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samson 2/14/2011 3:05:23 PM


You should seriously take the time to learn about the shows you are reviewing. Even if you don't care for them. Not knowing those clips were actual fan videos or that the Phantom Zone is a dangerous place is very, very sloppy and a litle insulting your readers. Those were huge points and you missed them. It makes you and this site look bad.

Other than that, it was a good review. But, if you're going to do this, be a proffesional about it. We are loyal Mania readers. We deserve no less.


JoeArtistWriter 2/14/2011 4:55:05 PM

PAGE, I am curious to have Rosenbaum back as Lex. His presence will make a difference for the positive. To say this season isn't as good as season nine is a powerful statement because season nine was not without its flaws. That said, I agree with you - which speaks volumes to season ten's sad state.

millean, I'm all up for Zatanna. That girl cannot act a lick, but that hasn't stopped the casting deptartment before, and I do loves me some high heels and fishnets.

kara, it's possible Lex was expecting it. I actually wanted him to expect it. I'd be pleasantly surprised if we find out next week he was aware - because Tess isn't the only one in that room who read "The Art of War." We'll see, but I don't expect to find Lex was aware. I will be happy if he was though. As for the Krypto-gun, yeah, I caught that too, but decided to let it slide.... if all I did was point out Smallville's mistakes I'd still be mid-way through last season.

Mrnervous, I agree.

steakguy, I'll be honest, I fully expected Lex to have the upper hand when he entered that room. He's the crimianl mastermind and he has memories of his past life. He should have been totally aware, but the reaction shot didn't hint at that, so that's what I'm going on. I'd be shocked if they pick it up next week as if Lex wanted or was aware of everything Tess was up to. That's how it should play out, but I'm not sure they'll take it that way because the writers over there have not left me overly confident in their ability to do the right thing.

bat2811, That thought did go through my mind, and maybe that's the plan, but I don't see it. If Rosenbaum's coming back, I hope he comes back as more evil than before, but it's possible he'll be there to help Clark/Blur/Supes defeat Doomsday - who we never hear about any more.

TCC777, I'm happy to hear those were real fans of the show. That was a good move on their part. Good for them. I admit I didn't spend much time researching it, but I didn't notice anywhere, and never read it prior to right now. As for Erica's acting, I can barely tolerate it in half the shows - I hate her over the top comic takes, but her romantic interest stuff is fine. It just looks much worse when compared to a pro like Glover. Much worse. Hartley and Freeman can live in the same show as Glover, but Durance and Mack look and sound way out of their depth.

Duckbeaver, you just ruined my week.... it's a Chloe ep? I'm going to ask Mania for triple time on this one.

samson, Seriously? I'm not professional? I'm really ok with the fact that I wasn't aware the fans sent those clips in. And if you're telling me the Phantom Zone is a dangerous place for humans, than I'd imagine Clark would have some blood on his hands, because Slade is no match for a Kryptonian, especially a number of them. It was a poor writing choice to have Clark handle Slade with that Phantom Zone banishment in the first place. It was very anti-climactic after Clark finds out Hawkman died saving Lois. It seemed to me they realized they had 4 minutes of airtime left and no more special effects money, so have Clark whip out the Phantom Zone thingamabob. VERY LAME.

Back to my professionalism, I have been very open about this only being my second full season watching this show, so I'm ok with the occasional gaffe on my part. If only Smallville would make just two mistakes per show. I've only made two in two seasons. (And not very big ones either)

ALSO, do you know too many other reviewers who write back personally to everyone who writes in? I started that trend on this site, and I definitely do it more than anyone else. Away from this site, you'll not fnd too many if any.

I'm a pro, buddy. Sorry (but not a whole lot) if you don't like my opinions on this show, but I'm a pro. Deal with it.



Duckbeaver 2/14/2011 6:57:35 PM

Ha!  Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, Joe.  I don't know if the episode will be extremely "Chloe-centric," but I think the CW description reads something like "Chloe and Oliver investigate Desaad while Clark is busy figuring out a dual identity."

She's only back for a 2 or 3 more episodes (I think) and possibly the finale, so I can guess that the writers and producers are going to try and cram her into every scene and event possible, whether she belongs there or not.  Sigh...

samson 2/14/2011 8:55:03 PM


I have no problem with your opinions about this show. Heck, most of the time I agree. The writing on Smallville can get laughably sloppy. And, I think it's very cool that you answer back to all of our posts. But, the point is, you missed two very big things.

While Slade is no Kryptonian, he seems to be unkillable. That alone makes the Pantom Zone an apt holding cell for him.

As for the fan vids, that was pretty well known. I would expect someone who writes about a show week after week to have known that.

Look, I enjoy your reviews, but those were easy facts you missed. And, maybe I'm being more of a hard ass than I have to be? But, I come from the old school of journalism and I see this kind of thing more and more. 

Anyway, I was wrong for questioning your proffessionalism. You did not deserve that and I apologize. I could have worded that better. You are a good writer. Just try and do some quick research about the show before you post your review. So, there's my advice. Take it for what its worth (more than likely, not much).


gopherblaster 2/15/2011 6:51:46 AM

Someone needs to help me out. If in the final episode we see Clark in the suit, i still do not get a sense of excitement. Clark has been punked so many times with Kryptonite, that I have no faith in him as a hero. Chole and Oliver have even done it to him. Plus Lana is out there wearing a Kryptonite super suit somewhere. So whats the big freaking deal if he puts on the tights. Suddenly he is awesome? The only thing differant with him now and later is he cant fly.

