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twomcs 10/12/2009 8:00:02 AM

Sorry about my quick comment, I did it before I finished reading the review.  Watching Smallville at this point is like watching a train wreck.  I know I shouldn't but I just can't look away.  I agree with you Joe, way more bad episodes than good.  We need more "Lois in leather outfits" episodes! 

JoeArtistWriter 10/12/2009 8:28:42 AM

Blindjustice, I understand the situation for TV writers, but they are are still well-paid for their efforts compared to the average working stiff. It's a tough gig, and not a lot of security, but when they do work, it's pretty decent coin. My point was Superman writers have to think about things that One Tree Hill don't have to think about, plus all the things they have to think about. Superman is a tough character to make interesting because he's almost omnipotent, and where's the drama in that? Answer, make the characters around him more interesting, and create surprising scenes, not obvious ones. Build the tension, don't just think because you have Superman and zombies the thing writes itself.

gj430, you can call me Joe. Sorry, but I don't think you can blame guys like me for getting into the Smallville writers heads and making them second guess themselves. I want to like this show, and last week I did. This zombie episode was flat for me. No need for the "boo whoo-ing" at me. I'm not trying to attack you personally. The show didn't entertain me. So I suppose I should apaologize to you directly for that. I'm so very sorry the show was a C- ,gj430. I hope that makes everything better.

Page, again, this episode did nothing for me. It was inconsistent, and flat. I have no doubt there have been way worse episodes. I've seen some of the ones you mentioned, which is why I was hesitant to take this assignment, but I've always loved the character of Clark/Kal/Superboy/man, so I'm hoping for better, and I've seen prof they can deliver better. I 'd just like more good, more often.

SgtTechCom, I'm not reading too much into this. There's not much to read. I supppose if Zombies and superheros are all you need on screen then the show rocked. I did like the confrontation between Clark and Ollie, but seriously why did Clark need to cause such destruction to get Ollie's attention? I REALLY was a criminal act by Clark. That stuff NEEDS to be pointed out. It's inconsistent with the Clark Kent character.

I gave the episode a C- because of moments like Clark and Ollie, but  if you loved the bio chem zombies for the real world possibilities , how could you not balk at the magic antidote that was flown across the city on the fake looking jet. It was all a little too convenient for real world explantion.

I want to love this show. So far, it's 1 for 2. (I didn't see the season opener.) We'll see. 


JoeArtistWriter 10/12/2009 8:30:04 AM

twomcs, finally, another discerning voice.   ;)

redhairs99 10/12/2009 11:11:09 AM

The episode was okay.  Definitely not the worst we've seen from Smallville.  I'll point to season 4 as probably being the worst season overall.

One of my problems with show writers in recent years is that they seem to be getting awfully lazy in the style that they chose to write their shows.  For instance, showing us the ending or a scene that's supposed to be near the end of the episode, but they place it as the opening and then give us the little "12 hours earlier" or whatever is really really tired.  Okay, it might have been cool the first or second time I saw a show do that, but now you have some series that are using this device 2, 3, 4 times a freaking year!  It's ridiculous and lazy writing.  It really has become the "new" cliché thing to do in Hollywood.

JoeArtistWriter 10/12/2009 11:28:40 AM

redhairs99, while I haven't been a dedicated audience member for the entire length of this show, I have noticed in my now-and-then viewing exactly what you're talking about.

We all love this character, and all I'm saying is he deserves at least as good as writing as he was treated to on the animated show.

ponyboy76 10/12/2009 1:06:53 PM

I liked the episode but I have to agree about the lazy writing. Its something that has plagued Smallville for awhile. The writers use a lot of short cuts with episodes that would have been way better served if they would have taken the proper time. You might be able to excuse a few eps here and there but they do it alot.
And I don't know if this would be considered a complaint or not but they did "borrow" quite a few shots from other Zombie flicks especially Resident Evil. The opening scene with him waking up and going out into the deserted city was totally RE.
I've watched this series from day 1 and will continue watching it, but they could do so much better. Take a few pages from the writers of Supernatural.

JoeArtistWriter 10/12/2009 1:23:42 PM

ponyboy, you're absolutely right. They did heavily "borrow" from RE, and they should do more with the material. It's frustratiing because we're so sure this show could be so much better. It's fun sometimes, and painful other times. I wish the balance was closer to fun, but I still hold out out for the rest of the season.

hannibalking 10/12/2009 4:52:05 PM

In a way I actually like the scientific explanation for many creatures actually as it's more frightening in a way. You have the supernatural, then one is more inclined to believe in a higher power, like God or what have you. Of course then you'd start thinking "why is he/she/it allowing this to happen", so that's why it's only more frightening in a way.

redhairs99 10/12/2009 7:24:51 PM

Ponyboy, that's funny, I didn't see that moment as a RE rip-off (may have been I I just forgot about it), but the first thing that came to my mind was Cillian Murphy at the beginning of 28 Days Later.

PAGE 10/13/2009 1:52:48 AM

I do agree the writers are somewhat lazy and using the whole "12 hours earlier" device is old and pretty lazy itself. They could have done better with the story and should do better considering they are on Friday nights and should do what they can to keep their employment checks coming in. They can always do better. If this is going to be the last season, they need to step up their game. All of them!

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