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Bryzarro 5/16/2010 6:02:39 PM

 It's a network version of pre-Superman!!  If your looking for the Neo-Smith battle or even the dollar store version of Zod/ Clark then you haven't watched this show at all.  

I've enjoyed this season and for one thought it played out well.  After all the build up of powers being promised and gained it took a blue Kryptonite knife and a decent knuckle up to settle everything.  Well played out.  

And as for not having the JLA in person or do anything....come on.  They would be facing off against Supermen.  It would be a no contest from the get go.  Plus they are around the world how or why would they all be in the same room anyways?

Duckbeaver 5/16/2010 6:21:56 PM

Redhairs, yeah that crossed my mind too about the brass-knuckles.  But after watching the show for a certain period of time, your mind kind of just accepts the illogical theory that Kryptonite in SMALLVILLE has a varying range in its radiation, along with being able to pretty much give anyone powers of any sort if exposed to it for too long.

I agree with Ponyboy that the Lois/Clark stuff can be enjoyable to watch.  Their last scene together in the alley felt like classic Superman-stuff.  And, like I said before, maybe that one scene has set up a whole new spin on the "secret identity" thing.  Personally, I'd like to see more investigating as a reporting team in future episodes.

Clancy would be cool, but knowing it's the CW footing the bill, Darkseid would probably end up being some wrestler fresh off the WWE circuit or an actor rotating through a tour of duty on a Stargate series.  Heck, Edward James Olmos needs a job since Battlestar Galactica wrapped, right?  ;) 

death4sale 5/16/2010 6:25:49 PM

You know, in the comics, Granny Goodness trained to be a warrior for Darkseid. While she was in training, she had a dog she named "Mercy." Oliver's nickname for Tess Mercer is "Mercy." I just thought of this. I think that's why she was there in the hospital when Tess died. She's gonna recruit Tess as a warrior for Darkseid.

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citrafreak 5/16/2010 7:22:32 PM

 Good review Joe... I thought that had to be one of the best episodes of Smallville that I've seen so far.  the first few minutes I just watched mouth agape and I just couldn't believe how right they got this episode.  I was expecting a good episode, but I wasn't expecting this.  I like the fact that Martha gave her son the suit and cleared up how she could now so much about the Book of Rao and everything Kryptonian .  I'm glad that Lois found out about Clark being the Blur, and the Super-punch from Clark that sent Zod flying after he threw Lois... I was half expecting him to fly into a Coke sign.  I'm also impressed that Clark is finally embracing who he is and using his intellect to defeat Zod.  There were so many things that they did right in this episode the only complaint that I have is that we have to wait 4 months to see how Clark gets out of this mess and see what happened to Oliver and Tess.

SelectiveRealism 5/16/2010 9:29:56 PM

 If that indeed was Granny Goodness taking Tess to be a Fury does anyone think that Tess will be Lashina?

wonderfalls 5/16/2010 11:13:44 PM

While it might be cool to see Darkseid and his minions invade the earth, it should NOT happen on SMALLVILLE.   This is Darkseid folks and let's face it, Smallville will not do him justice.  Save Darkseid's first live-action appearance for the big screen.  

That being said, I'll probably watch next season also.  Nice finish, Smallville.

Moz72 5/16/2010 11:52:55 PM

Really enjoyed the Daily Planet opening. I rewound my DVR and slowed down the scene with the plane in the reflection of the globe, and you actually see a cgi image of Superman holding up the plane.

Loved the gift from Ma Kent! Hope we get to see it worn next season, sooner if not later.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...I want to see a Darkseid story arc with all the Leaguers present!

Kraken89 5/17/2010 12:07:30 AM

I liked this episode, not as good as "Checkmate" but nearly there. The opening scene was good, but having a preconcieved notion of the "final battle" coming to ahead, it was rather jarring to see so a preminition.

There are only a couple things I find questionable in this episode:

1. As mentioned before, the Blue K dagger was used without much explanation. I was like oh Blue K, what does that do again? In turn, while the fight scene was going on, a subcurrent of question dilluted the fight from being fully appreciated. Loved the obvious christ-like pose too, as we all know how similar the two characters are. Hopefully he'll pull the knife out and fly away, what better opertunity to learn how to fly when you've been pushed off the edge and your instincts kick in.

