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Duckbeaver 4/18/2011 8:56:35 AM

I honestly don't know how I felt about this week's Smallville.  I really enjoyed the performances and it felt like I was finally watching most of the characters on their "A" game, but the plot seemed too weak.  And especially after the cliffhanger from the last episode, I'm really disappointed they didn't build off of that.

I don't understand the logistics of that "mirror box" thing (I know, worrying about logic on THIS show ;)).  Last time, all one of the Clarks had to do was activate their respective device and they would automatically switch places.  Now, they can just freely travel between dimensions without switching?  Is it because one of the boxes is destroyed?  Why didn't Clark Luthor do this sooner?  Shouldn't activating Clark Luthor's mirror box send HIM back to his world instead of bringing Clark Kent back-OW!  My brain just kicked itself...

Like I said, though, the characterizations seemed right.  Lois was on top of her deduction skills and was actually able to have a really sentimental moment with Clark at the end without being overly sappy.  Tess' conflict seemed to work well and you get the sense that she's been harboring those feelings deep down for a while.  Even though his motivation was weak, I really liked the characterization of Clark Luthor.  And even though, once again he's rendered completely helpless for the millionth time, Clark Kent seemed really confident, take-charge and compassionate the way Superman should be.  But seriously, how effective is this guy going to be when everyone and their grandma has access to Kryptonite?!

I missed John Schneider on the show.  I started watching my Season One DVD's after seeing this episode just to see more of him.  Pa Kent was always one of my favorite characters and I always enjoyed seeing him impart wisdom to Clark or struggle to overcome his animosity towards Lex because of HIS father.  It was fun to see him again and I actually really liked the end when he cleaned up his act to be with Martha again.  I'm looking forward to seeing him again in the finale.

Overall, not bad but nothing too special either.  I'm cautious about next week.  They should have given Geoff Johns an earlier episode to bust his "Booster Gold/Blue Beetle" nut on.  Don't get me wrong, I like the characters and I'm sure that it will be entertaining DC geekiness, but this late in the game seems like bad timing for filler (especially when your big villain is so horribly underdeveloped).  Hopefully, they surprise me and actually tie it into the overall story...

...holding my breath...

millean 4/18/2011 9:13:02 AM

Not a bad episode.  I think I like Ultraman better than Clark, though.  His best superpower is picking out cleavage-friendly dresses for his incestuous sister...  (Can't believe Joe didn't comment on that).


JacenBlade 4/18/2011 9:46:24 AM

I'd give your review a D.  Mainly because it is too self referential and you seem to want to prove to us how cool you can be with sarcastic fanboy word play.  Stick to being insightful and not so "witty".  Even when you do make a point it is overshadowed by your "I know better than the writers, producers and actors" attitude.  If I want fanboy rage I'll just read the comments section.  FACT:  Transitioning Superheroes from the pages of comics takes you away from the target audience.  Sad as it may be, the show is not being produced just for those of us who enjoy comics.  As a result the product gets watered down and tinkered with in order to attempt to keep a broader audience interested.  The results are not always perfect. 

JacenBlade 4/18/2011 9:47:52 AM

By the way Monkeyfoot.  You have the exact right attitude.  Maybe you should contact Mania about doing reviews.

Moz72 4/18/2011 11:46:35 AM

The one thing that disappoints me about these last few episodes until the Finale, is that the writers are not putting out stories that focus on Darkseids It seems that he is being ignored for stand alone stories, and waiting until the finale to bring Darkseid into the center of attention. Why aren't they writing episodes that build up to the confrontation between Clark and Darkseid. Show how Darkseid came to be an incorporial being, show some background on Planet Apokalypse, Granny Goodness, and Desaad, and how they came to Earth. Why is this being overlooked??

I understand that they're focusing on Clark stepping closer to his destiny, but if you're going to introduce a heavy like Darkseid, than for Pete's Sake give him some screen time as well!

Bryzarro 4/18/2011 11:49:11 AM

 Oh we go.  Jacen welcome to mania.  Flame on!!  HAHA

You gotta take these reviews with a grain of salt.  Joe is not fond of the writing of this show so you have to understand that before you commit to reading said reviews.

