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Madmardegan 11/2/2009 11:27:10 PM

i liked this episode for the simple reason of ending on a high note, and i dont expect much from this show

pros- no breathy Lana, Lois looking hot and telling Ollie to screw off cause she wants Clark, the bullet scene, Chloe telling Clark to man up and he finally does, Zod is finally back in an episode and looks mildly pissed off about things, Clark actually cracking some jokes like he did in the beginging of season 8 and for some reason the writers went away from that, and almost a balance of a story between clark and ollie, and the over the top solar building that reminds me of a bond flick.  Moreover there wasn't some dumb meteor freak in this one cryin about how they been wronged, just an actualy normal bad guy

cons- stupid tech kid and all his scenes (especially the "good game" handshake), Lois takes out i think 2 bad guys and Arrow can barely take out one

dialog and story have always been issues for this show so it's hilarious to me how much some of you cats expect outta this show.  Someone give me one good example stories and writing that this show has done to deserve such a high bar of expectation.  We all want him to fly and put the suit on but that's not going to happen under the current title.  I've seen every episode of this show and I keep watchin it for some reason, heroes like watchin heroes   cheers

PAGE 11/3/2009 12:27:49 AM

I agree Madmardegan! Couldn't have said that better myself. Speaking of Madmardegan, maybe I'll watch me some Willow tonight. Haven't put that movie on in a long time. I think it should come out on Blu-Ray. That movie would kick ass in HD!!

And wow....32 comments?? Is this a LOST comment thread? Joe, you're a pretty clever cat. I've been wondering all day if you purposely gave the show a bad rating to get some good talk back going. Very clever!  Regardless of the thread and bad bashing going on, there's no such thing as bad publicity. If the comments are like this throughout the rest of the season, and those dorks over at CW pay attention, you bashers will guarantee us fans a 10th and final season. So please, bash away!!

BlindJustice 11/3/2009 12:32:25 AM

@Joe:Thank God for TiVo, because I'm much happier killing brain cells in my favorite beachside pub on Friday nights. I watch Smallville on Saturday morning, and the show usually dissolves my remaining brain cells pretty quick.
So what you are saying is you watch it hungover after being shot down by the loosely moraled waitress the night before? (I Kid)

I have been a fan since day one and have gotten my girlfriend hooked(she never watched till we started dating 2 years ago) Her only complaint is it drags some things out too long like a daytime soap. I normally don't post on it in its defence (everyone is entitled to their opinion)but was tired of hearing all the gripes. This is a good show (yes it could be better) and I have never walked away feeling I waisted an hour of my life. You complain about the writers but I give them credit. Most eps have a different one who has to take the events from past eps, do his/her own story while having ideas and tie ins to future shows tossed at them all the way till events that create problems with what is writen. I take my hat off to them.

My only complaint is the haters that (as was stated) only come out to bash & bitch. I can deal with changes in the mythology(introducing Lex & Lois to Clark early on etc) and now bringing in his father and Zod.but these guys/gals are the ones that watch to pick it apart and find the flaws, where I deal with real life issues and just want to kick back and enjoy a guilty pleasure or three(Supernatural & Sanctuary). Yes he should be flying, yes he should be full on Sups by now but it was always known he wouldn't. One thing people forget is the original Producers left when the studio started pushing there agenda and a whole new group had to take over and keep the story on track while heading for the end goal.(tights & flight)

As for the whole GA/Speedy thing. There may be a revalation down the road. Perhaps she will ask why he chose her and it's revealed that she helped him when he was cage fighting and he saw something in her that was worth saving as he was saved. And I don't care how tough you are, you get hit on the back of the head with a gun butt you are going down.

PAGE 11/3/2009 2:02:28 AM

Nicely put BlindJustice. Agree 100% with everything you said. Now that you mention the multitude of writers, it now makes me wonder if that's the problem with the writing? I mean, as we all have, I've watched Smallville from Season 1 and love the show and look forward to coming home on Friday nights to watch, but maybe they do have too many writers for this show. Why not be old school and just have the same, I don't know, 2-4 writers writing every episode. I mean I know as a group they come up with a story but it would explain why continuity on this show has been inconsistent. That's been another one of my concerns. For example, I remember reading, I think on where the reviewer there I think mentioned that Shelby was a girl in one of reviews this season, the premier I believe when Chloe went to check on here. But in Season 8, can't remember the exact episode but in the front nine, called Shelby a boy. If that reviewer was right, and Lois called Shelby a girl, that's a clear case of continuity error, thus in my opinion, too many freakin' writers! Maybe if that trim that down, they would do better. They certainly can't do any worse. Again, love the show with a passion, but they could do better.