JoeArtistWriter 2/15/2011 8:07:10 AM

samson, I am a fan of Superman in most all forms, which is why this particular incarnation of the character feels familiar and at the same time frustrating because of the way he is too often written.


As for the Phantom Zone, as I mentioned, I'm a fan of Superman in the comics, and while it too has had a number of incarnations, I assumed this version of the Zone was similar to the one in comic books where the captives literally become "phantoms." It was Jor El's way of dealing with criminals in a humane way. The criminals were able to see each other, but could not touch anyone or anything. I had little reason to believe, based on two years of watching this show, the writers had changed the premise of that holding cell. Why bother to call it a phantom zone otherwise?


On to the videos. I actually did do some research, but admittedly not enough. I thought the people in those vids looked like actual non-actors. Certainly no one there was as pretty as Tom Welling (including the females) so I thought maybe that they used the crew, family members or actual fans. I wrote this review on Sunday morning so I checked out two other reviews to see if there was mention those videos were made by fans. Neither the review at TVFanatic or tv.ign mentioned it, so as I was up against a deadline, and I figured one of those two would have mentioned it if it were, I figured it probably wasn't fans, though it should have been. I was wrong.


Again, I will restate if Smallville would promise to only make 2 forgivable mistakes during the course of a single one hour show, I'd be a much happier reviewer. I like my track record - especially compared to theirs.


BTW, I also come from the old school of journalism, I'm an 8-time published author, and I felt I did my diligence in the fan video case, and believed I knew what the Phantom Zone was in this show since I knew what it was in the previous incarnations. I will also point out that blogging tv reviews, especially since I make it an interactive experience is a more forgivable medium. That said, I could have done a better job researching the vids, but I was positive I knew, based on previous knowledge what the Zone was all about.


I appreciate the apology, thank you for that and hope you continue to enjoy this column.


gopherblaster, I don't think Kryptonite will be a part of the finale. I could be wrong, and it's possible if Lex is super too, Clark may need to use it against him. I'm worried they try to make Lex a good guy and he'll team up with Clark against Darkseid.


I could see that working as long as Lex is battling alongside Clark as an uneasy ally, but I would hate to think Clark and Lex at the end of this season will smile, shake hands, become superfriends and fly away together off into the sunset.


That's right. You heard it from Joe first. While I hate the idea of Lex teaming up with Clark as a hero team, I predict they will use their combined might to defeat Darkseid. I need you as my witness gopher, this is my bold prediction. Again, it will be tolerable if Lex does it out of his own selfish desires, but I'd hate to think of Lex teaming with Clark for all the right reasons. It goes against the character.



Which leads me to Joe's Bold Prediction for the Season Finale


Although how about this.... Lex has powers - the same powers as Clark, and he's using them to destroy Clark. They scuffle a time or two, and Lex is confident the next time they battle, he will kill Clark. Suddenly Darkseid makes his presence known. He is taking over this world, and fashioning it to be more like his home planet. Clark fights Darkseid valliantly, but even the combined might of the JSA/JLA are not quite enough to prevent Darkseid from destroying the Earth.


Enter SuperLex, who feels conflicted watching his old friend fighting in vain against a superior opponent, Lex determines even though he'd love to see Clark killed, it wouldn't be worth losing the world over, and since he's aging rapidly anyway, SuperLex sacrifices his life to tip the scales of justice over to the good side and his contribution is the spark needed for the good guys to defeat Darkseid.


This will of course present the opportunity for Michael Rosenbaum's character to finally have closure with Clark. They will share memories, and apologies, and Lex will die peacefully, knowing he was finally the hero he always wanted to be in Clark's arms.


Once again - You heard it from Joe first.

xpaladinx45 2/15/2011 8:33:35 AM

 Why do i get the feeling Darkseid will end up inhabiting lex and thats how they are going to wrap this up...

jerichoraine 2/15/2011 9:39:38 AM

Once again...I really enjoyed it.  Yes it's sick and it's twisted but Smallville remains a guilty pleasure.  The needle bending thing was a little weird but I'm sure they have some reason for it.  The amount of characters they introduced seems insane but who the hell cares? 

Nice to see Annette and Glover back in the saddle. 


JoeArtistWriter 2/15/2011 9:56:59 AM

xpal, that thought crossed my mind too, but I hope they don't go that route and choose mine. Firstly because it would be an emotional high for fans of Rosenbaum as well as everyone who's watched this show since the beginning, but most of all because I predicted it.  

jerichoraine, well it was a much better epsiode than most of this season's offerings. Of course after being beaten continuously with razor wire, getting a simple kick in the head can seem like a welcome relief.   ;)

Glover is great and O'Toole can be very good.

gopherblaster 2/15/2011 9:58:38 AM

Good stuff Joe. 

My point was that this show has always used Kryptonite, it seems to be in ample supply.  That being said, any average person can take Clark down at any moment.  I count one time Clark ever over came Kryptonite on his own, with out someone's help.  Look at last week.  Hi Clark, i have a gun with green bullets.  Fall to your knees you punk ass.  I win.

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