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Tevii 12/13/2010 6:51:46 AM

Im a huge fanboy and I loved this episode. I dont get the non-stop complaining about how Smallville changed something from the comics. Yeah I know he should fly, he should never have been in metropolis before being Superman, He shouldnt have met Doomsday yet, etc. etc.

SO WHAT?  THINGS CHANGE! This is just another take on the Superman mythos. If things didnt change, then Superman would have NEVER flown in the first place. HE BEGAN just jumping. Lex Luthor would never have been a business man, instead, he would still be the mad scientist he began as. Some changes are for the better, some not so much. BUT GET OVER IT. This is how characters stand the test of time & evolve.

Besides, if they just retold the same thing EXACTLY the same every time it would be BORING. All the fundamentals that REALLY matter are still there.

millean 12/13/2010 7:43:58 AM

Yeah, this really wasn't much of a review.  But after watching that episode, can't say as I blame him that much.  That was the most disappointed I have ever been with a Smallville episode.  And that, my friends, is really saying something.

OK, gotta get to work!

karas1 12/13/2010 7:51:51 AM

I've gotta admit, I liked the proposal.  I thought it was sweet.  And I also am happy that Lois said yes right away.

The big draw of the episode for me was Michael Shanks.  I've been a fan of his since I first saw  Stargate SG-1.  He was a cute guy back then and has improved with age IMHO.  That rugged, unshaven look really suits him.  He played Daniel Jackson on SG-1 for 10 years and did a sweet guest spot on SG:A but his performance on SG:U has been disapointing.  Maybe he's gotten bored with the character.

I've seen him in a few other things and have to admit that he's better as eye candy than as an actor.  But maybe the Syfy movie scripts he was doing just didn't inspire him as an actor.  I can see how playing second fiddle to giant CGI snake or swarm of killer wasps might be a turn off.

But his portrayal of Hawkman was pretty good.  He just seemed to be having a lot of fun with the role.  He played the older mentor part well.  And his death scene was played straight despite how preposterous it was.  I really liked it and will miss him for the rest of the season.

SgtTechCom 12/13/2010 8:15:22 AM

This review is lame lol the show is awesome the ending was great the full justice league paying respects to Hawkman then they all get knocked out .......... i hate that we I gotta wait till jan 28th now.

Lois Lane is a vital part of Clark/Supermans life. It was showcased in the movies/comics/and tv shows before hand. Why hate on that? 

I have no problem with Chloe becoming Doctor Fate so what?

Why do people complain about him flying and wearing the suit. YOU ALREADY KNOW ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE FINAL EPISODE SO ENOUGH.

Smallville great job A grade.

ddiaz28 12/13/2010 8:23:13 AM

what is up with that pyramid thingy at the end?  Is that something from the comics?  Is it linked to Darkseid, Hawkman, Jor-El?  It definitley reminded me of some sort of Kryptonian artefact.  Who knew they would all be there together in the first place?  Looking forward to seeing why they all passed out.

PAGE 12/13/2010 8:39:04 AM

I personally thoguht this was one of the better episodes since "Homecoming". It was far from perfect of course, but definitely one of the better ones since then. I knew we'd see Hawkman die ever since it was forshadowed way back in episode 2, I just didn't think it would happen so soon. When they did mention it I was kind of puzzled why they would kill off one of the heroes, but then I had to remember that this was the "Golden Age" Hawkman and not the "Silver Age" version, so I thought it was a pretty cool twist. I would love to see Clark fly and put the suit on as we all would, but I just want him flying a few episodes before the finale at least. Break the damn No Tights, No Flights rule already. That formula should have been abandoned years ago. Nevertheless I'm still looking forward to the rest of the season.

JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 8:45:15 AM

At first I didn't know what you guys were talking about. I wrote a 3 page word doc on this show... and I absolutely REVIEWED the episode. There's still almost 2 word doc pages after that last word shown in this column.

I'm not sure if I got edited, but cutting an article by a third doesn't sound like editing to me. Not sure what happened there. That saidm I still felt the episode was weak, but I defended my reasons. '

I'll write the apppropriate people to find out what happened, but while you still may not like my review, because I was bitterly disappointed in this show, this isn't all I wrote.

wessmith1966 12/13/2010 9:03:32 AM

Horrible episode. I hope the second half of the season picks it up a little.

redhairs99 12/13/2010 9:39:44 AM

I think my original post must have been eaten by the spam police.  I put in a spoiler warning with some dashes and arrows, so I guess that flagged my post.  Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

So are we all in agreement that Clark sent Deathstroke to the Phantom Zone?  I thought that's what the little "S" shield did, but I couldn't remember.  Seems like a hasty and kinda harsh sentence for Clark to just send someone there without thinking about it.

Bryzarro 12/13/2010 9:43:59 AM

 @Joe - Well again the whole point of the column is to REVIEW the episode.  Like it or not, in YOUR opinion bad writing or not.  Not to open with a 1 page rant on the show then go into a review.  Kinda lazy and selfish.  Use the posted to voice your opinion.  As a fan or non fan don't force it in the review.

I remember a certain movie reviewer who got vilified by almost everyone for putting up movie reviews like you put up Smallville  reviews.  That has since died down but my point is you respond to a good many comments so use that medium not the review.

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