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Jakester 2/6/2011 6:08:58 AM

Why does Ollie still use his voice modulator?  And really, that's all we get from Chloe using Dr. Fate's mask?  Everything else, Joe, you nailed like Ron Jeremey nailed Barbara Dare back in the '80s.

noahbody 2/6/2011 6:40:01 AM

So glad they never did a "Grayson" or "Gotham" type show cause they would have ruined it also. We should also be happy NBC is airing Wonder Woman and not the CW, OK just barely happy.

Plot point: to bring back Chloe.... thats it... they are running out of time for the main villain fast. They also just threw away the perfect opportunity to finally have Clark's feet off the ground for good.With that one simple pen stroke they would have elevated this episode to one of the "classics" by declaring it as the flying one.


Lame episode, lame lame lame...... you get my point.

Bryzarro 2/6/2011 9:03:13 AM

 1- She was trying to get him to realize what he was in was not true.

2- She clearly said they were ALL hooked up to a big computer mainframe.  So that is why they coexisted in the same place and shared the memories.

3- Oliver believed her but Clark as he stated a few times in the episode didn't trust Chloe.

4- The same reason Clark was back at the farm he had no powers and believed it.

5- How did they know her martial arts was as lethal as her powers you mean?  Well a Superhero called Canary and they knew about her sonic ability why take anything else?  Oliver just has his agility and Marksmanship.

6- No answer to this unless you were hoping to extend the trainwreck of an episode longer than it should go.

7- Because as the story showed an off scene meeting with Chole convinced Lois so why the 180?  Lois knew.  Unless you were hoping for another of her famous concusions.

8- Good point.  (My god I agreed)

9- Another valid observation. (Must stop the agreeing.....)

10-You lost me on this one.....but whatever!

11- I wouldn't go so far to think the Writer was trying to pay respect but put their TV budget spin on a very very badly chopped up version of it.

12- Meh!  They just brought back Chloe.....they ain't going to blow two loads in 1 episode.

13- Well that does it.  Your 3rd valid point of this review.  Aqua and Mera were nowhere to be seen.

My guess on this is they had to guess as to how they would bring Chloe back in other than to have her walk in the front door.  I agree this episode failed to do that rather well other than to reveal that the Suicide Squad was actually working with/for Chloe.  Kinda okay in my book but I would have gone a different route.

I'd almost forgotted about the Darkness thing since this show has been on hiatus but they have shown that the VRA people are all touched by Darseid so there is that.  

TC777 2/6/2011 9:25:37 AM

The Smallville "apologist" would be me.  This is going to be a tough room. As to Joe's list of gaffes, I'll give you 4, 9 and 10.  If you're trying to convince someone something is real, you don't do something patently unrealistic and visa versa  But as to the other stuff, that's a little nit picky or in some cases completely subjective.  1. Ollie's in the looney bin remember, I think he has the right to question vigorously someone who just walked through the wall. 2.  Lets try to remember that there is no Krypton or superheroes and while I appreciate that even fantasy has to be internally consistent, this IS fantasy, there is no computer that can do that, so I think they can make up the rules by which the fantasy computer works. 4. I assumed that the computer bad guys were there to hunt Chloe and when she vanished, they vanished. She did say they were generated after they sensed her presence. 5. Ollie's only power is his equillibrium, Dinah's real big one is the sonic voice, and Clark's is well you know.  I think they get some artistic license here, that not everyone was affected the same way. 6. So the Avatar's cover is blown, so what? The guy at the computer has to generate a brand new Avatar becuase he's been found out?  Really. 7.  Lois is family and an investigative reporter, I think its well within the realm of reason that she'd figure it out before Clark did, or maybe he did figure it out as quickly as she did, he just didn't feel like swatting Chloe two rooms away. 8.  Why does he wear the green suit for that matter, oh I remember, because he's Green Arrow and that's what Green Arrow does.  11. Smallville IS a TV show with a smaller budget, I don't think you can knock them for not being able to offer multi million dollar cinematic effects. 12.  Because he's becoming Superman this year and its a gradual journey. Tries to fly with Kara fails, levitates unknowingly with Lois, now flies because his mind believes he can in the virtual world.  If he just figured everything out all at once, that wouldn't be very believable now would it. 13.  Chloe said one down five to go, when there were actually only three shown characters to go, I think we can assume the other two were other heroes freed from virtual hell offscreen by the persuasive Chloe.  And as for the arrow coming from the wrong direction, since presumably Ollie was off screen and is pretty nimble, I don't think that's all that relevant.  I assume I'll be pilloried pretty good, but I'm a big boy.  I liked the episode, it wasn't perfect.  But the Matrix wasn't the first movie about a virtual world, Tron I believe was, and I didn't hear many people complaining that they'd ripped off Dickens for Homecoming. There are no really new ideas under the sun.  People have been ripping off Shakespeare for 400 years, and to be honest, he stole most of his ideas from earlier authors. 

TC777 2/6/2011 9:37:10 AM

Actually I should have said I'll give you 3, 9, and 10, but this is Smallville/Metropolis weird things happen all the time including possession etc.  Just because a character offers an explanation doesn't necessarily make it so.  Sometimes the bad guys lie.

JoeArtistWriter 2/6/2011 10:10:28 AM

Bryzarro, I hope you actually work for the CW because otherwise there is no excuse for this lame defense. Here we go.

