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JoeArtistWriter 4/18/2011 9:05:17 PM

redhairs, I'd be more excited for the Booster story if this weren't the final weeks of the final season

jedi, I couldn't not call bullsh1t on the way Aw Shucks Clark let Evil Clark have a daddy time out. If Evil Clark turns good and helps in the final showwdown that will strike me as lame (especially when I'd rather see Jon Jonnz help out) But if he doesn't participate, why is he still here on Earth1?

SgtTech, I always enjoy Callum's acting - even if the dialogue isn't always up to his efforts.

Kara, same point I just made. Last season or earlier this  season, but Booster is filler, and we don't need filler right now.

gopher, assuming there's enough K around the world for everyone to arm themselves, yeah, Clark is toast. Apparently ity is plentiful on Earth  2.

rogue, ok, ok, I'll look forward to it.... even though it's way late in the game for this.

Jakester, do the right thing. In your headf you know what that is. Just do the right thing.

Bryzarro, it's a shame that genuine fans like you aren't enjoying this final season the way you should be. This team has no pride in what they put out.

xpal, Welling is a better bad guy, but in his defense, playing the ultimate do-gooder is a tough assignment.

monkeyfoot, I guess I was in the right frame of mind for this ep, because it certainly had plot holes. Liked your Jr Jesus line.

JoeArtistWriter 4/18/2011 9:23:21 PM

duckbeaver, good point about the Mirror Box sending Evil Clark back, but maybe since there's only one, it's just a one-way ticket.... now why Evil Clark didn't get popped back and Aw Shucks Clark didn't stay - no idea.

millean, it was in my "things I liked" list. Big fan of Cassidy's Cleavage.

Jacen, hey, nice to meet you too,,,, dick. Firstly, I'm not trying to be cool. This is how I write, text, converse, communicate. I certainly wouldn't classify myself as a fanboy. I haven't bought a Superman/Action comic in years, but I do consider myself an expert in Superman mythos. Not sure what I wrote in that article for you to label me a "fanboy," but since I don't care if that's your impression of me or not, I don't care why you think that. I give your comment on my review an "A" (followed directly by a "hole.")

Moz, you're preachin' to the choir, pal.

Bryzarro, thanks for sticking it out wwith me.   ;)

rogue, I'm with you on the Superman thing, though that's usually guaranteed to get someone to call someone a fanboy.

TC777, thanks for the critical thinking... I wish the guys who wrote/produced/directed this show cared as much.

DougRed, clearly they don't have to lead up to the finale, but I'd assume it might wwhet our appetites more if they decided to tease us with a weekly mention, and devote entire episodes to it other times.

TC777 4/18/2011 9:33:22 PM

Dougred4, I appreciate a well thought out response, and I also appreciate the cell phone example, even though I don't think it works.  Star Trek established tricorders and I think people accepted that.  They scanned for all kinds of stuff, okay fine.  In Collateral, as questionable an effort as that was, the portal was a hundred feet above the street, they didn't move it.  I'll buy what you're selling with futuristic technology, but make it understandable.  I think you could explain cell phones to people 20 years ago, those people weren't blithering idiots, they just didn't conceive of such a device.  If you explained all the things it did at the beginning of an episode, they'd buy it.  Because what it did would be consistent with your explanation.

The problem here is, you're introducing a device that transports you to another world, and in the initial episode, finding it was the only way back.  The Smallville writers established those rules, I didn't. 

So now, they take us back to that world.  Okay fine, I'm along for the ride.  I enjoyed Luthor.  But five minutes into the episode I have a WTF moment.  Okay Clark's there where's the mirrorbox?  and 20 minutes later I have another one, he got back how?  And then at the end we get Jorel sending bad Clark back (I guess) and that's okay (I guess) because Jorel can do anything.  Can I overlook it.  Sure.  But I would rather just be enjoying the ride rather than having to scratch my head five times in every episode.  And the answer can't be "Wow, that Kryptonian technology is so out there, it can do anything, I don't know what to expect!"  Wouldn't it be better if it was, "Wow, that Kryptonian technology can take you to another world and I know how it works."

I like the show, and I'll give them a couple mulligans every show.  YOU HAVE TO!  But I'd rather I didn't have to, especialy if a couple little tweaks would have fixed it.  Joe says he grades this show on a curve, and I'm thinking that's why, because they pull these stunts all the time.  I don't blame the actors, I blame the writers.

Oh, and by the way four shows left, it'll be three after next week, with BARELY A MENTION OF THE SEASON'S MAIN VILLAIN.  Okay everyone, repeat after me, "Doomsday, all over again." 

TC777 4/18/2011 9:48:44 PM

Oh, and one more thing, I remember thinking last year "oh no, not the Kandorians again, they're in every show!"  But the fact they did something every week (for the most part) to develop that plot, made the payoff so much better.

