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JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 6:25:43 PM

Byrzarro, The live action Tick show was cancelled early despite critical and now cult success... it counts as a show that got good reviews and was cancelled anyway.

I didn't jump to any conclusions about Police Squad. I mentioned it failed to garner an audience on TV, you brought up the movies. How am I the one jumping to conclusions here? You jumped to the movies, not me.

WB doesn't exist as a channel right now. Supernatural is a CW show like it or not and has been for a while now.

I don't know what was sad about my reviews of Supernatural. I had nothing but good things to say about a show you claim to love. I'm not getting the disconnect. perhaps you just dislike me so much you can't think straight. No need for the anger buddy. I'm just a guy typing thoughts about TV shows.

Here's what I think is going on. You're angry with me. A guy you've never met and a guy who has never said anything bad about you personally, just the shows you watch. here's what I'm going to do. I'll assume you're a guy I wouldn't want to speak to in real life. You want to argue, and I don't get your point of view. You seem to enjoy shows that enjoys shows that (and I'm quoting) "girls and young men follow for their actors and easy to follow stories. Not hard-hitting award winning scripts." You bring this up more than once. How old are you anyway? Again, if you're a kid, I get it, but if you're in middle school, you're really overreacting here. So, how old are you? BTW, I expect more from TV and don't want to waste my time watching bad TV when there's other things in life.... like good TV and even no TV.

We don't have to be online enemies, (it's really a bizarre concept anyway) and I hope you don't feel the need to answer this. (except for your age... I am curious) Let's just ignore each other from now on regarding this topic, because this conversation is pointless. How about this, I 

won't address you anymore, and you can feel free to do the same. 

JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 6:32:23 PM

Oh yeah, and people who can't spell the only multisyllabic word in a ten word message shouldn't be handing out grades to anyone. (Notice I didn't address anyone personally there.)

karas1 12/13/2010 7:10:05 PM

Just because a show has good looking actors/actresses doesn't mean it can't be well written.  Supernatural has two hot guys as the leads and manages to be well written and well acted as well.  It's all good.

Joe, Hawkman stated earlier in the season (the episode where he and Lois were in Egypt) that he felt he would die soon and was looking forward to being reunited with Shiara.  So I'm not making unfounded assumptions about his deathwish. 

I think Hawkman felt as though he had put in his time with the JSA.  His fight was 20 years previously when the JSA was defeated and went into hiding.  This new fight was for Clark and Green Arrow and the new generation.

As for 3000 years of training, I think he tended to rely on the skills he learned in his first few lives and didn't expand beyond that because he didn't need to.  The skills he had were always sufficient for his needs.  Is this wise?  Probably not.  But he didn't strike me as someone who had acrued 3000 years worth of wisdom during his many lives.

I'll give you that the part with Lois sneaking around the Daily Planet building and convincing Cat Grant to switch sides was pretty lame.

JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 8:02:24 PM

Kara, I have no problems with Supernatural. I don't assume that was targeted at me. I'm a fan.

I recall Hawkman's conversation with Lois, not sure it's exactly a deathwish, but even if I conceed my entire Hawkman argument (which I'm not prepared to do, because even if he didn't continue to train, 3000 years of fighting gives you a unique edge in experience) but if the only bad parts were Lois sneaking around a building that was just 30 seconds prior had been established as a place the bad guys had under surveilance, and then she can convince Cat to change her entire belief system in under three minutes.... a belief system Cat is previously positive is one that will help keep her child safe, then this episode cannot possibly be graded better than a C. I gave it a D for the other reasons I listed, and I'm very satisfied my grade was fair.

I will of course thank you for entering this exchange without any malice or having axe to grind against me personally. You know I have the utmost of respect for you, and I respect your ability to convey your ideas and feelings in a mature manner. (Something that should be just taken for granted in adults, but sadly, that is not always the case.)

BTW. I did like the Star Trek movie, even though I enjoyed the original show, and don't have a problem with the new timeline. I confess I was never a fanatic about any of the Star Trek series or movies, but I always enjoyed the 60's version. I trust you and I can still be amicable despite what you will now assume is a glaring flaw in me.   ;)

Jakester 12/13/2010 8:38:09 PM

Lots of vitrol against Joe, gang.  Let him vent once in a while.  That said, I'll rip you a new one just for fun if you'd like.  It's a hobby of mine.

Duckbeaver 12/13/2010 8:39:31 PM

Ah, a week or so away from here and I forget the feeding frenzy that is the "Smallville" review comments section.  Missed ya, guys!  Fortunately, I showed up late in this game, so I missed the whole "it's not a review, it's a rant" tirade and read the whole thing after watching the episode finally.

Personally, I haven't had much of an issue with the Lois & Clark stuff for the past few weeks.  It's still got that "cutesy-utsey" thing going on, but it hasn't bothered me so much since Lois has become part of the team.  I feel it's a more mature and honest dynamic and WAY more watchable that any of the Lana stuff from the early days.  Example: proposal scene over in 5 minutes.  Back in Lana's day, that would have been a 3-4 episode arc full of annoying teen-angst and trust issues (100th episode doesn't count since he went back in time and withdrew his proposal).  These days it's simple: he loves her, she loves him, she's cool with him being an alien superhero, "yes, I'll marry you."  Done.  Moving on.

