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JoeArtistWriter 12/15/2010 11:35:21 AM

kyvacca, thanks for clearing up the insignia device. It would have been nice had they shown that thing to us a bit more recently, because people forget, and others come to the show later than the 6th season. Glad to know I guessed correctly, but I shouldn't have to guess.

Also, the real problem with that device is it made the battle between Clark and Slade much too simple. Where was the drama there? The guy just killed Clark's friend and ally on the war on evil. You'd think that battle would be emotional and possibly epic. Nope, Clark just whips out a toy and Slade is gone. Big whoop.

Loco, I also came to the Supernatural party late. This was my first season, and while I enjoyed the show and heard great things about it for years from Maniacs whose opinion I respect, I haven't watched a single show since Mania decided to no longer review it. I realize from most everyone it's no longer the show they fell in love with. Again, I liked it, but never loved what I saw so far, and believe the first 5 seasons had to be much better.

That said, as disappointed as some are with this season's Supernatrual, the writing, dialogue, story, acting, directing and effcts are leagues better than Smallville. There's no contest. Bad Supernatural is far superior to good Smallville.

Lazarus, I wouldn't mind Lois getting all the screen time if they could write her in an interesting way, but the writers aren't capable of that and Durance's actiing abilities range between not bad to cringe-worthy. Yeah, she's a hot girl, but I don't watch Smallville to prove my manhood to a guy I've only seen as an avatar on a genre site. I'm quite confident in my heterosexuality. Based on your aggression, and your attempt to insult me, I have a feeling you spend an inordinate amount of time searching the net for superhero porn.

Hey, if drawings of Power Girl pleasuring She Hulk get you off, more power to you. I have a real girlfriend. You might want to look into one... in your case, I'd recommend purchasing some ether, a few roles of duct tape and you may want to sound proof your closet. I'm sure the lady you choose will be plenty pissed when she regains her senses, and assuming she gets out alive, she will turn you in to the police, but think about it.... You'll get to kiss a female you're not related to.... it could be worth the risk.

Kara, thanks for sticking up for me. Please keep away from Lazarus' closet.


jedi4sshield 12/15/2010 12:10:25 PM

Wow sorry I'm late to the bashing. Yeah I agree with Joe, Horrible episode.

I agree the whole Clark Lane, Lane Clark, Lois Clark, Lois-El, El-Lois, Lane-El, El-Lane thing was just pure stupidity! If only 3D TV would allow for a good smack I would generously offer a fresh one.

Then theres the VRA gestapo look. It could have been more like an FBI look but no they had to go this route. I was half expecting them to click their Boots. LOL.

Then there was this whole deal with the VRA asking them for their names! Their real names? God are you kidding me. Who cares, you actually know where they freakin live, I mean come on. If your gonna ask something your gonna ask what powers do they have in the least!

The Highlight was the Hawkman disappointment. God I get it that they based it on the Human Hawkman and not the Alien Hawkman but come on get a clue. This guys is suppose to have thousands of years of experience please god dont tell me that all he has learned is to give really good advice!!!! Hahahahahaha this is beyond laughable. Even as a Prince he would have been taught by the finest warriors / teachers his Kingdom has to offer. That alone would make him awesome. Now lets venture out a few thousand years you mean to tell me he didnt bother to learn Japanese / Chinese Martial Arts? Or rather go up against bad guys with such skills? For Shame. For shame to kill off someone so easily. Atleast have the decency to have him killed by Slade in the real Deathstroke Costume, atleast.