Also Joe, I can understand your frustration. You mentioned in your first review that you weren't a fan of the show, so if I were in your shoes, I would have boiled over and lashed out too. But trust me, as a season 1 vet, these stories are much preferred over the krypto freak of the weak stories. But every show has to start somewhere.

xpaladinx45 11/3/2009 5:28:05 AM

I've watched this show since the beginning.  Why?  I don't know.  I like Superman.  I like what the show could be....and sometimes is.  The 3 bright points of the show right now are Ollie, Clark, and Lois.  Joe, you sometimes grade on the smallville curve....but I think what's required to watch and enjoy the show is also WATCHING it on the smallville curve.  Sure, the writing is horrible (see Clark's Matrix costume and leaving his mark everywhere he's stupid), but I guess you need to watch and enjoy the parts you do find enjoyable, rather than watch for and pick out the bad parts.  I'm sure this is a little more difficult to do as a reviewer, because your job is to review every part of the show.

Using Lost as your example, I go into watching Lost with a completely different mindset.  Lost has a consistent history of twists and turns and good writing, to the point where you sit down and you anticipate these things and look for them, and usually still end up with more than you expected.  Smallville, on the other hand, has never had these things, it's usually exactly what you expected, but often enough enjoyable in an entirely different way.  Yes, I agree 100% Smallville has and has had so much more potential, but I've also accepted it will never really get there.  I do agree with what was said that the show probably has gone on longer than they planned....hell...longer than I figured.  The fact that "Smallville"  is rarely IN a clue there.

I think it's a fair show..always has been...I definitely don't think there has been 9 season worth of "good" episodes....but it does mildly entertain and give a small window into the Superman universe we would not otherwise have.

All in all, I'm happy the show is still on, and enjoy watching in my own sick, twisted, non-expectation way, and I am glad Joe is the one reviewing, because I always enjoy Joe's banter, and it could be Rob reviewing this for us lol

JoeArtistWriter 11/3/2009 8:22:34 AM

ATTENTION EVERYONE: I don't think anyone accused me of it, but for the record, I don't hate Smallville. I avoided watching regularly for years, because of the inconsistent level of writing, and sometimes the outright stupidity of the writing. That said, I love the idea of Smalllville, and sometimes an episode delivers on that idea.

I realize most of you get that I was just bitterly pissed off at the show this last week, and my bet is most, if not each of you have been in that position at some point during this show's run. Some just moved on, and gave up, others have accepted the show for what it is, and embraced it. You guys had 9 seasons to accept the warts, I have basically had 6 episodes plus another ten or so spread out over the years. I'm not as hardened yet. I expect more, because as ponyboy said, they have such amazing source material to pull from.

I'm angry at the writers, not because they've changed Superman history, but for sooooooo many little writing mistakes that should have never been made.

Example) Clark pushing a parked truck in front of Ollie's way as Ollie was speeding his bike away from the cops. That is really stupid writing, and it smells of, "hey we have some money in the budget for stunts this week, let's wreck something, but don't worry about the integrity of the character."

Here's the thing - Clark Kent, Kal El, The Blur, Superboy, Superman all put people in jail for ruining property like that. I wrote this in the review back when it happened, but body work on the truck alone was easily in the thousands of dollars. The truck was parked, possibly with an emergency brake on, so Clark undoubtedly ruined the brakes. He shoved this truck through a security fence, those things don't come cheap. Let's just say conservatively he ran up 4 thousand dollars of damage, just to stop a guy on a motorcycle. THAT IS JUST STUPID WRITING,  AND NOT AT ALL KEEPING TRUE TO  THE CHARACTER OF CLARK KENT. Superman regularly arrests people who do things like that.

