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citrafreak 5/9/2010 7:54:00 PM

 Good review Joe, I noticed that skimming through the comments that no one seemed to mention Chloe in this episode. I have to admit that I didn't mind her in this one so much, but I did want her to say no to Clark and tell him that he needs to step up and be the hero that he should have been 5 seasons ago.  The first part of the episode I thought would be a little better like a Look Who's Coming To Dinner kind of thing, but it seemed to drag on.  With the note that Lois got at the planet at the end I think that was Zod, but will have to wait till next week to see if I'm right.  And speaking of next week I noticed that some of you guys were talking about the red and yellow shield the producers said that he will get a glimpse of  his future in the finale.  He should just fly already and stop the damned for-shadowing we get it he becomes Superman I think we all know that at this point.

Duckbeaver 5/9/2010 10:36:10 PM

Missed this episode, but I'll probably get around to seeing it before the finale.  Then again, based on what you talked about in the review, I'm not so sure I want to.  I'd much rather transition from the "Sacrifice" episode right into the finale because there's NO WAY Clark Kent would stop fighting against the Kandorian threat for him and Lois to have a double-date with his mom and Perry, RIGHT?

Oh, wait.  I'm sorry.  I'm thinking of "Superman," not "Smallville."

I was kinda worried that's the way things would turn out this week: build Zod and his army up for world conquest, then...ah, screw it.  They can hold off the invasion for a week, let's focus on Lois and Clark's relationship issues and a weak revelation about his mom (it was Mother's Day weekend, after all).  What, did Zod give his troops a week off from kneeling before him?  Did Clark call a "time-out?"  Was there even any Kandorian activity or progression of the main storyline in this episode AT ALL?  Consistency?  Anyone?  Bueller?

I'm seriously curious because if not, I'll happily skip over "Hostage," watch the finale and just assume that Clark immediately chased after Zod at the end of "Sacrifice."  That would be the responsible SUPERMAN-ly thing to do.  Usually, I'm able to forgive his reluctance to deal with the main threat of the season (mostly because he is so aloof that he doesn't even know there is a threat until the very end), but I think it would just irritate me to see Clark, who is now fully aware of the danger Zod represents, have an "ah, I'll get around to it" moment and address drama with his family and girlfriend.  If I'm in the wrong about this week's episode, please let me know and I'll give it a whirl before the finale, but if I'm right, let me know too and I'll just act like it never happened.  

I DID see the trailer for the finale.  The producers sure do know how to dangle promises in front of us like carrots and quickly pull them away, don't they?  I have a feeling the colors and the shield won't mean squat in the actual story and it's just a promotional tease.

SelectiveRealism 5/9/2010 11:07:26 PM

 Many of the problems on Smallville could be solved if characters, who profess to care for one another and regularly risked their lives for each, actually talked to and trusted each other.  

Martha couldn't tell Clark she was the Red Queen who has been working against the same organization as her son because what exactly?

Tritan56 5/9/2010 11:09:51 PM

Well Joe, you sir are correct on all counts once again. We didn't have to wave our "Die Chloe Die" fan club banners so much this week, but i was still pissed that she got Watchtower back online so fast. The Red Queen being Martha? God help me because i can't believe i'm about to say this, but i would have even been happier if it was Lana instead of her. The writers aren't even trying anymore.Are the purposely trying to poke fun at all of us?I mean last week,Zod and his fellow Kandorians fly right the hell outta the fortress and leave Clark standing there like the dumbass he is! Kara could fly and all Clark does are these incredible foot plant into Hulk leaps! I honestly don't see how they are going into a 10th season, but im serious when i say that they have 1  and only 1 more shot to get it right. Have Clark banish Zod and crew,him included into another time/space or what have you. Then get Jor-El to step in,rescue Clark and finish the actual transformation we've been waiting 9 seasons for into Superman,and have him go out the right way in season 10 which let's face it, has to be the end right? Ohh and you can have him bring back from this other worldy quandron, or whatever the hell it is he and Zod could end up, the means to introduce Darkseid as the final villain. Probably wishful thinking on my part, but honestly, thats the only way i could suffer through another year. With all due respect to your grade Joe,i give it a whopping D,borderline F. What's your thoughts?

tiberiuscan 5/10/2010 3:50:18 AM

Joe Afraid I knew the Red Queen was Martha Kent without seeing the trailer. As Tim Curry's character says in 'Clue' Tess being the Red Queen was a "Red Herring". (Sorry about that). As a congresswoman she would have had the power and contacts and possibly learned of Checkmate and it's goals. She was obviously going to protect Clark no matter what. Martha learned from the best...Lionel Luthor. Tess has her own agenda, and there's always been a hint that she is not as evil as she might appear. She has her own agenda for sure, but it may be as noble as Martha's when it comes to Clark. Don't forget she has been protecting his secret for two seasons now. As I have mentioned before, it was late in the season before they knew for sure that Smallville was to be picked up. As such the writers had to put in 'filler stories to stretch out what they had and save the remaining planned episodes for next season.

Had Smallville been on ABC, CBS or NBC it no doubt would not have lasted 10 seasons. At the very least it could have had better writers. I grew up with George Reeves Superman so I have been a fan for over 50 years.

