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PAGE 11/16/2009 9:46:53 PM

Chloe as a villain would be pretty cool. I doubt they go there with her but hopefully like gopherblaster and Joe said, they at least explore her as a threat and abusing her skills. She's been definitely abusing them more this seasons, and with Clark having knowledege of her doing so, they go a little bit deeper into that territory. That storyline may actually have me like her character for a change.

SwordWieldinWacko 11/17/2009 7:18:27 AM

JoeArtistWriter, if you know the difference between the titles, why do you still call them both The Dark Knight Returns? Is it some sort of Freudian slip? I understand now what you were saying about the Speedy thing. I never really thought about the Wonder Twins being one specific ethnicity or another. Although, now that you mention it, the Super Friends versions do resemble Asians. And in the tradition of modern reimaginings like Ultimate Marvel (which made Nick Fury black), maybe it would have been better to cast Asians for more diversity in the universe.

I'm not looking forward to what they're doing with Chloe. It's completely out of character for her. I never really liked her but even I can see that what the writers are doing to her is wrong. I can see their dilemma in giving Chloe a purpose. She was never really an original character. In the beginning, she was just a Lois Lane clone- a girl reporter with a snarky attitude and a knack for getting into trouble while uncovering the truth. She even had a crush on Clark! Then when her cousin, the real Lois Lane, started spending more time on the show and becoming more and more like the classic Lois that Chloe already resembled, Chloe became less and less like the classic Lois (and less like her original self)- a vicious cycle. Chloe soon became subject to a series of gimmicks. She was revealed as a meteor freak (that's apparently been dropped). She was possessed by BrainIAC. She didn't trust Jimmy over Davis being a killer. When she found out it was true, she didn't trust Clark to handle it properly. She first agreed to kill Davis with kryptonite but Clark showed up to stop it. When Davis started transforming, Chloe pushed the button to release the kryptonite, seemingly killing him. But it was revealed Davis survived and wouldn't transform while he's around her. She hid him in her basement and eventually ran away with him all in the name of "protecting Clark." Now she's spying on everyone like Big Brother for "the greater good."

JoeArtistWriter 11/17/2009 7:43:35 AM

PAGE, I agree, but read last paragraph below...

SwordWieldinWacko, I have no idea why I always throw "Returns" after the title.... probably because of the Miller book, and because of the Brandon Routh Superman title. It just happens.

As for Chloe, I can't swear that's where they're going with her, but it did look that way. She has been a character who after nine seasons can't seem to find her place. Now she's Barbara Gordon as The Oracle in the comics. Chloe's slip to the dark side would be interesting if handled correctly, but since they've dropped the ball with her at almost every turn, I have precious little hope they'd handle this correctly.

jedi4sshield 11/17/2009 10:02:44 AM

This episode was pretty good! Didnt need alot fighting it was just good drama and story. Now is it just me or was I the only one that saw chemistry between Chloe and Jayna (And not in the Lesbian way). It was totally awesome to see two very Hot Hacker Chicks standing side by side. Even though its really Allison Scagliotti (Jayna on Smallvile) that plays a Hacker babe (Claudia) on Warehouse 13. Still I was like oooh yeah. And again, not in the Lesbian way!!! I can totally see Jayna and Chloe working together. She could easily fit as Chloes cousin than Lois Lane. Oh well, Good Epsiode!

xpaladinx45 11/17/2009 12:38:16 PM

Gonna make it short this week, the 2 things I really liked about this episode:

Clark with the glasses (though...Lois having known him this long without them, not seeing that excuse flying when he does don tights....but it's still that fan-boy moment of finally seeing the glasses thrown on)

the interaction, as i've said before, with clark and lois has been really good and well written this season.  and that scene at the end where lois slides the (was it stack of newspapers?...escapes me..) whatever it was over and walks over, hops on top and gives clark a little tongue action seemed very lois to me and was a really good scene

TheDurkinKnight 11/17/2009 5:01:58 PM

Glad to see you show some more love Joe. I don't think however, that the glasses are going to be a recurring thing. What do you think the budget is for this show? Did you ever check out that article link that I sent you dude?

JoeArtistWriter 11/17/2009 10:10:27 PM

jedi, I didn't notice the chemistry, lesbian or not.... I would have definitely noticed it if were in a lesbian way (lecherous growl, and lifting eyebrows) 

xpal, you're dead right about Lois and the glasses.... I assume maybe this incarnation of Lois will figure out Clark's secret before her previous versions.

Durkin, i do think the glasses will stick... surely they have glasses in the budget.  ;)     I thought I commented to you already about the link, but now I don't remember. Please send it to me at and I'll get back to you.

redhairs99 11/18/2009 3:37:54 AM

Don't recall seeing the glasses in the trailer for next week or any other preview images for upcoming shows.  They'd had Clark in glasses in previous episodes, but he never continues to wear them.

As for the fog/Zan at the end, I didn't even think that it was a cover so Clark could save Lois without being seen.  I thought somehow the fog/Zan was dense enough to stop her free fall.  Granted, I thought that was ridiculous when first thought it, but that's the impression that I got. 

The Wonder Twins could still be aliens.  They never did reveal their origins.  They only said that they were the only family they had and that no bought them as exchange students from Sweden.

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