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tiberiuscan 5/17/2010 3:58:40 AM

I loved the pre-credit sequence. I suspect that this entire sequence would have remained in-tact even if there was to be no Season 10. I agree that Clark will likely pull the knife out himself, thus regain his powers and either land safely, or maybe even fly away. He has accepted his destiny fully now. He has seen his future as Superman, now has the suit. As to who is attacking Green Arrow and is that Granny Goodness (I'm betting it is indeed the woman waiting for Tess to be pronounced dead to steal the body, and it is extremely likely Darkseids minions are Oliver's attackers.. As to seeing Superman flying, look again as the camera pans up to the Daily Planet Globe in the pre-title sequence. You will actually see the shadowy reflection of Superman in the globe just before the flash of red cape.
Lois Does know now that Clark is the Blur. As with the combination kiss and touch from Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman, Lois recognizes both when Clark kisses her as the blur. Look at her face in the pre-title sequence. She looks to Clark's empty chair and sees his glasses sitting on the desk. SHE KNOWS!!! It was a bit of conceit by the writers (Clark has never left his glasses behind) but I think we are seeing that all will be as we expected, if not by the end of Season 10 we know for sure by 2013 Clark and Lois are again at the Planet, so is Perry and Jimmy. (Not to mention Lex Luthor). Another conceit is the reflection of the Red 'S' in Clark's eyes. (it should have been reversed but heck, it was for the fans.
Now we don't have to see Clark in the suit by the end of the series because it has now been established fully that he will indeed become Superman.
Clark indeed has the brains if not the brawn to outwit Zod. Zod's ego alone has always been his weakness. Clark does not have that ego. He has proven over and over again that without powers he is still a hero. His force of will to do what's good, to protect others at all costs, even his own life, is what makes him a hero. Jor-El doesn't need to coach him anymore. Clark has accepted his destiny.

B.T.W. I don't think it was the John Williams Superman March we heard in the pre-credit sequence but the closing credit score by Mark Snow. There are similarities but it is not John Williams music.

Zod's ego is why he went one on one with Clark without his powers. He was sure he could beat Clark without them. Witness how powerful he was hit by Clark when he attacked Lois. At best any battle between him and Clark would have been a draw, and he can't conquer Earth as long as Clark lives.
He has defeated Doomsday, Bizarro, Lex Luthor, and Zod. There are few if any foes left powerful enough to challenge his super-powers. Save for Darkseid. I predict that by the end of Season 10, we will indeed see Clark vs. Darkseid, the death of Chloe (probably by November Sweeps) and the return of Lex Luthor.

Personally I liked the fact that the fight between Clark and Zod wasn't a big knock down drag out. Superman is not just about fisticuffs (like Batman). As Joe pointed out he can outwit the smartest villain too. Clark's greatest strength is not his superpowers and never has been. It's his humanity, and that is the one and only reason he has been around since 1938.

SgtTechCom 5/17/2010 5:35:47 AM

First Off Bravo to Callum Blue - Excellent Zod , he really embodied the character.

Next Off the beginning scene and when clark opens the box his mom gave him. Total Classic!

I enjoyed the Human fight between Zod and Clark.. Was nice tho seeing clark slug him with a super punch after Zod tossed Lois.

The Justice League meeting was great - Shows how they all Respect/Clark/Superman and basically do what he asks. Recognizing the Future Leader amongst them.

All in All Great Finale.

So now what?

We get Granny Goodness. and I believe it was The Furies were there ones who attacked Oliver. So it must mean Darkseid.  Im real interested to see how they pull that off.

Hmmm Season 10 baby . Yes he has the suit but still not ready yet maybe by mid or the finale of next season I'll take it whichever way.

God Finale.....I enjoyed it alot and i like all their costumes... at least it's not black Xmen Lame boring leather. I like the likeness to the comics and thats how it should be ! I can't believe people are bitching about the masks and stuff lol

heath0920 5/17/2010 5:47:32 AM

My fear is that they can pull a copout with Lois by having Martian Manhunter change into Clark shape and have the Blur and Clark in the same scene at the same time. Kind of a reverse when they faked her out about Ollie being Green Arrow in Season 7.

I also thought this was a good season finale, but usually the finales and the premieres are good. Last season was certainy an exception (and a bitter dissapointment) but overall there is more action and drama and FAR LESS romance in the first and last eps.  I too want to see him fly himself out of the situation in the last year of the show.

