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JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 12:08:46 PM

Scribeoz, I understand many of you are happy the show has left the Dawson's Creek era, but I've only been watching consistently for 2 seasons now, and it's still a disappointment to me. I think they could treat these characters so much better. I think some people just get so giddy to see Hawkman in full costume that they forgive bad writing and poor logic. I can't do that. Thanks for writing back, and I'm glad you can see while I was ranting, I had reason and backed my ranting with proof.

Badger, as a reviewer I can't just turn off that part of my brain. I appreciate that you feel my pain, and I envy your ability to enjoy it for the less than perfect product it is.... of course I'd say it's more like a flawed product than less than perfect.


Scribeoz 12/13/2010 12:40:30 PM

Sadly Joe, if you've only tuned in for the last two seasons, it is actually better than what it has been.  There was over emphasis on the supporting cast (I'm not going to say the Lana word)  and what was written for the two leads (Welling and Rosenbaum) seemed to pander to that.  Understandably, by season 7, Rosenbaum had good reason for leaving. As an actor who potrayed the definitive Luthor, he saw some ludicrous plot lines being assigned to his character. At least now, the plot seems to extend over the entire episode where in the past it seemed to only be factored into 20 minutes of the whole thing and the rest devoted to soap operatic angst.

Why we are tuning in now is that we're getting to see storylines for a world with superheroes and while Clark hasn't worn the suit yet, I'm guessing this is a budget as well as conflict with a new movie coming out, we're getting to see him interact with other heroes, discover who he is in relation to his future as a Superman and finally, a somewhat mature relationship with Lois Lane. Despite how corny it can be, this is loads better than the rail spike impaling paint of the whole Lana thing.


cheekymonkey 12/13/2010 1:22:15 PM

I disagree.  The best part of the show has always been Lex vs. Clark.  Whether for Lana or Lionel's affection, it was always the best part.  Once Lex was gone, the show dived and tried to become too mythical with the teenage romance crap.

However, I think if we want beleiveable writing, we need to watch something else.  The show is, after all, about Superman- one of the most unbelievable characters in comics.

I enjoyed the last show about as much as I have any other this season.  Watching is like watching the Star Wars prequels- cool to see the action, pass on the wooden love scenes.

I think it is safe to say that we will NOT see the suit till the end. Best not to get your hopes up.

In defense of Joe, while I disagree with his review, I understand where it comes from.  The show has so much potential.  And as for Joe, have you ever read his Lost reviews?  The man knows how to write a review.

marcd30319 12/13/2010 1:33:38 PM

As a Superman fan, going back to Curt Swan days in the comics and George Reeves in the multi-media platform, I can say quite honestly that it is a neck-and-neck race regarding which faux Superman reincarnation is the more loathsome, Lois and Clark or Smallville. I gave up on L&C because of the lousy casting, particularly Dean Cain as Supes, and the insipid story-telling. With Smallville, I couldn't get through the pilot without projectile vomiting. Now, after nearly TEN years, they are STILL having acme problems? Tom Welling isn't Superman; he's a preening Metro sexual Man gazing lovingly into his own wall mirror. Add the disappointing Superman Returns, it seems like DC and Warners haven't had a clue about the Superman franchise since Richard Donner was fired. Maybe Chris Nolan can get it together. Otherwise, it isn't kryptonite that destroyed Superman but incompetent corporate decision-maker and hack Hollywood wannabes.


JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 2:26:44 PM

Scribeoz, I saw enough of the first 8 seasons to know Rosenbaum was the reason to watch the show back then. That said, he wasn't enough of a pull for me to forgive all that was/is wrong about the show. I hope he comes back, but even if he does, the finale will ultimately fall way short, because it's starting out so far behind where it should be.

cheeky, thanks so much for the kind words regarding my LOST reviews. Damn I loved that show, and would say I can see The Walking Dead filling that void, but LOST was so great I feel dirty even mentioning it in this section. And before anyone can say the ending of LOST sucked, I'll say I was disappointed, but I still enjoyed it. Regardless, everything that went into that show before the last ep was brilliant. Brilliant.