1) I said I could let that one go. It annoyed me, but it was minor in comparison.

2) I asked for a reasonable explanation. "They are all hooked to a computer maniframe" is not reasonable. They tried to throw too much information, but give no regard for reality. Explain just a tiny bit of this reality for me and I'll buy into it. Just because they're all hooked into a mainframe does not allow me to believe they can interact with each other in a dream.

3) So why didn't Chloe prove it to Clark... like I said, multiple Chloe's would have proven something was ascew. Just asking him is foolish. SHE COULD HAVE CONVINCED CLARK IN SECONDS IF SHE TRIED.

4) Fine, that just proves it's sloppy writing.

5) If they stripped Clark of all his powers, and messed with Ollie's equilibrium, then I assume they'd strip Canary of her equillibruium as well - therefore messing with her martial arts. That's just following the logic they established. They didn't do that because the writing is sloppy.

6) No, just send in the operative, but not disguised as Chloe. There is no reason to send in that op in disguise only to have that disguise seen through in 60 seconds. Bad writing choice. The reason they did it was to have a scene of multiple Chloes, at the end, which never paid off. My point is fake Chloe should have fooled them for longer.. otherwise don't establish a fake Chloe.

7) My point is, from a writing standpoint, why have Lois tell Clark he knows Chloe better than anyone (which would include Lois) only to have Lois identify the fake Chloe. It invalidates what Lois just said, because Clark should have known, but didn't, and Lois figures it out.. again in under a minute.

10) How did I lose you? Why write in a scene with multiple Chloes when you never do anything with them other than have them fall down? Hard to believe you can't understand why that seems superfluous.

11) It was obviously an homage to the Matrix. Homage means paying respect, and yet this episode was as bad as The Matrix was brilliant. The Matrix is a thinking man's movie. Smallville is a suckfest.

12) My point is they've teased the flying crap for far too long. We know he won't fly til the end.


2) I realize that, but I have bought into Krypton years ago because it was established. This dream-sharing computer needs to be rooted in reality for me to buy in. They needed to spend a little time explaining it - otherwise it's lazy.

4) That's right, you assumed, but why did you assume it? Those guards were out for everyone.... Plus, wouldn't it be strange for Clark to open the door the guards were trying to kick down seconds before, and now there are no guards? You should not have to assume major plot points. They should be laid out for you. Other viewers will assume something totally different. It's the writers job to guide us through the story... we should not have to fill in the blanks because he didn't supply the info.

5) I answered that above.

6) My point is it's bad writing to blow the Avatar's cover less than 60 seconds after he's in. Why bother disguising him at all. Just send him in. It didn't impact the story either way.

7) Agreed, but the writing before that states Clark knows her better than ANYONE. Lois said it herself. It invalidates her own statement immediately. It's poor writing.

8) Wearing a suit makes sense for the character. It's probably lined w/kevlar, has pockets and places to store weapons, and in theory I assume it makes him move more freely - or why use it when fighting. The  voice modulator does nothing at this point. What function does it serve?

11) I wasn't only knocking them for bad effects. The Matrix was a smart movie... this was not a smart episode.

12) This has not been a gradual journey, this has been a painful process.

I never said Matrix was the first of its kind, so no arguements about your last point. I agree.

JoeArtistWriter 2/6/2011 10:12:41 AM

ono, Jakester and noahbody, and the rest, please try to talk some sense into you fellow maniacs bryzarro and Tc777.... they may take the news better coming from anyone but me.

TC777 2/6/2011 10:15:40 AM

And finally, I'm now going to take back two of the three points I gave you.  Three is still valid.  But let's not forget that Chloe had just kicked Dinah's ass, as well as some security guards.  She was a virtual power to reckon with so.... 9. she probably could have kept Clark and Lois from jumping which was the only known way out of the virtual world at that point and.... 10.  seven of her would have done the job even better.  Only Clark fueled by Lois belief in him accepted that the world was fake therefore freeing him from the constraints he had been laboring under up until then.  In a world where nothing is real, everything becomes possible, even in the impossible... like flight. 

TC777 2/6/2011 10:21:55 AM

JoeArtistWriter... a spirited discussion which I thoroughly enjoyed... I may not agree, but you do make some good points...

JoeArtistWriter 2/6/2011 11:45:49 AM

TC777, I'm always up for spirited discussion. This show frustrates me, and I truly don't understand why people (like you) enjoy this show. I want to, but I see it as bad writing all around.

As for your solution to #9, it's the same problem as many of your others... You are telling me that's PROBABLY what the writer had in mind. Aside from the fact that I disagree with your guess, my point again is you shouldn't have to guess. It's the writer's job to make it clear and concise for us, the audience. As for 10, I get that Clark believes in Lois so has the ability to fly in this virtual world, but why bother to include all of those Chloes? Multiple Chloes might have been interesting if they interacted with Clark or each other... all they did was fall down. That's it. It was an excuse to write in what the writer hoped was a cool visual. (it wasn't cool at all) and again, the writer has to really on writing... not special effects... especially when the effects on this show can only be mediocre at best.

Also Multiple Chloes only serve to reinforce the fact that this is not the real world. The evil Chloe actually helped Clark there. Bad writing.

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