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Moz72 11/15/2009 9:39:29 PM

Idol was a "so-so " episode. I thought that the twins should have been given a little more backstory, where are they from, how did they get their power, etc. Will they be returning in any future episode or was this a one time appearance?

 A scene should have been added where Chloe introduces the Twins into the League, and have them start training with Ollie. Which brings me to my next question, since Zatanna will be returning this season, is there any chance that Ollie will recruit her onto the team? I have always said that a  Justice League spin-off should be the obvious follow up to Smallville. It kind of sucks that the League has kind of disappeared this season.  Hopefully they will return in full force with a larger roster before the season ends.

timesobserver 11/16/2009 7:03:57 AM

As a journalist and comic fan, I really didn't like this episode at all.

First, Lois' news editor gives her an assignment and instead of covering it, she goes crying to her shrink. Then she gets a call from the Blur and instead of being an objective reporter and picking up the phone and asking questions, she doesn't pick up.

If I were her editor, I woud have eithered fired her or put her on bake sale stories for a month. Because I would have lost her trust and once an editor doubts you, it's hard to regain that back. In fact, careers have been ruined that way.

As far as the Wonder Twins, I really could have done without them. It's as if they had the episode written and someone from marketing came down and said, "We have to get higher rates, what can you do?" And someone mentioned having the Wonder Twins.

And instead of slapping that person in the mouth, every who never picked up a comic book but remebers the Super Friends cheered, "Great idea!"

I did enjoy seeing Clark with glasses on and finally seeing the red S-shield we all know and love.

SwordWieldinWacko 11/16/2009 7:05:20 AM

Mr. Oesterle, Christopher Nolan's 2008 film is called The Dark Knight, not to be confused with Frank Miller's comic book, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. However, that press conference was remininscent of the movie, The Dark Knight, and I kind of liked that aspect of it. Superman and Batman are opposite sides of the same coin so it was fun to see that same type of scene play out almost to the opposite effect. And dewback75 is right about the Smallville producers not "making" Speedy a girl. There already was a female Speedy. She just came after Roy Harper in the comics.

Other than those errors, your review was fair and well done. I agree with your assessment on the Wonder Twins in that they didn't irritate me as much as I thought they would but I'm not crying for a spin-off either. I l do like Allison Scagliotti though. The glasses at the end got me excited as well but I'm afraid the writers are just going to forget about that as it seems it was only used to solve that episode's problem of Lois being too suspicious. But Clark should start the transition now while the Blur's face is still not publicly seen. Overtime, people's memories would just be a little hazy when it comes to what Clark looks like without glasses.

JoeArtistWriter 11/16/2009 8:32:31 AM

dewbak75, I know about Mia in the comics. I guess what I meant to say is these guys don'r slavishly follow the history of comics, and since they seem to have ignored Roy Harper's very existence, *at least so far, and certainly from a chronological point) then they could have made the Wonder Twins non-white.

Madmardegan, glad to see the episode gave you a nice warm and fuzzy at the end. Same here. It's definitely because it seemed like they were heading toward tradition (IMHO)

jfdavis, not sure if I wantged to hear "Wonder Twins Powers activate, form of..." but I was looking forward to how they would handle it. I was betting it would be handled lamely, but it was ok.

PAGE, as always I appreciate the kind words. You know, I actually had written about Chloe in my notes, they just didn't make it into the article - I wrote about Clark's disapproval, and I also thought he was sizing her up, because she would make a formidable foe.

samson, yeah the twins worked. And by that I guess I mean they didn't suck. They were fine, and could have been a lot worse, so I think it makes it look more successful, but at least they pulled off the illusion.  ;)

soylentcola, I want one of those phones.

WarCry, nope. wrong. I can always find something to complain about, and now that it's confirmed that this was DA Sacks' first visit to Smallville, I will complain about that. What a convenient villian, and with no backstory whatsoever. His motivation for murder (and stealing) is public office.... a bit of a stretch since we don't know the guy, but that's the problem. He seemed like a man who is very comfortable killing well-known people just to get his way. He was a less then one dimensional character. AND it's a viable complaint thank you very much.

animefanjared, I'm certain the artists who created them had to be thinking Asian when they drew them. I'm also an illustrator, so I understand creating characters from nothing. If anyone wants to take a look at my work, check it out here, I think we all agree it's no big deal they weren't Asian, but Smallville has been knocked for this before (Martian Manhunter, etc aside) I would have liked to see at least the hair cuts make their ears look pointy too.

ponyboy76, yes! That was Supermanesque. Glad to see so many of us enjoyed it soley for that reason. Again, the flagpole should have set me off, because it's too 1950's comic book, but it wound up be precisley why I liked it I guess. I knew you would see TDK scene too. 