We will see Clark fly I'm sure. It is one of his most notable powers. He is already 'leaping tall builgings' so he has to know he can defy gravity. And he doesn't leave a small crater behind anymore either as Kal-El did.

The finale promisses a lot. I love that the promo is black and white (talk about Psycho). Glad you mentioned Hitchcock, I'm also a big fan and have 50 of his movies. The reflection of the red and yellow shield in Clarks eye is promising, but as I've stated before Clark does not have to become Superman in this series. The writers have already taken far too many liberties with the mythos. But then with few exceptions so have all the writers of Superman since 1938. Did you know that Superman couldn't fly in the original comics? Even in the first Max Fleischer cartoons he could only make huge jumps. Not counting the 'alternate universe' comics his origins have been re-told at least five times and each time with a slightly different spin. In The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves his Earth fathers name was Ethan not Jonathan. He did die of a heart attack and his mother made him the costume. In Lois and Clark both parents lived (paralleling the 1986 retelling in the comics of his origin), and again it was Martha who made him his costume. My favorite part of this version (L&C) is that his parents still influence Clark/Supermans decision and of course Lois falling in love with Clark for Clark not him being Superman.

Perhaps the writers are trying to make Smallville into a new version of Lois and Clark, which as we've seen is a mistake. The show is trying to balance a love story with the action story and failing both. they might as well call it Smallville 90210.

If you think this year was bad, wait until next year. The best thing they can do is end the season early.

Dodgyb2001 5/10/2010 4:34:02 AM

Yay! A Clue reference! I thought I was the only one who loved that movie... Especially Ms Scarlett....

G671 5/10/2010 6:34:49 AM

I actually don't mind the fact that Clark can't fly yet.  Some may see it as bad writing (or, stalling), but I actually buy that particular plot point.  One thing that Smallville did in the past was that they changed things up as far as the mythos, and took some creative liberties (like, the "3 Stones" spread across the world, and they needed to be combined in order to make the Fortress crystal).  That made sense to me, because until Clark reached the age of adulthood, you basically had 18 years where the crystal would have been vulnerable to others (like Lionel).

So, as far as why Kara and the others can all fly, and Clark cannot, it makes sense to me.  He grew up human, therefore, he a part of him still 'thinks' he is human (in the back of his mind). The others did not grow up thinking they were human. They grew up Kryptonian/Kandorian, and therefore had no psychological 'block' preventing them from realizing all their powers.

The biggest problem with the writing these past few seasons, is that it feels like they're making it up as they go along, without a clear exit strategy.  It feels more like they're writing each season, not knowing if they're gonna have a 'next' season.  How they're going to end each season, always seems to come down to the wire (i.e.  Cliffhanger/Season finale, vs. Series Finale).  You read it in the interviews with the writers/producers every year.. "We're HOPING for another season, but we don't know for sure yet", etc.  THAT'S what's hurting the writing.  The quality of the episodes is suffering, because they don't have clear direction and focus.  They need to CHOOSE when they're going to end it (and not let the network determine it FOR them), and they need to keep their eye on the ball and just hit it out of the park.

Smallville producers.. make Season 10 the LAST (actually declare it), make a clear outline from A to Z, pull out all the stops, and drive it home!!! :)

lracors 5/10/2010 9:26:44 AM

This episode exhibited the worst traits of sub-par series... Watchtower is almost rebuilt (WTF)?  Tess is easily found and manipulated (WTF)?  Martha is dating Perry White because we needed an excuse to get Perry White back to Metropolis following a story that just so happens to co-inside with Lois's seemingly inexpicable and unxplained pool of resources to dig up news about the Kandorians that the seeminly inept U.S. government didn't have locked down with the key thrown away.  Just too many co-incidences and conveniences for me to swallow.  Next week's finali looks to be cool but i agree with the sentiment here... let's drop the bullshit and have Clark reveal to Lois.  Season Ten needs to be about Clark finally coming out as Superman (Either in the finali or episode 1 of season 10 either way now).  It's long long over due.  I would love to see the finali point to signs of an impending alien with Clark being told it's too late.  Season Ten would be awesome to have it be focused on him as Superman pulling together everyone to officially form the Justice League and fend off Darkseid.  That would be a fitting end to this series... for now... one can only hope...

xpaladinx45 5/10/2010 9:43:54 AM

well stated Joe.

We DO all want to believe...the problem is this show all too often makes it impossible to believe.

It's aweful when you can predict Martha kent early on as the Red Queen, as well as know it for a fact because of aweful promotion.  It's aweful that with the shows track record, as excited as i was about the preview for next week....i have zero faith at all that it will be good.  And by good I mean LOST quality good, not smallville quality good.  I am just praying, since it was mentioned here about last years Doomsday crapfest, that i am not literally left staring at my screen saying "WTF..." after the episode ends.

I think the most irritating aspect of it all is that there are so many little things that are 'fun' to watch it keeps fans coming back hoping for better.  I'm tired of chasing the carrot, remove the damn string already!

PAGE 5/10/2010 10:51:28 AM

we all want to believe 

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