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CptKarlWindolphIII 4/19/2011 8:04:39 AM

Wonder if Wonder Woman will visit Smallville or Doc Strange. 

Moz72 4/19/2011 8:41:24 AM

KARAS: You're probably right, to a certain  degree, (of course, having too many heroes or villains never stopped the JL books). But, I'm sure a good writer who is familiar with th DCU would find a way of not overdoing it. Sure some stories can focus on Clark , others can be a team up story, a-la Brave and the Bold, and use a sub-plot to tie them all together. But for the FINALE I sure as hell want to see the whole team together!

JacenBlade 4/19/2011 11:17:25 AM

Thanks for your reply to me JoeArtistWriter.  I didn't understand where you were coming from or what your mind set is, but since I saw the words "dick" and "A-Hole" in your reply I get it now.  You make everything personal.  What ever happened to professionalism?  Oh, I know, the internet ruined that.  Every person with a chip on their shoulder (for whatever reason) gets a forum.  I'm sure you consider yourself an "expert" on many things but writing for a reputable website may not be one of them.  No need to get so angry and personal in your reply if "you don't care what I think".   Your review and comment replies have a real undercurrent of hostility.  I think that pretty much sums up what I was trying to say.  You lose credibility when you write that way.

JoeArtistWriter 4/19/2011 8:15:13 PM

TC777, oh yeah, you need to give mulligans, and even though I felt I was generous in that department this week, I still enjoyed the ep for some reason. I agree the actors are not usually at fault, but they're not guilt-free overall. That said, it starts with writing, and decent - good acting can't save bad writing.

jedi, did you learn all of that from an upcoming episode spoiler, or did you just read that's what happened. I would prefer they showed Clark 2 heading back to Earth 2 in the same episode. I hope it's not just going to be mentioned at a later date, but at least it sounds like they plan on giving an explanation on why Clark 2 isn't any longer on Earth 1. I have to say  I did assume that's how they'd play that.

DuckBeaver, I completely agree with you there. Why bring in Darkseid if he's only going to lend a magic power to Lex - or whoever Clark winds up fighting? I'm not real confident about this finale. Wish I were.

Moz, as much as I would like to see more J'onn J'onnz, this show has a difficult enough time writing for the main characters.

Kara, exactly. Plus I'm not thrilled with the way they portray Stargirl, Canary and Cyborg - and the actor who plays Aquaman is not exactly Olivier, so less is more.

JoeArtistWriter 4/19/2011 8:41:35 PM

JacenBlade, I would strongly disagree that I was the one who made this personal. Your comment to me and my ability to review was at the very least passive aggressive, so I just decided to remove the passivity out of the equation and just come back as agressive.

If you're curious about my professionalism, I have worked as a writer at a number of reputable websites, TV shows, books, magazines and radio shows. That doesn't mean you have to like my writing, but it does mean enough people who matter in that professional environment do. Of course so do a number of the people who write/wrote for Smallville, so I see the irony in that statement.

I don't consider myself an expert at much, but I am a bright person (like many in these comment boxes) and  I can spot a guy who was looking for a negative response from me, and I hate to disappoint.

Again, I don't know where you saw any hostility from me in this review, or even in the comment boxes - and I have been known to mix it up here in good-natured ways, and less-than-good natured ways. I prefer the good natured stuff, but when someone calls my professionalism into question I become agressive in real life, so I do it on the internet as well.

I guess it bothers you when I point out the flaws in this show, but it's my job. It's also my job to write it up in the style of my choosing. I do it in first person, because it's how I choose to express myself in this forum. It's casual, and I like that for a TV show like this.

So to sum up - I am witty, I am cool, I do know how to write this show better than most of the scribes who have had their shot. I'm aware there's a difficulty in transitioning from comic pages to the Tv screen (Not sure why you felt that was necesarry to point that out) and I'm not hostile for the hell of it. I'm hostile when someone provokes me and doesn't even have the balls to do so in plain English, but rather under the guise of teaching me how to do a better job. If you don't like my reviews, don't read 'em.

I really didn't expect to catch any grief this week. I gave a thoughtful and honest review and I honestly did appreciate the show in spite of all its flaws this week. That's not often the case, but for whatever reason the show worked for me this week.

I also believe my credibilty is still in tact, but thanks for your concern.


DougRed4 4/19/2011 9:26:25 PM

 TC, you're right about the writing on this show.  There's no way I'm going to try to defend it, as they so often leave gaping plot holes and inconsistencies that I just begin to expect them.  You're probably right about the mirrorboxes, and - if the writers would have taken the time to pay a little more attention to their own mythology and history - we wouldn't even be having this conversation.  I guess when it comes to Smallville I often just watch it like I do a popcorn flick, and don't really expect much anymore.

