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jedi4sshield 4/20/2011 7:46:15 PM

Hey guys, yeah one of the reasons I figured it was a different Fortress was when Clark 1 stepped back. The camera focused on the Crystal Pillar behind him for a few seconds or two and that Pillar was straight. The Crystal Pillar that appears on Clark 2's Fortress is heavily slanted to the right. I guess it's my eye for detail.

And Joe, yeah I came to the same conclusion you did at first until I rewound it and was like oooookay.

Although now I'm curious. Did Jor-El activate the systems or replicate apart of his consciousness to the Earth 2 Fortress? I cant remember that for back in Smallville History but I dont believe that Clark needed to simply call out Jor-El's name in order to active his fathers voice. So my question is why didnt Jor-El respond to Clark 2 when he was there? surely he sensed his presence! Hmmmm did he sense his evil? and said I better stay quiet!!! hahahahah or was the Fortress damaged? I guess well never know!

monkeyfoot 4/20/2011 8:59:01 PM

Thanks for all the props! Junior Jesus Lives!

Duckbeaver 4/21/2011 12:14:50 AM

 jedi, in response to your query: back in "Luthor," Lionel explained to "Good Clark" that he had been able to silence Jor-El before he could impart any wisdom or messages to Clark Luthor.  I'm just guessing that since Lionel had been stranded on Earth-1, Earth-2's Fortress Jor-El regained its sentience and was able to "link up" with Earth-1's Jor-El and send Clark Luthor back to his home dimension for proper training.  Not explained too well within the show, but that's what I gathered from viewing it once or twice.  

As for how Clark can just "call up" Jor-El's programming on a got me, man...

karas1 4/21/2011 5:45:18 AM

Joe, Clark 2 may be a mass murdering maniac, but he is still Kal El and Clark 1 knows this.  He watched Lionel 1 corrupt Lex 1 who started out as a fairly decent and well meaning young man and ended up a monster.  I guess he thought that Clark 2 deserved a chance to redeem himself, grow beyond Lionel's influence.  Why he thought a heart to heart with the ghost of Jor El would be enough to change him so throughly is debatable.

I also assumed the the fortress somehow returned Clark 2 to his own dimension.  Because Jor El is magic and can do anything.

Don't let this Jacen guy pull your string.  They are called trolls because they hide under bridges and ambush you when you walk by.  Alternatively, maybe he's just a big Smallville fan who wasn't prepared to see you rip it up in your review and got a little steamed and posted hastily and in anger.  (You say you liked the episode but you still spent 90% of your review pointing out flaws without really mentioning why you liked it despite the flaws or what about it impressed you.)

TC777 4/21/2011 5:51:39 AM

Duckbeaver, I'm with you on everything you said.  I understand their budget constraints, and I'm with you that they should have reserved a little cash for a slugfest at the end.  The battle between super powered Lex/Zod and Clark (I can't remember the season) was pretty good.

I just think they could have done a better set up and I think you agree with me.  They had one episode each with the three minions, and they were really stand-alones for those characters.  I just never felt very threatened by the Darkness, although the VRA I guess could be considered part of that and I thought they handled that mildly well.  After all, it doesn't have to always be a slugfest effects extravaganza, I thought what they did with Zod's soldiers defacing all those wonders of the world last year was pretty cool.

And I agree they showed us some things this season we've wanted to see for a long time.  Future Clark and Lois, Clark flying (if only in the virtual world) the secret identity transformation.  Okay I give them credit for those things.  Why they chose to pause at mid season and rip off several well known properties (date night, the matrix, the hangover) I'll never know.

And I never considered the change from the WB to the CW.  Thanks for that.  I think you're absolutely right.  I have my fingers crossed for a great finale.  Please CW/Smallville don't screw this up.

xpaladinx45 4/21/2011 10:14:48 AM

 I still like you Joe lol

And I still miss your LOST reviews :(

Back on topic though, I am going to be a little sad that I fly out to florida for vacaction the night before the finale.  I am REALLY hoping, when i come back a week later, that I have had a reason to be anxious to view it!

xpaladinx45 4/21/2011 10:17:12 AM

 Oh, and on the topic of how smallville this season has pulled ripoff episodes of certain movies, and for the most part, done it poorly.....maybe they should have tapped the Fringe writing crew...they pulled off a pretty interesting Inception rip off last week

timrandles 4/21/2011 11:38:12 PM

Ok Ok... I have read your review and I agree with you! I am now just watching smallville to see him dawn the red and blue tights! I mean it has been ten freaking years! Do it already! I did love seeing John Schneider. I just wish that they would as everyone else is saying just get on with the showdown of the century, dark seid and Lex "not so dead" Luther and Clark "the blur/Superman/Kal-el" Kent! Ding Ding....Next we need to dig up Burgess Meredith and having him play Mickey..and start yelling "Start flying you SOB!!!! Cause Mickey loves ya!" Sorry its been a long night and I just saw that  scene on TCM or something! But enough filler crap that has nothing to do with the story lines get on with it and gives us what we want! I mean it's like watching the last episode of Lost or Sopranos! Everyone was like what the hell did I just watch for the last 6 years! I can't believe they ended it like that! Also, going on what jedi said Hollywood can't give a good show like No Ordinary Family a shot but they can let Smallville go on for 10 season! Or other nonsense keep going! Kate plus 18 or 20 kids and counting or whatever the hell that show is! I mean seriously give us some quality shows like Human Target, No Ordinary Family, and even Fringe! Those are the shows that are worth saving, that are worth watching! So Smallville it is time to come to a close and set us up for the next superman  reboot...Which are almost as bad as all the rocky movies! Superman Reboot 55! or something....Oh well again I apologize ranting and rambling here! Oh well thanks for listening! 

jedi4sshield 4/22/2011 1:16:08 AM

Thanks for Clarifying Duckbeaver!!!

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