2. Why didn't Zod just fry her altogether? There was no point for leaving her alive unless he meant to keep her alive so that her suffering be prolonged. And, if the "grandma-like figure" is indeed Granny Goodness, there is no reason for her to try and reanimate Tess because Tess is literally burnt half to hell. Why not just abduct some teen and brainwash her? After all it's not like Tess would want revenge on Clark, only Zod and he's been downsized to that of an ant on small piece of Krypton.

3. Why hide the controls to secret satelite somewhere where it's incredibly hard and difficult to reach and find? Couldn't Ollie of just hid the damn device in his private closet? You could of still had the suspense of the "unknown entities" if Ollie was up in his loft and Chloe was monitering him for back-up.

[Close up on Ollie's face as heavy noises are heard around him, he pans from one end of the screen to the other like they're all standing around him and suddenly you hear the reinforced door burst open and smack hard on the floor, then "It's not the Kandorians"]

4. Jimmy wouldn't be old enough to work for the Daily Planet considering that in the preview it's 2013, and at the original Jimmy Olsen's funeral his younger brother had to be no older than ten. He simply couldn't of aged 7 years in 3.

5. Final little gripe or question in logic: Why was nothing seen or mentioned about Clark's "present" after the commercials? I get that Clark was way more focused on the inevitable battle against Zod and his predicament with the Book Of Rao. Though, knowing that a season finale is really just half of a two hour episode with the end of the first half being the cliffhanger that hooks you to come back, there's a very strong possibility that it will be included after Clark puts his feet on the ground.

All in all it did what it was meant to do: close the story established in the season and provoke the viewer to come back for another season. Well done Smallville, now let's just hope the people responsible for the sh$tty episodes of the season got sucked up in a golden ray of light and are improsoned on Kandor where Zod makes you his cell "buddy" and "badgers" you for not including more of his story arc.

PAGE 5/17/2010 2:48:49 AM

Awesome review Joe! And I agree with the grade. I was so scared to watch this finale, especially after last year's horrible season finale, but I agree with Redhairs that this was the best ever season finale of Smallville. This episode was directed by Greg Beeman and he has directed some of the better episodes of Smallville. He should direct ALL of the episodes because he does a great job. Actually, Tom Welling does a decent job at directing also, but the most of the best episodes have been done by Beenman in my opinion. Only a couple of things kept me from personally giving this episode a solid A. One was something that Kraken mentioned regarding Olsen. Another continuity problem. Just as Redhairs mentioned, there's no way that based on the events from last years finale "Doomsday", that the TRUE Jimmy Olsen will be working at the Daily Planet in 2013. Not even as an intern. He'll barely be a freshman in high school based on his age in "Doomsday". Secondly, and this is one cop out I really hate, Clark loses his powers again. Granted, the writers dug themselves in another hole, and I said that I'd be super pissed if the writers had Clark lose his powers yet again. Isn't that like the 10th time or something? How many freakin' times will they have him lose his powers?? 

The intro to this episode, despite that small continuity problem with "Olsen", was THE SHIT! Plain and simple. That was the best intro of an episode in the history of this series hands down. My apologies to who mentioned it first in the thread, but I agree with them that with the introduction of Martha providing Clark the red and blue costume, which was hella sweet by the way, they absolutely must put him in that costume next season. Although I won't be able to attend, I can't wait until San Diego Comic Con just to get some teases from the panel for next season.

Citrafreak, I would have thouroughly enjoyed it if Clark even slugged Zod into a Coke vending machine! That would have been a nice nod, but sadly, a missed opportunity...  The scene itself was awesome though. The kiss in the alley where she discovered The Blur was Clark was a nice touch. Kind of made me think of it as a reversal of sorts from the "Super Kiss" from the Lester version of Superman II. This kiss made Lois realize that Clark was The Blur and not making her forget.

Why can't Chloe just die already? When I heard about what other heroes would be appearing in this finale, I was wondering how they would fit into the show being that the runtime is only 40 minutes or so. I was actually quite satisfied with the cameos rather than a fight sequence that would have taken away from the Clark/Zod  showdown we were all expecting. So personally, I was content with them just being cameo appearances. Although seeing Jon Jonz get down would have been sweet!

Mike10, unfortunately you will not receive a check in the mail because someone already mentioned Zatanna putting a spell on Clark's glasses a few weeks back. Actually, I believe Joe himself commentated on that first if I'm not mistaking. Sorry bro...

When the 200th episode airs next season, Clark will fly, or Chloe will die. One of those two needs to happen! Clark should fly in the season 10 opener, but they will probably drag that no flights, no tights thing some more, Hopefully not but we'll see. All in all, a great season finale and looking forward to Season 10!

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