Even before Duckbeaver's post, I was going to say that I have never expected a big slug-out finale with Darkseid.  I expected that he would be more of a 'behind the scenes' villain, and I expect him to be the one pulling the strings of Lex, Lionel, and any other adversaries in the last episode.  I'm not holding my breath for a big, "pull-out all the stops" finale, either.  I don't think they have the budget (or the advertising $) to afford the special effects for such an event.  They let us down with the Justice League special (at least I thought it was really lame) and Doomsday, so I'm not really expecting a big spectacle.  I'm instead hoping for some good character moments.  Michael Rosenbaum should be fun to see again, and I'm hoping they'll tie up some of the plot threads and send the Man of Steel off in a good way.

redhairs99 4/20/2011 1:09:21 AM

Joe, I gotta agree with Jedi here.  It seemed to me at the end of this episode Clark 1 took Clark 2 to see Jor-El so daddy could used his magically powers to send Clark 2 back to Earth 2.  Then Clark 2 appeared and walked through the Fortress on his world.  I don't believe it was a different set design as Jedi said, but I could tell it was Earth 2 because of the stylized effects they used on the picture to make Earth 2 look different than Earth 1.

TC777 4/20/2011 6:46:24 AM

DougRed4, we agree.  And I wouldn't be here commenting on it if I didn't love the show.  I also watch each week and overlook the writing flaws, popcorn in hand. 

When I first started coming here and reading Joe's reviews, I was a little put out by what I thought was his negativity towards the show.  But when I looked a little closer, I realized he was right.  There's a reason the Superman mythos has survived and thrived for 80 years.  Its a story and an idea that people love.  Its also hard to write for, the high value practically invincible hero.  But its not impossible.  And if you're going to take on this story, you have a duty to do your best to service it.  I find it frustrating, and it appears Joe does too, that every once in awhile they get it right and it is very entertaining and also written consistently.  The question therefore arises, if they can do it every once in awhile, why can't they do that every week.

That said, Friday's at eight for the next four weeks, I know where I'll be.  And I'll be sad when its over, and I'll also be wishing that they didn't squander their chance to make season 10 truly epic.  They had some great episodes this season, Homecoming among them, and they had some awful ones, it doesn't get much worse than Fortune.  I was just hoping for better.  They did an admirable job with Zod last season.  I was just kind of hoping for the same with Darkseid.

JacenBlade 4/20/2011 2:39:15 PM

Joe, I'm sure I'm not the first person who has had a problem with your "Writing Style"  Snarky put downs and denigrating  the subject of your review may be your forte' but your insights and opinions get overshadowed by what comes off as you sounding like a know it all jerk.  I realize Smallville is a flawed show.  I honestly didn't think it would last more than 2 or 3 years.  But it has been around for 10 years.  Admittedly they have been 10 uneven years with some awesome episodes, some gag inducing episodes and most of the episodes in the decent to o.k. range.  10 years for a t.v. show is a lifetime so the writers, producers must be doing something right.  You and I may not agree with the final product but my response to you was not a fishing expedition for a negative response from you.  I don't know the first thing about you.  I opened the link for a review of the episode and got instead your "Krypto-Turd" rant.  You replied that that is the way you talk, text, interact etc in your life.  Maybe people who know you or work with you understand this and accept it but for someone who doesn't know you and is just experiencing your written work, it's a little off putting. 

JoeArtistWriter 4/20/2011 5:56:58 PM

DougRed, Rosenbaum is definitely a reason to check out the finale. I hope he's not the only reason. I do expect the finale to be good, and I'm willing to accept (as I did this week) a story with tons of flaws but still manages to entertain. Hoping that's not the case, but still...

Regardless of how good or bad the finale is, there's no doubt everyone will get a little giddy when we finally see Welling all geared up in his super suit. It would be nice if he starts wearing glasses soon (again) so he can do the classic remove glasses, rip open shirt and fly thing.

redhairs, oh, I'm not disagreeing with jedi, I just didn't notice it. Probably writing notes and didn't catch it. Glad to know there was a resolution - even if I felt Clark letting a mass-murdering maniac go find his daddy was pretty weak.

TC777, we're definitely on the same page now. I am completely with you.

JacenBlade, you are absolutely not the only person to have a problem with my writing style, but I liken it to a radio personality. You may hate it at first, but eventually you may come around. Maybe not, but again, you don't have to read. By the way, some people like me here.


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