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Hobbs 10/5/2009 8:40:01 AM

Krasch, you are fan that's fine. Though I think the show ran its course abut 5 years ago more power to you if you want to watch it but it doesn't matter how long Welling signed on for, rating decide if the show lasts or not.  It was under a 1 point rating, show won't last if it continues that trend. 

JoeArtistWriter 10/5/2009 10:33:03 AM

Page, Telll me about it. When I signed up to do Smallville reviews I had no idea it was going to be on Friday nights. Thank Zod for TiVo.

Soylentcola, as I stated, I'm relatively new to the program, but I'll jump on the Jor-El wagon with you and pretend I predicted it myself if it turns out to be true. If it's not Jor-El, I'll be throwing you under the bus for such a terrible theory.   ;)

Wiseguy, I think Metallo can have the hatred, I just don't understand his belief that The Blur interfered with destiny. There was nothing to back that up. I get the whole "my sister died, and it's your fault" thing, but not the "fate" thing. Also, Metallo isn't that fast, and Supes does have those powers - it should not have been a contest. Writing for Superman has to be difficult because he's so powerful. I agree he's a better character when he's not as meta, but that's also why he's so popular.

Ponyboy, always a pleasure, sir. I too was impressed with Brian Austin Green, thanks for the kind words.

Page, I don't have anything to add, so I'll just say hi. Hi.

Hobbs, I have no desire to check out Dollhouse. Is it any good? Too bad about the ratings, because I'm looking forward to getting into the show this year, and hoping it hits an 11th season.

thecheckeredman, I completely understood the appeal of the first four seasons, but I wasn't in the demo. Maybe it'll jump back over the shark. Keep writing, I'm curious if you'll change your mind.

Krasch, Hi.

monkeyfoot, I met Ali once. Got my picture taken with him. Seriously one of the coolest moments in my life.

littlemikey979, yeah, I YouTubed the Doomsday fight, because I didn't watch any of last season. It was about 7 seconds. Hope they're going to pass along the savings on the Zod fight.

Hobbs 10/5/2009 10:53:58 AM

Joe, best way to talk about to show you.  As for Dollhouse...its not that good. I can see why it is where it is. 

Friday last week vs what it did week before in parentheses:

1.8 (2.0) Medium
1.7 (2.2) Ghost Whisperer
1.7 (1.5) Dateline
1.6 (1.7) Numbers
1.6 (2.3) 20/20
1.5 (1.5) The Jay Leno Show
1.2 (1.3) Law & Order
1.0 (----) The Forgotten (r)
1.0 (1.4) FlashForward (r)
0.9 (1.0) Smallville
0.8 (1.0) Brothers
0.8 (----) ‘Til Death
0.8 (1.0) Dollhouse
0.5 (0.5) America’s Next Top Model (r)

hanso 10/5/2009 1:03:07 PM

Joe you beautiful basterd! They got you wasting your talent on Smallville!? Why did you sign up for Smallville duty? Come on tell the truth you drew the short stick and got stuck with it right? Is this an every episode basis or will it be like True Blood where you did an episode here and there? Man I was hoping they stuck you on Flash Forward so we could discuss all the ways it tries to be Lost.

JoeArtistWriter 10/5/2009 2:32:00 PM

Hobbs - Thanks for the numbers and the info on Dollhouse.

Hanso, right back at ya' pally. As for the Smallville assignment, it was offered, so I took it, but I had no idea it was going to be a Friday thing. I did offer to cover Flash Forward, but someone must have beat me to it. Just as well, I haven't seen any episodes, and while I was looking forward to it before the show began, I'm not too bummed. What are your thoughts on FF?

hanso 10/5/2009 2:52:38 PM

FF is alright so far but you should've seen the premiere, the first few minutes were straight from Lost, including a kangaroo to sub for the polar bear.  Nothing wow about the series for me yet but it's got me interested so I'll keep watching.   Don't want to sidetrack the thread too much so I'll leave it at that.

I stopped watching Smallville couple of seasons ago but I'll check out your reviews so I can keep up to speed.  You still reviewing Lost?

JoeArtistWriter 10/5/2009 2:59:15 PM

Hanso, oh yeah, I see no reason to not review LOST. I love that show, and this is the season we'll get all the answers.... except about 45% of them - including anything about Libby. Man I'm still pissed about that. Who was Libby's husband? Why was she in Hurley's asylum? Eh well, I shouldn't hijack the Smallville article for LOST, but I'm looking forward to the season opener.... January I'm guessing.

Hobbs 10/6/2009 9:12:06 AM

I'll be happy to hijack the Smallville thread...seeing everyone that comments about Smallville probably has.

Didn't Libby meet Desmond in an eating place too talking about his boat?  Libby questions HAVE to be answered.

hanso--FF.....I like it but it does copy Lost and I have a few questions that dont make sense. I just started watching it over the weekend with the wife. I'll bring this up in FF  this week but I thought they all saw the same date and time in the future?  10pm pacfic time, If that's the case that chick was having a sonogram at 10pm at night? I don't live out on the west coast but that seemed pretty late to me.  Oh well, like I said I'll bring up that question later this week.

PAGE 10/7/2009 10:19:37 AM

Previously on Smallville...

I have an idea. Hopefully CW is paying attention. CANCEL Melrose Place because the show sucks pretty badly from what I hear, and hiring a hottie from the 90's when it's the late 2000's isn't gonna help, move that Twilight ripoff Vampire Diaries to Tuesday nights after your other silly remake 90210, and move your flagship show back to Thursday nights where it belongs. I remember vividly when CW moved Smallville from Tuesday nights to Thursday nights. It was Season 5. Smallville went toe to toe with Alias and won! Alias was a good show, wasn't the greatest but good, but the fact remains that Smallville has owned Thursday nights and its a travesty that knuckleheads at CW would move Smallville to Friday nights, paired up with reruns of Top Model, unless they purposely did so to have enough balls to cancel the show. F U CW!!!

xpaladinx45 10/8/2009 8:39:26 AM

JOE!  Have to admit, I've missed the Lost review column since seasons end.  Can't wait till we all get to start that up again for this final season.

As for Smallville.  I think SV has gotten a little better the past two seasons.  Reduced Lana is a huge plus.  Last seasons wasn't AS BAD as i feared it would be...but the finale was a huge let down for me.  I think they could have done more with this episode/ Metallo, but I was pleased with the general concept of the character/acting.  But again, I think they could have made Metallo into a multi-story arc (who knows, perhaps they will yet)

And for side note #2, I have to agree with Hanso, FF has been JUST interesting enough to keep me going so far, but it IS pretty obvious they are searching for a Lost replacement.  So far I'll keep watching for a little while longer, see where it goes, what happens.  The big thing missing for me so far, and granted we're like 2 episodes in, is I don't find myself caring about the characters much at all. 

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