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xpaladinx45 5/2/2011 8:11:29 AM

 Actually Zod was smarting staying in the phantom zone.  He could have actually killed Clark there.  His mistake was not just killing him and being done with it.  THEN he could have gone to earth and ruled.

PAGE 5/2/2011 10:50:14 AM

This episode was awesome and I knew it would be because Callum Blue was returning. What I actually really liked was the fact that they merged both Zods into one. I never knew the phantom zone actually had phantoms in it, so when Zod first appeared (back in what, end of Season 6 right?), I was a little disappointed. And then when he appeared as a clone as "Major Zod", I thought it was dumb. However I truly believe Season 9 was this series best season overall. Merging the two Zods made complete sense, especially since he now had the infamous beard. Great episode. Next weeks looks even better and I know if any of you have seen any pics from next weeks episode, but


there seems to be a lot of villains popping up like Captain Cold, Solomon Grundy, Dark Archer, Metallo, Roulette, and Black Manta. And The Toy Man will be back also. Should be an interesting episode.


Again, great review joe!


redhairs99 5/2/2011 12:47:16 PM

xpaladinx45, I agree with you on the why Zod didn't go to Earth deal.  In the Zone, he and Clark are on even ground plus there's the real potential to kill Clark.  But like all good villians, he can't outright kill him without playign with him first.  Same as a cat plays with a mouse.

Bryzarro, they explained that once Clark sent Zod to wherever he sent the Kandorians that they turned on him and sentenced him to the Phantom Zone.

Good episode, AGAIN! And I can't wait for the finale.  Next week's episode sounded lame at first with Lois getting Clark's powers, but the preview looked good with Toyman, Granny and the Legion of Doom.

jppintar326 5/2/2011 3:42:21 PM

"Are you not entertained?" 

JoeArtistWriter 5/2/2011 7:03:10 PM

xpal, I haven't been wwatching near as long as you, but to get three entertaining episodes (I'll stop short of saying good episodes, because there were enough flaws in each to episode to consider them good. I'll stick with entertaining... and yes, I have reservations they may not pay off this streak in the finale.... but I do have hope.

dazzler, you're preaching to the choir my man. The look and sometimes the effects have been nice, but the wwriting has always suffered on this show. Now and then things are fun enough to make it wworthwwhile (like the last three eps) but yes, the writing is alwways the weak link, and that should never be.

xJoker, Callum Blue at his best here, no doubt.

Sgt. Tech, yes, the red cape was a nice touch.

gopher, I'm sure Hartely could get TV wwork based on that episode. Nice thinking about Ollie knowing wwhere to strike. I'd like to believe that much thought wwas put into it, but somehow I doubt it.

Duckbeaver, I really want to believe with all the Darksied teasing they've done (and the Darkseid ignoring) they'll pay him off.... I do want to believe that,

TC777, yes, theoretically Zod could have gone to Earth, and I assume he would have, but I've accepted flimsier premises in Superman comics, so wwhat the hell. Same goes for Clark and Ollie knowing  Zod would wwant the kill shot. Sometimes you have to accept the smaller stuff, and sadly, on this show, that is pretty small stuff.

Wiseguy, nice to see you again. It was a fun 300 homage. Glad they didn't try the Hangover again.



JoeArtistWriter 5/2/2011 7:09:33 PM

xpal, comic book bad guys are notorious for not finishing off the hero, so I'll let it pass, but your point is valid.

PAGE, thanks for the kind words. There's no way they had any idea they'd merge the two Zods even back during last season, but I did like this Zod best so far.

redhairs, yeah, wwe don't need another Lois gets super again, especially at this point. I'm worried the streak of goood eps in a row will end at 3.

jppintar, yes. yes I was.

Bryzarro 5/2/2011 9:05:28 PM

 Thanks Redhairs99.  I missed that one.

Moz72 5/3/2011 12:34:31 AM

...Forgot to mention the Dark Archer sitting at the table as well.

JoeArtistWriter 5/3/2011 7:24:07 AM

Bryzarro, sorry I missed your comments. I agree.

Bryzarro 5/3/2011 8:43:25 AM

 No worries Joe.  

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