If they use Darkseid as the main villain, which makes sense, I have to agree with the assessment of WHO they'll hire. I was very surprised with Callum Blue who did  a great job this year, but far too often, they tend to hire either generic hot bodies or overmuscled wrestling freaks. I fear that's how they'll play this one. (Maybe they could have someone do voiceover and just have the person be the body -I think Kevin Conroy would do a GREAT voice of Darkseid)

redhairs99 5/17/2010 7:02:51 AM

I checked out the actor who played the "real" Jimmy Olsen in last year's finale and there is no birth date listed for the actor.  I think the kid could have been 11 or 12 at the oldest.  That means by the time (2013)the dream sequence happened in this episode, Jimmy could be 15 or 16 years old.  That may sound slightly young, but I have friends who started working at television stations at the same age.  And given that his older brother worked and interned at the planet, I could definitely see him having some sort of internship/entry-level job.  Maybe Lois' personal assistant.  So I don't see that as a problem.

I would hope that in 2013 that Lois was aware of who Clark really was.  As I said earlier, if you look closely she's got a wedding ring on her finger when the opens the paper in the elevator.

And I could also see why Granny would want Tess and Ollie.  Both know who Clark is and what kind of power he has.  If you're planning an invasion of Earth, you definitely want to know who you'll be up against.

gopherblaster 5/17/2010 7:49:00 AM

I was wondering how Zod was able to resist the Kryptonite all of a sudden and burn Tess.

I hope when the save comes, they take the key out of the crystal chest thing.  If anything, to acknowledge that it would need to be removed or Clark would be taken away.

I am not so sure Lois knows, she could just be relieved that Clark wasnt a "bad guy" to the blur.  Maybe she said his named as a justification.

ddamaged 5/17/2010 8:14:02 AM

I don't undestand all the invective against Chloe. She's a far more compelling and interesting character than Lana ever was, and sometimes even more than Lois. As far as talent goes, I think she's a far better actress than Erica Durance and Kristen Kreuk.

If you take a careful look at the various story arc, particularly the budding Justice League, Chloe is the strategic core of the team. Clark may be the de facto leader, but Chloe's the heart and soul.


ddamaged 5/17/2010 8:24:42 AM

I don't undestand all the invective against Chloe. She's a far more compelling and interesting character than Lana ever was, and sometimes even more than Lois. As far as talent goes, I think she's a far better actress than Erica Durance and Kristen Kreuk.

If you take a careful look at the various story arc, particularly the budding Justice League, Chloe is the strategic core of the team. Clark may be the de facto leader, but Chloe's the heart and soul.


PAGE 5/17/2010 9:58:42 AM

No one ever said Allison Mack wasn't a talented actress ddamaged, everyone just feels the character of "Chole" has run her course and is severly annoying as hell. I used to love Chloe's character, but the writers on this show have no idea how to use that talent and create better storylines for her character. Her story arcs were much better in the early years of this show as an investigative reporter, but when they threw Lois into the mix and turned Lois from an army brat to a full fledge reporter in all of 2 seasons, they inadvertently destroyed Chloe's character in the process. They should have killed her character off seasons ago but instead we're forcefed bullshit arcs about her being a meteor freak. That power disappeared when she restored Clark's powers when he "died" for the second time. They turn her into an annoying puppy dog in season 8 following Davis around and protects his ass when she finds out he's Doomsday and got her husband James Olsen killed. Then they make her into this fake ass Oracle in control of The Watchtower trying to control everyone's lives and not to mention, invade their privacy in the process. Who died and made her queen? Speaking of Queen, what's even more dumb is that she set up Oliver back in the "Roulette" episode to basically force him out of his funk with a "By any means necessary" approach and got her cousin kidnapped in the process with no remorse. And then she embezzles funds from Oliver Queen and then the writers decide to make them love interests? WTF? If a chick embezzled millions from my account she wouldn't get no damn archery lessons or an invite to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. She'd get an open backhanded slap to the face son!! Ok, maybe the open backhanded slap to the face is too much, but I wouldn't be shacking up the chick that's for sure. Her ass would be in jail and shacking up with one of the she-males there! Her character has DEvolved and it way past time for her to exit the show. Allison Mack is a great actress but the character of Choloe Sullivan needs to kick kryponite rocks son!!

PAGE 5/17/2010 10:01:32 AM

Oh, and gopherblaster Lois knows that Clark is The Blur. That's why she said his name when he took off. When Clark was pusing her away in the barn scene, he said that he would "always be watching over her", and it's the same thing he told her as The Blur over the phone. That's why she paused before leaving. And Clark basically had trouble finding the words to tell her he was The Blur and telilng her goodbye, so the best way to say goodbye and reveal the truth to her was by kissing her. She knows bro. She knows....

ponyboy76 5/17/2010 11:28:52 AM

I bet next season, she won't let on that she knows he's the Blur. For awhile she'll play along because she understands why Clark hasn't told her. I'm sure it'll make for some interesting and funny scenes, when he has to go and save someone.

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