Everybody jokes about the "freak of the week" from the first season.  Why?  Because they introduce the bad guy, with no back story, Clark dispatches him and next week there's another one, and he does the same thing, kind of boring.

But when you develop a villain, with lots of backstory, lots of sub plots, over a series of shows (like Zod) every word of the finale is better, because they have to tie all those threads together, you also understand and maybe care about the villain more, and the whole process changes the characters that you care about, because they are so invested in that process.

Can they just trot out Darkseid in the finale and have Clark beat him up.  Of course.  And it looks like thats what they're going to do.  Next week is about Booster Gold, the next week is about Zod, the next week is about Lois getting Clark's powers and the return of Kara.  Okay class we're out of time.  Who was the villain of this season again?  Oh yeah, Darkseid, well its the finale, I guess we have to introduce him so Clark can beat him, in the spare time we have with Clark taking care of Lex, and Clark taking care of Lionel and getting married.

I have the feeling it'll make Doomsday look like War and Peace.  But Clark will put on the suit at the end and fly and that will make everything all right. God, shoot me! 

jedi4sshield 4/19/2011 1:39:43 AM

SPOILERS - Dont read if you didnt see the show!!!

Yeah Joe Clark 2 is back in his own Earth, the Fortress of Solitude Lair is of a different design than Earth 1. Jor-El sent him back with his awesome but never available when you really need it powers. LOL.

xpaladinx45 4/19/2011 5:27:16 AM

 monkeyfoot - the term "junior jesus" just became my favorite phrase of the day lol

Duckbeaver 4/19/2011 5:32:55 AM

TC777, I read an interview with one of the producers a few days ago about the finale.  I think they said that Darkseid would not appear to fight Clark physically, but more like he acts through someone else (resurrected Lex, perhaps?).  Of course, these are the same producers that can't keep their cover story straight about whether or not there's a wedding (as if any of us really care about that aspect), so hopefully it's all BS.

I could understand, budget-wise, why they'd be hesitant to have a Superman/Darkseid slugfest.  Budget was a big reason why the Doomsday fight was terrible and short.  The costume looked cool, but the effects and timing suffered.  Clark & Zod's fight was made to be basic and gritty and, in context, it worked pretty well, but you could tell that it was done that way because they couldn't afford to have 2 superpowered dudes chucking each other around the city.  My main issue with Darkseid on the show is why bother bringing in a villain who Clark literally has to throw everything he's got at if you're NOT going to use him as a physical threat?  Master tactician and corruptible force, fine.  I think they did a decent job showing that with him and his Minions.  But this is the guy, outside of maybe Doomsday, who can give Superman a proper fight without the aid of Kryptonite.  It's their last show EVER.  I don't get why they wouldn't throw all their dough into making that happen.

Even though we've been getting to see a lot of the stuff we have wanted to see happen since Day One, the quality of the show has suffered a lot under the CW.  Back in the WB days, it felt grander.  You spent time in actual locations and not obvious sets rearranged.  Fights with villains were longer and, frankly, more engaging.  The writing was a lot tighter.  Granted it still had flaws.  I never enjoyed Lana as a character.  Kristin Kreuk seems like a very talented actress, but the show never found a good way to handle Lana and when they tried to work her into the mythology, it often crashed and burned (the Witches story,n anyone?).  But other than that and one or two other issues, it was a pretty solid show.  The CW really screwed them over in favor of things that aren't even on the air anymore (Everybody Hates Chris, Beauty and the Geek, etc.).  Go back and watch the earlier seasons sometime.  You see a drop in quality around Season 5-6 right when the transition from the WB was made.  Hopefully, the network lets them go all out for the end.

Sorry about the rant.  I really do like the show, but I feel a lot of its current issues take root in the network's mishandling of it.  Angel was derailed right before they could acquire it, they got rid of Reaper (which I thought was a pretty decent show) and they've been treating Smallville like a financial leper even though it brings in most of their best ratings.  Bad network.  I'm tuning out as soon as the finale's done.

Duckbeaver 4/19/2011 5:36:54 AM

 And yeah, monkeyfoot.  I dig "Junior Jesus," as well.  I may just yell that out on the subway today.  ;)

Moz72 4/19/2011 6:35:36 AM

Dckbeaver: I think the Justice episode of Smallville should have been the starting point of Clark and the Justice League fighting Lex Luther and other super villains, unfortunately the League kind of got shoved into a studio broom closet.

karas1 4/19/2011 7:34:32 AM

The Justice League on a regular basis would have been too many main characters for the show to support.  There's already a fairly large regular cast and when you add Aquaman, Aquagirl, Flash, Black Canary, Cyborg. Martial Manhunter, Stargirl etc to the regular cast it goes right out the window.  Those guys are fine as guest stars and episodes where they appear are some of my favorites.  But having them all every week would get too confusing and wearing.  I think Clark and Green Arrow have got it covered.

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