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CaericArcLight 11/2/2009 8:55:14 AM

Well, I think they covered Mia's problem with just beating up the pimp and walking out with the whole "my friends will track you down" bit. And in the cage she wasn't going up against automatic weapons.

In my head, Oliver remembered her from his time fighting and went back to help her out but it does kinda suck that my head has to do so much writing on the show for me to stick with it.

timesobserver 11/2/2009 9:51:44 AM

"Lois and Clark do have great chemistry, but no one watches a Superman show soley for the romance."

You need to really give that wonderful bit of advice to the Smallville writers, not that they would do anything with it.

But you make a good point, what was Ollie doing there? Sure, we can come up with reasons but it shouldn't be up to the viewers to fill in plot holes. That's the writers' job.

JoeArtistWriter 11/2/2009 10:29:34 AM

CaericArcLight, maybe they did cover the pimp thing, but I'm so woozy from lazy writing, I probably don't catch something when it's lobbed right at me. And maybe you're right about Ollie already knowing her... I hope you are, that would make sense. My problem is I haven't followed this show very much in the previous years because every time I tried I encountered much more bad than good. That said, a little recap on the two of them would not have hurt.

timesobserver, I have to believe the writers are actually writing a great one hour of script, and every week, right before airtime someone remembers about commercials, so they have to throw away about 16 minutes of pertinent info and dialogue. It's the only possible thing that makes sense to me.

ponyboy76 11/2/2009 11:18:11 AM

Yes, the episode sucked and the writers do too.  We have known this for quite awhile. They don't have much imagination and are basically going through the motions with some of the episodes. I don't watch this show because I expect it to be good. I watch it because , even though I know most likely it will be mediocre, it might surprise me. I also watch it for the characters. I`m like ddiaz because I enjoyed the Lois/Clark moment at the end. I've been watching this damn show since Episode 1 season1 and Clark is usually a big pussy when it comes going after the girl he wants. Chloe pretty much told him so in that episode. I`m happy he finally did something.
The show also continuosly shows me that Green Arrow should be a spin-off. Yes the set up was ridiculous and could have been so much better but again, the writers have no imagination.

My big problem with guys who come on here and complain about Smallville is that either they never liked it or stopped watching it a long time ago. If that`s the case, go in peace. I hate American Idol and Desperate Housewives. You don't see me going to their articles bashing them.
Now, Joe can berate the show all he wants because well he's the reviewer and up to this point he has been pretty fair with his reviews.

PAGE 11/2/2009 12:34:17 PM

i agree with ponyboy76. joe you are a great reviewer and entitlred to your opinions, and i look forward to them every week, but a d grade, this ep was better than rabid to me and you gave that one a c. we all agree that the writing sucks but you didnt use your grading curve this week. and i must point out as ponyboy76 did, that i find truly amazing that when joe gave good reviews the comments were under ten. he gives a bad review then bashers and haters come out the woods to go into and hating bashing comment frenzy. its ridiculous  why are you even wasting time writing about a show you dont even watch as ponboy76 said,he hates american idol and desperate housewivies, which i also hate, wer not bashing those shows on their reviews. why  because we dont like them not gonna waste out time and neither should. i get everyone has opinions and this is meant for sharing but please get off the bashing bandwagon. thats for actual fans of the show.  sorry for poor puncuation but on my cell and it doesnt allow special characters. looking forward to next week joe

Matador 11/2/2009 12:40:23 PM

Ohhh stop being pansis everyone just have a couple of beers with show and maybe just maybe it will look gooder.

Oh yeah by the way if you watch Vampire Diaries and anything related to Twilight you've offically earned your check mark or your gaymark out of the mens club.

JoeArtistWriter 11/2/2009 1:02:47 PM

ponyboy76, I don't understand the people who watch and constantly hate. I guess they love the characters and desperatley want it to be good. Maybe they're just masochists and this is their way of getting off.

As you know, this is a job for me, and one I didn't think was going to bother me so much, but I want to like this show, and it's hard when the writers of the show obviously don't care that much about it.

I love the interaction with you guys here in the comment boxes, and almost half the time the show doesn't suck (although it's ALWAYS FLAWED) so this part of the review is fun for me, but it's rough when half the time I know I'm going to wince.

