i don't think that'll happen.

2nd idea - I haven't kept up with this show with each episode to be honest, so Im assuming clark still has the legion ring and with that assumption you have the answer for Clark's flight problem because in many variations the legion ring also enables even if he doesn't learn for the last episode he has a quick cheat if the writers choose to use it...again thats only if im right with my assumption that he still has the legion ring.

3rd idea - we already know that Martha is the red queen and all signs are pointing towards the death of Chloe. I would say Tess would die but they need a luthor like character...which while a poor choice of character unless Michael R. decides to come back chances are she'll hold his spot over nicely.

4th idea - I really really like the concept of the Zatanna Spell to hide his identity. 

5th - I think Smallville needs to downplay a lot of the drama and just give the fans what the want, I understand TV budget but TV budget doesn't mean you can't write an effective script.

but idk thats the last of my rants for now i'd definitely like to know what you guys think about those ideas of mine and for someone to let me know if im wrong about the legion ring cause then i'd look pretty stupid. 


Hobbs 5/3/2010 11:07:31 AM


First off, I apologize to all the Smallville fans for posting here as I stopped watching the show years ago but with no Lost review last week I needed my Joe Oesterle fix and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed at all.  In fact just coming in here to see the Angry Douche bag comments was worth it.  Damn that wasn't only worth it, that was priceless!  LOL!

As always Joe, your reviews are not only informative but also very entertaining.  All the reasons in your review are the reasons I stopped watched around season 6 or 7 (can't remember anymore).  I actually think it's disturbing they haven't changed and have gotten worse. 

Reading all the comments I see Clark still isn't flying?  Seriously, STILL not flying!!! Are you f***ing kidding me?  What is Tom Welling now, about 55 or so?  Isn't it time for him to leave the farm? And they brought Zod into the show and Clark is trying to save him?? huh!!>>> What????  Stop the madness!!!


karas1 5/3/2010 1:14:51 PM

I wanted to watch this episode, but when I tuned in on Friday there was a baseball game on instead.  I didn't think the baseball season had even started yet.  Man, I hate televised sports that preempt the regularly scheduled programming.

fft5305 5/3/2010 2:46:46 PM

Go to the CW website. That's where I watched it today. My DVR was out, and I was out of town, so I missed it on Friday.

karas1 5/3/2010 6:46:33 PM

Hmmm, that's a good idea.  Thanks.

PAGE 5/3/2010 9:46:08 PM

I know Joe touched on this a little bit and pretty much wouldn't like this to happen, but I agree with JasonTMays regarding his idea about Zatanna making a spell to hide Clark's identity. I was just thinking before I read his comments, that the only way I could think of acceptable way (in my opinion anyway), is for Zatanna to give Clark some kind of magical glasses so that when he puts them on, everyone basically sees "Clark" but when he takes them off, they see "The Blur" or as he should be by now, Superman. I would accept that, however I think we'll get some other lame concept, but some of the writers, no, a couple of the writers, are actually good, so maybe they will surprise us and come up with something more clever. Simply putting the glasses on won't work because everyone basically knows who he is.

I thought about something else earlier, and I was wondering what you other Maniacs would think. Back in the original Superman movie, when Clark found the green crystal and took off to the north pole and created the Fortress Of Solitude, he talked to Jor-El and began his training. When Jor-El was done with his speech, out came a full grown Clark, and we saw Superman flying out of The Fortress. I forget exactly what Jor-El says because I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I do remember him saying that many Earth years or something like will have passed while he was training. What would you guys think, if the powers that be at Smallville made the last 5 or 6 seasons or so a "Scenerio" that we've been watching that is part of Clark's training? Would you guys accept that as a possible ending to the series? Basically no one knows who he really is, so putting the glasses on will still work. He'd be older, more muture, and more like the Superman we know and all love. I would definitely accept that we've been watching Clark in a simulation all this time training to become Superman. What do you guys think?

On a side note, I read on the Ausiello files that Brian Peterson, one of the EP's of the show, that negoitiations are going well with Allison Mack and he is expecting her back for next season. I am extremely disappointed by this news and I hope something goes wrong. I would rather they kill her off, use her salary to bring back Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean back as Marth and Perry White, respectively, as series regulars for next season. Most of us here agree that her character is done so why in the world do they want to bring her back??

tiberiuscan 5/4/2010 4:26:25 AM

Page  As you may know Superman The Movie was written by Mario Puzo the author of the Godfather. His script intended that Clark spent over ten years in training at the Fortress and was in fact in his early thirties when he left for Metropolis already in costume. This was an intended parallel to Christ not starting his ministry until he was 33 years old. It isn't in the movie but somehow Jor-El gave Clark a degree in journalism too :) . In the 78 years of the History of Superman, his origin story has been told many times and in many ways. Jor El does tell Clark that in his journey as a babe from Krypton, the crystals embedded in the spaceship taught him all things about the known galaxies. "Matters Physical... but these are just facts".  From the point he enters the new Fortress of Solitude he is to learn other things including about the human heart.

Clark was a new person in Metropolis so no one knows what he looked like until he got there. But in Smallville, except in two rare instances Clark has never worn glasses. The writers have made it impossible for Clark to become distinguishable from Superman. A mere spit curl won't cut it.

The comics have come up with two possible reasons for Clark not being recognized as Superman.

One it's the glasses themselves. They are made form Kryptonina Crystals and can actually change the look and color of Clark's eyes. (The glasses are prestty big too disguising a little more of his features.

Two is Superhypnosis. Since Clark does not meet face to face on a regular basis 99% of the population of Metropolis no one would suspect him. Those closer to him however would be close enough to be hypnotised to see Clark in a different way. This would also explain the Super-kiss in Superman II that wiped out Lois's memory of Clark being Superman. If you watch the movie agaion you will see that Clark sans glasses actually stares at Lois for several seconds before the kiss. The kiss was one of goodbye to the Lois who knows who he truly is.

As to the Red Queen, evidence certainly points to it being Martha Kent. As a US Congresswoman she has more power, and could be very aware of Checkmate and their agenda and has come to Smallville to protect Clark's secret. Perry White is there too to put him in the right place to become the next Managing Editor of the Daily Planet. A position that is now open (just by coincidence) and indeed Congresswoman Kent may even be able to pull a few strings to get him that position. (Let's not forget lessons taught to her by Lionel Luthor himself).

In this reality Clark never has to become Superman. It is enough for him to be the Blur.

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