If this were a case of last ditch effort of the bad guy gets away, sure... super heroes ruin public and private property all the time, but all Clark had to do was grab Ollie's handle bars. This is a terrible economy. Maybe that 4 grand forced the truck owner to lay off a worker. Maybe, with the fence broken, real bad guys got in and stole valuable stuff. Maybe now that company is bankrupt and families are hungry AND it's all Clark's fault.

I'm not being nit picky here. The writers NEED to make real character choices. There was absolutely no need for that scene other than to justify Clark's strength, but it comes at the expense of his character.

The Fight Club scene with Mia is just another example. Why was Ollie there? Why did he choose her? Was she the only human being in that basement who deserved a second chance at life?

I can forgive a lot, but lazy writing hurts me. The thing of it is, this is television. They should have an army of people who have to approve this stuff. The writers for the Superman The Animated Serries were smarter, damn, the writers of the Superfriends seemed to have more onn the ball.

Now and then a good episode comes along, and if I'm grading on the Smallville curve, it looks like a great episode, but in reality, it's only good. The problem is next week, or in two week's time tops, they will follow it up with some other crap that will boil my blood.

I hope everyone read that. It felt good to get that out of the way. Now I need some Lucky Charms.

JoeArtistWriter 11/3/2009 8:44:35 AM

MadMardegan, I wish I could have enjoyed "The Kiss" but I was busy stewing over everything I disliked - which makes me madder, because in my opinion, that scene got shortchanged because of all the lazy writing and ridiculous situations that came before in the Ollie story. Glad it wasn't spoiled for you though.

PAGE, I wish I could take credit for the "intentional" spike in traffic this week. I do a number of reviews for Maniia. Aside from this I do True Blood, The Brave and the Bold, and LOST. I am a huge fan of those other shows, but have no problem calling them out when they screw up either. I don't feel the need to grade any of those shows on a curve, because they don't make the same types of mistakes as Smallville, nor do they make anywhere near the number of mistakes.

As for the comment boxes this week, I pride myself on getting the community to join in and contribute. I do love the spirited debate on either side, as long as it's good natured. I try to keep things passionate, but I don't like flame wars etc, and so far so good.

I know you're a fan of the show, and I'm flattered you enjoy my reviews and definitely always happpy to see your comments. We won't always agree on this show, but I always look forward to your comments.

BlindJustice, I hope you're right about us eventually finding out why Ollie was there. I will accept that LOST or True Blood could pull a move like that, but I would absolutely expect an explanation somewhere down the line. I have not been made to feel that comfortable with this group of writers. I will hold out of glimmer of hope though. Let;s just say if I were betting on it, I wouldn't put more than 5 bucks on it. I would place 50 dollars though that they never explain it.

xpaladinx45, always a pleasure to hear from you, and yes, you hit on to something. As a reviewer, part of my job is to point out the flaws. I don't have the luxury to turn my logic button off and just watch the fun happpy parts and ignore the plot holes, inconsistencies and flat out stupidity.

It is a fair show as you said, and that's probably the most frustrating thing of all, because it has the potential to be much more than that. It won't be sadly. They won't change the style after 9 seasons, I just wish they wouldn't make so many avoidable mistakes.


fft5305 11/3/2009 12:28:16 PM

@BlindJustice - true that you will go down if you get hit over the head with a gun, but my point is that a common street thug shouldn't be able to get the drop on a superhero* like Green Arrow.  A "real" superhero would hear the thug's shoe scuff on the concrete, or catch the movement of their shadow, or see their reflection in the window of the car or some combination.  That's my gripe.  Ollie has repeatedly been shown to be a human of basically average abilities who excels at archery.  He even got beaten up by guys at an underground fight club. Those guys can probably fight better than your average joe off the street, but compared to a costumed crimefighter?  Ollie should be able mop the floor with them 4 at a time!

*I know GA doesn't have super powers, but he's a costumed adventurer who has abilities, super or otherwise, beyond that of average or even above-average humans. His or her superlative abilities allow them to do things normal people can't. And since with great power comes great responsibility, they use those abilities to help others. Since they have those abilities, and dress in costumes to help others, they are classified as superheroes, IMHO.

CaptAmerica04 11/3/2009 8:13:54 PM

Joe... I share your agony.

JoeArtistWriter 11/3/2009 8:44:57 PM

Thanks Cap. It's nice to know you're there for me.   ;)

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