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  • TV Series: Smallville
  • Episode: Prey
  • Starring: Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Sam Witwer, Phil Morris
  • Written By: Kelly Souders, Brian Wayne Peterson
  • Directed By: Mike Rohl
  • Network: CW
  • Series: Smallville


It's Doomsday, literally and figuratively

By Stephen Lackey     October 25, 2008

Tom Welling and Allison Mack discuss issues in "SMALLVILLE:Prey"(2008).
© CW


Smallville should be such a great show and this season should have been the time to turn it around with a new creative team running the show but alas, it doesn’t appear to be. This season introduces a major character in Superman mythology; Doomsday. In the original interpretation in comics, he was an unstoppable force hell bent on destruction – no other motivations, just destruction. He was a scary character because he was such a monster. There was no negotiating with him, no reasoning with him; the only thing that could stop him was brute force. Eventually, Superman had to die to stop him. Smallville brings an exciting twist to the character, an emo EMT is to become Doomsday! It couldn’t be more suspenseful and exciting! Sarcasm withstanding all of the suspense has been torn from this character in favor of another formulaic Smallville villain. The only difference here is that it’ll take at least a full season to stop him rather than one episode.
So, Chloe is a character that really fell adrift of what she was originally supposed to be. In the early days of this series, she was the journalist, the investigator, the one that was hot on Clark’s trail, the one who should have been named Lois. At some point, the show runners decided that there needed to be a new female addition to the cast so enter Lois. Lois is a tough as nails military brat that basically out of the blue – with no experience – decides to become a journalist. With a real Lois in the picture, Chloe has been edged out of a significant role in Clark’s life. Since then her character has been tweaked to make her more important, including giving her meteor abilities. None of it seems to fit like the old character direction did. Now she’s become an advocate for other “meteor freaks” and that doesn’t work either. Since when does she have the experience to be a counselor? It’s apparent that realistic character development isn’t really important on this series anymore.
Clark seems to have fully embraced his role as super protector of Metropolis is full on Batman style. Superman was and still is a creature of the daytime but here he’s working at night with the Martian Manhunter helping him still, this time as a police detective. The Manhunter may be the only high point of this episode. He seems to fit comfortably in this role. The scenes between him and Clark felt very much like the long dead series Birds of Prey. The writers also appear to be showing desperation when it comes to making Jimmy important. Since when is Jimmy Olsen the one in the story that’s trying to discover the identity of Superman? That’s Lois’ job. That’s what brings her and Superman together. Jimmy is wholly unnecessary character in this series.
Doomsday seems to be slowly manifesting himself in a Jekyll and Hyde formula and he’s killing people along the way. There’s was a horribly attempted twist with one of Chloe’s group members appearing to be the killer. It was so poorly executed that the villains of the episode saw right through it but it seemed to be perfectly acceptable to Chloe and Clark. This series should be so good, but it just isn’t.


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RaithManan 10/25/2008 11:50:46 AM

And its bullshit like  this WB wonders why they're constantly under fire over the SUPERMAN franchise.  Now you're bringing in Doomsday, while Clark still isn't Superman???  WHAT????   And now Doomsday is more like Jekyll and Hyde??  DOUBLE WHAT???  Now will people  finally realize the reason why this show  should have been cancelled simply because....."OUR RATINGS BEEN TANKING FOR 3 YEARS AND WE'VE RAN OUT OF IDEAS ON HOW TO STRETCH THE CLARK CHARACTER AND SMALLVILLE IN GENERAL WHILE HE ISN'T BEING SUPERMAN."  

How bout letting Clark being Superman finally and allowing him to fly for christ sake.  You already bastardized the show just for doing that and then bringing in the punk rock variation of the Justice League and made that an even bigger mess. Its continuity issues like this is what basically got Rick Berman with two boot imprints on his ass from Paramount over the ENTERPRISE series  and STAR TREK in general and now here we are with the creators basically stuck on stupid and being stupid by just making the Superman mythos a running joke.

