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indianawerewolf 10/27/2008 5:40:14 PM

Ok ladies n gents lets get real , Smallville is a different twist on the Superman legend fair enough and if you like it its pretty good n if you dont  then it offends you no matter how good each episode is or is not. Prey episode 8.6 is a begining to a character Doomsday, who in the comics came out of nowhere drops to earth n gives supes the battle of his life litteraly. So this episode is a teaser it may be him it may not be it may be another Krypto-freak ne one who knows ne thing about comics old or new is already smelling "legion of doom" from the first cpl episodes so lets give tv a break it will never give us the superman of old but it has given us smallville n personelly i like it mostly, no i dont love every show but for the most part its a good tv version of supes before the cape n tights

RobofOz2121 11/9/2008 11:02:00 AM

well my theory on the show is that clark will fight it out with doomsday, he will die, and u will proably even have lois do the pivotal moment of holding clark while he is dying in the show too as she sees its clark,u will probably have him in the fortress brought there by supergirl or martianmanhunter, while the jorel computer makes a move that will bring about another kryptonian using his sons dna, now u know how the show twist continuity around, this might work, clark will be dead but will be brought back using sunlight, johnathans spirit will reach out to him and bring him back also, and chloe will use her dormant powers of healing to bring him back which will cause her to die, therefor you will not have her in the show anymore, which is how it centers on lois even more, anotehr thing about the superman suit and stuff too, when clark wakes up he will be supercharged to full power from the fortress bringing him back and he will probably be garbed in a kryptonian burial suit or some kind of suit which will resemble the superman suit itself, when he awakes he will wear this from now on and probably use the smallville colors to represent earth and his hometown as well as use the suit to represent his heritage, and he will know how to fly because while he is asleep jorel is talkin to him and making him learn all about his ablilities just as in superman 1 where it took a few years to download all the necessary data into his mind. now for the whole glasses thing, u know how this show is about kryptonian technology, they will probably do a cop out move where they use the fortress to erase the memory of everyone on earth with somekind of energy wave that will have everyone only seeing clark in glasses or something like that, i mean for cryin out loud this race had the ability to travel time, bring each other back from the dead, go from light years away to planets far and wide, even opened up a portal to another dimension, yet they couldnt saave their planet from destruction such as blowing up haha  lol makes no sense


jnager 3/13/2012 10:13:57 PM

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