Smallville's biggest claim to fame is they don't outright suck half the time. Especiallly annoying when the other half is never amazing. Pretty good seems to be about as good as these guys get, but certainly not the average.

I couldn't help myself this week. Maybe normally I am a little more fair with my reviews, but they set me up to believe, and I almost did. I almost believed this show was finally on a roll. I know I wasn't completely sold, but I wanted to believe, so it hurt, and I lashed out. I don't know what kind of test you have to take to be a writer for Smallville, but I guarantee, you have to fail it miserably to get the job.

PAGE, again, sorry if I took out my frustration on this episode, but it wasn't good, and I was angry because I am contractually obligated to watch this thing. Thank God for TiVo, because I'm much happier killing brain cells in my favorite beachside pub on Friday nights. I watch Smallville on Saturday morning, and the show usually dissolves my remaining brain cells pretty quick.

Matador, it takes stronger stuff than beer to deal with some of these episodes. Luckily I always have that at the ready.

TheDurkinKnight 11/2/2009 1:37:39 PM

Okay I actually JOINED Mania just to contradict you on this one mon amie. This is the way that I see it: Smallville does the BEST they can with the LITTLE they have. They don't have a huge budget, great time slot, world class actors, or even stellar scripts. BUT they do have heart. The show is in it's NINTH SEASON...that show's some dedication.

First you never hear Welling piss and moan about it like you do all the other prima donnas out there. Now that may not mean much to some people so I'll tell you what else is great about it: DC can't get their thumb out of their ass long enough to get a superhero franchise going that isn't Batman. It's a JOKE that you said something about Smallville ripping Superman Returns off...Superman Returns SUCKED. BADLY. Where Smallville tries to be FUN at least, SR was just an overly serious, boring crapfest that merely parrotted the Super movies of yesteryear. It PRETENDED to be something BETTER than it was the way a hooker pretends to be a classy gal. Smallville never tries to do that. It is what it is and doesn't apologize for it.

We see heroes and characters we never would if it were up to DC to create movies for. We have unique albeit different interpretations of the characters from the comic pages. And we've got Clark Kent wearing an "S" running around Metropolis saving people. That works for me.

It's funny hearing you criticize the dialogue btw, because since you mentioned SR, you need to check out that shit-pit of a script....I think the high mark was Luthor dancing around like a clown saying "Kkkkkryptonite". Dude, like I said, Smallville is what it is, and doesn't pretend to be something else.

shMoo 11/2/2009 1:50:06 PM

I for one enjoyed this episode as well as the entire season thus far, although i took a break from S-ville for almost two years.  I have really enjoyed the banter between lois and clark that has been the bright spot of the season for me. The problems i had with this episode were any of the hacker scenes and the pimp that the green arrow couldnt beat down gear or no gear.

JoeArtistWriter 11/2/2009 2:19:26 PM

TheDurkinKnight, thanks for trying to condescend to me in French, mon amie. I’m flattered you joined Mania to bump chests, and even more so that you choose to do so in such a romantic language. I think however you’re arguing points I’ve never made.

I have no problem with Welling. I think he, and most of the cast are fine actors. Maybe this is the first Smallville review you’re read that I wrote, but I feel I’ve been more than fair all season. I even usually grade on a Smallville curve – I just wasn’t able to this week because the writing just got to me and I reached a boiling point with the show.

I’m even in agreement that Superman Returns sucked. Where in my review did you read otherwise? I never mentioned one way or another, but I felt it was a huge disappointment.
Smallville sometimes tries to be fun, but too often doesn’t try hard enough to be watchable. Please explain to me why Ollie was at that Fight Club place to begin with, then logically explain why he would decide the girl fighter he doesn’t know (Mia) is worth “saving” any more than any other fighter in that basement. Where is the logic there? It wouldn’t take that long to spell something simple out for those of us who need a tiny bit of intelligence in our mindless entertainment. Capice pizon?

Sadly, Smallville is exactly what it is, and it’s not pretending to be something else. I just wish they had writers who cared more to make it something else. Something better. Comprende compadre?

shMoo, again, I hated it, but I won’t tell you you’re wrong to have liked it. For me it sucked. I hate lima beans too, so if we ever have dinner together, you can have all of mine.

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