I'm okay with the way things are setting up.  It's mid-season, so everything is bound to go to hell for the heroes and they'll rebuild to the end.  I think the death of Hawkman was that moment and while I would have enjoyed a longer/better fight scene, it resonated.  The ending actually reminded me a lot of the "Identity Crisis" funeral and how this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of funerals for the JLA.

My main gripe with the past month of shows is that Clark HASN'T REALLY DONE ANYTHING HEROIC DURING THE EPISODES.  He usually gets de-powered somehow and beat up by someone (the Blue-K hicks, the Female Furies, Mirror-Lionel & Mirror-Oliver), then gets rescued or rescues himself long enough to Super-shove one guy and stand proud.  I don't think that the supporting cast are detracting from his screen time, for the most part.  I just think that they never utilize Clark properly and he's just meant to stand still while events transpire around him, APPARENTLY completely beyond his control.  When they do show him doing the hero/leader thing in its fullest, it's awesome.  But they sure do love to show the crap getting kicked outta him a whole lot more!

Actually, I've enjoyed watching Tess a lot more since she started as Watchtower and discovered her roots.  And now that Lionel (or, at least A Lionel) is back, I'm enjoying that, too.  He's an obvious mustache-twirling villain, but Glover keeps it interesting and not too hammy.  I got pretty creeped out when he looked directly at the camera at the end of "Luthor" and addressed the audience.

So, all in all, I felt "Icarus" was all right.  I totally understand folks' gripes with it, though, and I definitely share a few of them.  They definitely need more action/propelling the story forward to take place and less standing around, seeing who is the wittiest banterer...


karas1 12/13/2010 8:44:32 PM

The Star Trek movie was a great mindless action flick with more plot holes than your average Smallville episode.  If all you wanted was a mindless action flick (which I assume at least 85% of the viewing audience wanted) then you were bound to be very pleased with the film.  If you wanted thoughtful, well written, serious science fiction then the movie was somewhat lacking.

Thanks for the kind words.  It's nice to be respected. :-)  I have no axes to grind about Smalllville.  I agree that it is slipshodly written and usually indiferently acted.  I find Smallville episodes are either cheesy fun or boring with little in between.  I found this one cheesy fun, more because I enjoyed the exploits of Hawkman and Green Arrow and other supporting characters than because I am so in love with Welling's portrayal of Clark Kent.

To be honest, I've never really found Superman to be a compelling character.  I find him rather bland.  But I love what they've done with other DC characters on Smallville and thaat makes it worthwhile for me to watch.

JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 8:58:40 PM

I'll handle anything and everything thrown my way Jakester... not looking for more fights, but not shying away from any either. Some of these people need to get out of the basement and breathe some fresh air.   ;)

TheWriter 12/13/2010 10:31:56 PM

Joe, just a quick note about the whole "name change" issue... specifically your gripe about Lois considering "Lois Kent-Lane." Though the law varies from state to state (and, in some cases, county to county,) once someone goes through the legal process of changing their name, they can change it to anything they want. If Lois wanted to be known as "Lois Hot Stuff Lane-Kent" or "Juan Lenin," she could do it. 

In recent years, men and women with no close ties to their families have chosen to pick a new family name... both of them fill out the applications and John Smith and Rita Jones become John and Rita Flannigan. I would imagine that, in Lois's case, though, there is the need to consider her byline. If she is known to readers of the Daily Planet as Lane, Kent-Lane might be less jarring. 

It is, of course, most common for a woman to either keep her maiden name, change her name to her husband's or hyphenate maiden-married. But the truth is, in most places, she could do whatever she wants if she's willing to go through the process.

Just thought I'd clear that up.


JoeArtistWriter 12/13/2010 10:46:05 PM

Duckbeaver, the biters are out in full fashion. Funny I rarely hear from them anymore, but this half review posting was like blood in the water for them. Now that I've backed up my comments I don't see many of them trying to argue. Again, if you like the show flaws and all, more power to ya, but at least admit there are flaws. I don't see how anyone could be so blind as to think this episode was anywhere near an A, unless fire on Hawkman's wings overrides every bit of good story telling.

I don't even think we have to go so far back as Lana to be relieved with the relatively quick proposal nod by Lois. I'd have sworn this was going to be a drag out thing for at least another 3 weeks as Clark was reaching for the ring. Glad she accepted, very surprised by the lack of melodrama there.

Clark has been so lame for so long when it comes to beating the bad guys I almost forgot the "slipped on a banana peel" formula I coined that these writers love to employ. Why make the lead in your show the least likely to effectively thwart the evil plan? That super insignia thing was complete weak sauce. maybe it will be explained down the road, but wow, how convenient and a very uninteresting, anticlimactic ending.

if you check my last two reviews, you'll find I'm giving Cassidy Freeman her props and I enjoyed John Glover's return.

Kara, you never disappoint when it comes to railing against that movie. I knew I could count on you to fire back. Truth be told, while I did totally like the movie, and was only a passing fan of the show (I doubt I've seen each ep of the Shatner series, but I've seen some Shatner eps three times) I did think the movie was a fun space adventure, but yeah, it's not sci-fi for the thinking person. No Matrix here. The original series was great and groundbreaking TV... I just never got swept up.... one day I'll buy the DVD set and see what I've been missing.

I suppose you feel the same way about that movie as i did about the Marky Mark Planet of the Apes. Crap!  Cahhh-ha-rap! No reason to remake it, and don't get me started on Tim Burton as anything more than a brilliant Art Director.... the man has no business playing with words. Oh no, here come more biters...

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