You guys talk about all the other stuff that happens in the Episode. Thats all just filler!!! Am I suppose to blush from the Pedals that Clark dropped from the sky? the Chloe scene? the stupid interviews of the VRA? The Lubby Dubby talk between Clark and Lois? So the Heroes got together, so what? they should have all been there if it was all that serious! So Green Arrow and Hawkman got into a small crowd scuffle. I'm sure there have been Bar fights that went better than that! should I be impressed that the VRA missed the GOD DAMN REMOTE CONTROL UNDER TESS'S DESK.  Come ooooooon writiers come ooonnn. They searched their homes, where they worked you mean to tell me they missed that by accident? Get a CLUE!!!! please. No my friends the parts that mattered atleast to me in this whole Episode was Hawkman and they botched that up pretty well. Anything else in the Episode of importance please point it out.

I personally think Joe's D was being gracious.

Oh and yet again we dont have a Clark Kent that can fly. Just pointing out the obvious! Ive been following smallville since the beginning but I cant wait for it to end! it's just all bad writing and plot.

JoeArtistWriter 12/15/2010 12:22:08 PM

Lazarus, Oh look, it’s you again. Let me get this straight, you didn’t call me a name, you called me a moron. Hmmm. That’s some interesting logic. Do you write for Smallville?

You also just, at the very least, insinuated that I am an arrogant, immature fanboy. I suppose those are not insults either. Apparently you are very heterosexual though because you like tits, and you like them so much you write out the word in all caps. Wow, you must put 1975 Burt Reynolds to shame in the macho department.

How many women did you impregnate last year… or maybe the simpler math would be how many women didn’t you impregnate last year. You are a very, very heterosexual stud man. I know I speak for Kara and many others when I say how impressed we are at both your love of TITS, and your airtight logic. You da man….. Oh look, 1975 Burt Reynolds just texted me. He wants to smell your fingers.

jedi4sshield glad to have you on board. I now know putting good looking actors in brightly colored costumes is all some people need to be entertained. Nice to see others who expect more from their entertainment sources. You brought up some points I just didn't bother writing, and I loved the fact you pointed out the VRA just wanted names but they already not only had the names, they also had their location. Yes, trying to obtain real pertinent information may have been a better tactic. I completely missed that, but to be fair, I was woozy from the lameness.

I know you and a number of others invested too much of your time to pull out of this show, and I feel your pain. I can't say that's my draw. I've actually become warped into loving the fact I hate this show now. I tried to fool myself. I tried to enjoy it as mindless entertainment, but I can't. I just can't. I gave this episode a D AND I graded on a curve.

JoeArtistWriter 12/15/2010 12:28:30 PM

also jedi, I wouldn't have minded the Gestapo-style uniform as much if Lois didn't mention a number of times. It's not like it was so subtle no one would notice, and those who didn't notice probably think the Gestapo is a type of cold soup.

karas1 12/15/2010 1:45:12 PM

Lazarus, to be honest I'm not too impressed by tits.  If I want to see some I can go look in a mirror.  Erica Durance's aren't that special.

You call Joe immature yet you seem to be obsessed by women's breasts.  Hmmm....

Jakester 12/15/2010 2:02:09 PM

Could I get some coffee to go along with all this hate?

Jakester 12/15/2010 2:03:04 PM

Um....Kara, I think Durance's boobs are spectacular.  If you don't, then please send me a pic of yours so I can compare.  You know, for purely scientific reasons.

Jakester 12/15/2010 2:04:15 PM

I, by the way, have never claimed to be mature.

flinshadytoo 12/15/2010 3:00:20 PM

 It' amazing how riled up people get over smallville, Jeez get a life it's only tv, why get personal? This is why we comic/sci-fi types get called geeks cause we only get raised blood pressure when some criticizes our beloved tv show. or character or whatever other fantasy, but then not even blink when sh*t happens in the real world.

karas1 12/15/2010 4:55:36 PM

I know Jakester.  But Lazerus seems to think he is mature and he can't stop talking about boobs.

To be honest, I've never really studied Durance's breasts.  If you guys think she's got particurlarly good ones I'll bow to your greater knowledge of the matter.  But I still think it's possible to hire an actress with good physical features who can also act well.

I find Durance's acting to be adaquate in the acting dept but she's not winning any Oscars.

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