Was hard for me but I've come around.

rogue188 4/18/2011 2:55:41 PM

I think Darkseid isn't going to be resolved during the finale. The storyline will probably set up the true reason why Clark finally takes the blue tights and starts the good fight. It will probably be some nebulous ending with Clark flying into the sunset, finally starting his journey as the hero of Earth against the many enemies of the world. Sad, but true. The show would have been much better if he became Superman three to four seasons ago. 

TC777 4/18/2011 5:21:18 PM

All in all not a bad episode, and I think giving it a "B" is fair.  And as for the ending, let's remember that Clark has offered redemption to Tess, Lex and even Zod, so its not out of character for him to do it here.  If you accept the idea of the high value hero, I think you have to accept the idea that he is more forgiving than most.

There is one thing in this episode, that in true Smallville form, just drives me crazy, and they have at least one of these in every show, and its a gaping logical inconsistency, and Duckbeaver hit it on the head.  The mirrorbox.

In Luther they set the rules, the person who uses the mirrorbox changes places with their alternate on earth two, because somewhere there's a mirrorbox there.  AND the mirrorbox stays in the world where you used it.  That's the rule. At the end of Luther, Clark says he destroyed his mirrorbox.  Fine.

In Kent, Bad Clark shows up with the mirrorbox from his world.  Okay new rule, so if there's one mirrorbox, when you use it, you go to the alternate world and you get to take the mirrorbox with you.  Fine Rule Two.

Then of course in true Smallville form, they then proceed to break all the rules., Good Clark is holding the mirrorbox when he changes worlds, but this time the mirrorbox stays put and Bad Clark destroys it.  You just broke every rule you've made.  But we're not done.

Emil fixes the borken mirrorbox and activates it to bring Good Clark back.  How does that work exactly?  Isn't the person holding it supposed to go?  How does the box know who to bring back?

They could have solved this simply.  Bad Clark surprises Good Clark takes him to alternate earth by grabbing him as he uses the mirrorbox, when he gets there says something like "sucker" and then activates the mirrorbox to go back to earth one stranding good Clark, that would also explain how Lionel crossed over.  And in the rescue, Emil or Lois could have gone and fetched Good Clark.  Rules unbroken, logically consistent.  But of course they didn't think of any of that.  And they do that every week.  I love the show, but those things just drive me nuts.

DougRed4 4/18/2011 7:35:10 PM

 I think Monkeyfoot hit the nail right on the head.  I too had this in my DVR and hesitated to watch it, but I really enjoyed it.  I think I would give it an A- or a B .  I really liked the way Clark talked Jonathan down, and I was actually kind of glad that he used different tactics than the (expected) fight between Clarks that we've already seen many times.  And I loved the ending where Pa Kent in the muted world tracks down his ex to give things another try, all based on the encouragement he got from his 'son'.  Overall a very good episode with much better writing than usual.

DougRed4 4/18/2011 8:03:37 PM

 I think you are thinking too much about the logic of things like the mirrorboxes.  I agree witih you about the illogic that is common and the inconsistencies on this show, but sometimes we try too hard to figure some of this stuff out.  Remember that Kryptonian technology is FAR more advanced than Eath technology, right?

So if you were a person twenty years ago watching a show about current technology, you could state that "They've clearly established that these 'cell phone thingees' are used for communication between two people.  They established the rules of them over many episodes.  Then this week they have a character using their phone to take a picture (how silly!) and then later in the episode they clearly misuse the darned device because they had a character looking at their phone and getting information from it as if it were an encyclopedia!  How crazy is that!  They've broken ALL of the rules that they've shown about those cell phone gadgets!!!"

Isn't it possible that there are diffferent "settings" or applications or uses for the mirrorboxes?  We all know they are story devices used to propel the story forward, so I wouldn't get my nighty in a knot trying to design a technical manual for them.

And as to the Darkseid issue, I don't see why they have to lead up to the finale.  They've dropped lots of hints and done plenty of leading up already.  If they did it all over the final half dozen episodes, then what would be left to do in the two hour finale?




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