My point about believability regarding Smallville is the simple things. I refuse to believe Lois Lane doesn't know how to hyphenate her maide to married name. Let's say she's a liberated woman and doesn't go for the traditional woman takes man's name thing.... she would have had it figured out before she's working as one of the greatest journalists of all time. It's stupid writing like that that makes my blood boil. Don't waste words... and don't waste words on something so obviously contrived. I hate that about this show.

marcd, Amen brother. Again, I'm happy to point out The Animated Series for getting it right too, but damn Smallville gets it all wrong way too often that I wind up praising it like a mentally challenged puppy when it doesn't sh!t on the carpet then lick it up and then regurgitate it back up on my bed. "Good Smallville. Thank you for not puking your own feces on my bed Smallville.... good boy, Smallville."

AND, I'd love to hear from everyone else who was so happy to try and rip me a new one when they only read a partial review. Please, now that you see what I am complaining about, let me know how I could be wrong? I'm waiting. Don't call me names and then punk out. Let's hear it.

monkeyfoot 12/13/2010 2:36:28 PM

Joe, glad I read the rest of your review. I've only just read this article today and after reading through everybody's insults I was starting to agree with their main points. After reading the rest of it I understand your POV.

Loco, pretty much captured my thoughts on Smallville: it's a CW/WB show done from that network's perspectives for its audience (and budget limits). After loving how close it was to standard Superman mythos in its first few seasons I saw that they strayed further and further and it started to upset me. But after plots and stories got more weird and off the beaten path, I realized I'm just watching the show to see what new ways they will twist the mythos to fit the network's needs and the whole idea of the series took on a silly fun enjoyment for me.

Now if they did a big budget movie along these lines I'd be pissed but as a superpowered teen angst show I am fine with looking at it as a Bizarro/Elseworld version of Superman. The sloppy writing is par for the course of the show and part of the fun. Pretty much anything they want to do is fine with me. It gives me great giggles and little kid fun to watch it.

I was also disappointed in the Hawkman/Slade fight.

Rob, the proper disposal of dead hookers involves a bathtub, sharp saw or axe, thick plastic bags, and either a distant swampy area or a pig farm.

Bryzarro 12/13/2010 2:53:38 PM

 I find it funny that when your not reviewing Walking Dead and you cartoon Batman you seem really upset at Smallville.  

The show has been on for 10 seasons.  Name me 5 other shows with bad writing that have survived the current mainstream Prime Time line up and not been cancelled?

monkeyfoot 12/13/2010 3:08:50 PM

Also Joe, I happened to like Smallville's Lois Lane. Erica Durance (besides being quite lovely) is the best on-screen personification of the character for my dough. The snappy dialogue, fiesty attitude and go-getter personality that is still very feminine is what I look for in my beautiful female Daily Planet reporters. Her cousin Chloe also has those traits but it got stamped down to a very dark persona in the last few seasons.

But yes, Lois is often given crappy situations to be stuck in. Again its the silly fun of CW's Superman world.

kalkent 12/13/2010 3:16:51 PM

Joe- i must say ive agreed with on all your reviews! Im a  big fanboy when it comes to supes but smallvile has failed me... over and over again... Yet i still watch hoping to get a good story and have him don the cape of course... Im not going to knock the acting simply because i cant act, but the writing?! Seriously? Last episode was the mirror box, wtf is that? Come one please!!!!  As long as it follows the comics somewhat  and not rape the characters... This show would be fine if it wasnt based on superman...

JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 4:06:16 PM

Bryzarro, I might be able to do that, maybe not, but I don't care to. Just because a show I don't like has stayed on for 10 seasons doesn't negate the fact I think it's crap. Three's Company sucked, but it stayed on the air for a while. And I can't freaking stand Two and a Half Men, but it's always a number one show... and conversely many great shows, (with excellent writing) got pulled because they never found any audience (How about Police Squad w/ Leslie Niesen for example?... 6 shows in total I believe.) Moonlight and Invasion were world's better than Smallville, but both got an early hook.... same with Lisa Kudrow's show The Comeback. Popularity doesn't always equate to good/smart entertainment.

monkeyfoot, now and then they give this Lois credible dialogue, but too often it's unrealistic, or contrived. I don't need specific examples for this... point me to an episode, and I'll watch it again and I promise her scenes will feel fake. She is very attractive, and has been good from time to time, but overall I am usually not happy with the way Lois is portrayed.

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