There was a time I wasn't too crazy about the show when it first started but it won me over some because it was taking Clark's life in Smallville and creating ways to make his life in Smallville by being smart and well written.  While I didn't watch Smallville religiously every week, but I kept up with it enough to know what's been goin on.  But this show has been on 3 years TOO LONG for basically being a convulted mess.  See X-FILES and see where it got that show, and especially after the recent flop of the sequel.  Michael Rosenbaum left the show and had his reasons....but something tells me he knew it was time to get off the train before it derailed into disgrace.

hanso 10/25/2008 1:00:58 PM

I'm just wondering why a Smallville review is up but no Heroes review?

jedi4sshield 10/26/2008 8:36:42 AM

Man I still dont see how he could ever be Superman and not people know hes Clark Kent. At this point hes been seen by just about everyone. As ridiculous as the glasses thing is, its still something that covered Clark Kents face, but with this Smallville version of Clark what's to happen? Can't very well go around in a mask can we? Sigh. Then theres the Flying thing! I cant believe hes going to go rounds with Doomsday and not be a full fledged Superman. Is this pathetic? quite so I think. I mean I myself already have had a great idea and way for him to begin flying and at the same time make it dramatic to a fault. Alas the CW guys are still twittling their Thumbs.

redhairs99 10/26/2008 10:27:54 AM

Well, a mask is what we get next week.  Although, it'll be on Ollie (to show Clark and this new hero at the same time) in a blue outfit and a CGI red cape.

slackey 10/26/2008 12:14:56 PM


I've reviewed Heroes from the begining of the season.  I'm trying to actually make time to cover a variety of shows so the site doesn't look the same every week.  I'll get back to Heroes but there are other shows on TV whether they're good or not....

Wiseguy 10/27/2008 10:14:56 AM

I'm enjoying Smallville. I thought this was a preety good ep. Maybe my expectations aren't that high anymore but we know the show's faults already so I just accept them and enjoy it for what it is.

hanso, the reason is that people care about Superman and Heroes is just an X-Men rip-off. A pretty blatant rip-off at that.

lracors 10/27/2008 11:34:27 AM

Smallville has dropped in quality and my expectatons for it have dropped... Some of these episodes this year have been average at best.  The Maxima ep made me wanna gag.  This one just floundered and is wasting the once great character of Chloe.  Having said that, when there is the rare instance of actual character discussion for example Jon lecturing Clark about obsession, that was a nice moment.  Unfortunately we are getting much too few moments like that and more "shock" moments regulated to lesser series that feel the need to keep you on the edge of your seat all of the time without developing the character.  Give us more character development scenes and this series might get back on track.  Another good episode this year centered on Ollie's transformation into GA not great but decent, if he was on that island for 2 years he would have come across that plant much earlier and known what it could do to him.

SgtTechCom 10/27/2008 11:51:41 AM


Why not Doomsday? So what if they are twisting the story around a bit.  Did they ever say they are gonna do exactly what the comics do?. It's a different take on Clark/Superman and even tho things are a bit different they doing great with their stories.I love when they add  in old school characters from past superman tv /movies - bringing in the dc universe of hero's such as green arrow and the justice league and of course villians. The show does real well paying tribute and thats why i enjoy it. The stories are different but thats ok cause some of us get it. We know it's no going to be spot on like the comic book but it all translates fine.

Fan boys will always have a gripe but i guess there is more people out there that enjoy the show more since it's been on for 8 seasons.

Ollie is gonna cover for clark this week in costume so clark can prove to Jimmy he's not the hero. It's cool since clark did the same for Ollie putting on the Green Arrow outfit then kissing Miss Lane .

O yeah Martian Man Hunter Rules... Phil Morris is perfect he rocks !

redhairs99 10/27/2008 3:55:12 PM

Got to agree.  The casting of Phil Morris was brilliant!

ponyboy76 10/27/2008 4:29:52 PM

I didn`t think the episode was too bad. Phil Morris definitely helped it out.  And I like the fact that we got a descritpion of what Doomsday looked like, all be it a partial one. They did mention the distinct eyebrows which Doomsday from the comic and cartoon definitely has.


Forget the Heroes review Hanso, what about the Supernatural review. We haven`t had one in weeks.

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