JoeArtistWriter 11/16/2009 8:48:14 AM

Moz72, I will assume, with you, that the JL will reassemble for some huge season ending disaster. It's seems like a natural at this stage. Although, I'd settle for the cape and tights, with the Lois and Clark dynamic moving along the same lines.

timeobserver, it took me a few weeks, but I no longer judge this show the same way I'd judge other shows. It would be crazy to pick apart things (like the flag pole for instance) for being unrealistic. If you like Superman, you accept certain absurdities. Now, I still get pissed off about sloppy writing, and that will always be a part of Smallville. I hated the D.A. I need more backstory on him, just so I can despise him properly.

As a lifelong professional creative, I do have an intense hatred for all marketing people. They often make more money than creatives, but could never do a creative's job. I do belive I could be a marketing person though. All I need to do is suck up to my immediate supervisor and piss of the creative staff.... that seems easy enough.   ;)   

SwordWieldinWacko, you're absolutley correct about the title. I know the difference, yet always call the Miller novel and the movie by the same name. I am however familiar with the female Speedy. Again, I was just pointing out they didn't adhere to the comic book version of Roy first, then Mia. If they're comfortable with that, then why not be comfortable bringing in non-white people to play the role of the Wonder Twins - who I think we can all agree were non-white.

karas1 11/16/2009 11:56:37 AM

When I watched Super Friends as a child I accepted that Zan and Jayna were aliens and it never really occurred to me to think of them as being Asian.  Looking back on it, I guess they looked vaguely oriental with their black hair and olvie skin tone.

I suppose the producers of Smallville missed an opportunity to cast asian actors for the part.  But it's made in Canada, right near where they film Stargate (the two production teams had a hockey tournament) and I've heard commentaries on the Stargate DVDs that it's tough to get non white actors in that area.  They have to import all their minority actors from the USA.

Kara S

gopherblaster 11/16/2009 1:25:43 PM


Your response to PAGE about Chloe is dead on. One of the problems I have with this show(among many), is the way Lana left the show. She is running around out in the world with the power to kill Clark if she ever wanted to. Same with Chloe, as much power as she is given, she couldtake down the man of steel. Heck, Green Arrow pretty much did in the Doomsday episode.

My hope is they actually explore that area with Chloe. Clark does seem upset with her abusing her skills. I hope the writers go deeper with that. I am not holding my breath however.

JoeArtistWriter 11/16/2009 1:47:40 PM

karas1, yeah, I realized they were alien, but just also assumed they'd be best cast as Asian - especially when I realized they were going to be on this week, I just assumed Asian. Like I said, that may very well be my hang-up. I'm not mad they weren't Asian, and I'm certainly not screaming racist, nor do I want anyone to think it was a racist thought on my part.... I just figured it was an opportunity for a show that has been dogged for not being very diversified. I remember some groups called out the show, "Friends" for a similar thing. I don't think there were racist intentions, and the actors cast were all perfect for the roles, so no harm there.... again, maybe it was just me (although clearly not) I just would have gone non-white in that casting based on the way the Twins looked to me as a kid. (and as I mentioned to a couple of my Asian friends.)

If however it's tough to get non-whites in the Great White North, that's a fair enough answer there I guess, I don't have the racial demogrphics at my fingertips.  ;) Thanks for that info Kara.

gopherblaster, I'll condense this into one answer, even though I'm tempted to cut and paste four times. I'm with you. I hope the writers explore the possibilty of Chloe as a threat. It definitely seemed by Welling's reaction this is something of a foreshadowing, but like you, I hold out little hope, because these guys never give me much hope to begin with.

JoeArtistWriter 11/16/2009 2:13:24 PM

No sweat gopherblaster. Thanks for tidying up though.   ;)

gopherblaster 11/16/2009 2:13:53 PM

Yes, when I saw my post listed 4 times, I cleaned that up asap.  Not sure how that happened.

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