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Bryzarro 5/10/2011 9:02:44 AM

 Meh!  I could try to argue maybe one or two minor points Joe made but next week is it so i'm going to leave it alone.  

I didn't really enjoy this episode.  Lois with powers was not well done.  Liked it better in All Star Superman (The Comic).  I did like a couple of the plot points added to move Clarks growth forward.  

1) How else explain Kara leaving.  If she never came back people would complain.  You can't kill her off.  The easiest way to do it was how they did it.  (Joe I think you answered your own question on that one)

2) Clark shutting down the fortress.  Jor-El Explained to Kara that Clark is ready and didn't need the help anymore.  


Bryzarro 5/10/2011 9:03:50 AM

 Sorry there was no #3.  

rogue188 5/10/2011 9:11:45 AM

I believe Jor-El gave Louis powers to spurn Clark into taking the reigns of his destiny and become his own man. During Jor-El's speech to Kara, he explained as much when he said Kal-El would turn away from his guidance. Clark then unplugged Jor-El. I am not saying its well-writen, but I believe that was what they were trying to convey.

And yes, Ollie was mishandled. He should have made that shot by himself, with no help from Supergirl, who is all types of the worst casting decision ever made. Her Barbie plastic features are a simile for her acting skill. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Toyman and the Legion of Doom shoutout. Look, Smallville's best episodes have a lot of camp in them. It is the light-heartedness that allows the show to not be taken so seriously, and thus making it endearing and more palatable. Take the Booster episode. All camp. If you continually take Smallville with a serious tone, then that is why you will always leave disappointed.

Anyway, the Bow of Orion being destroyed was ridiculous. Granny should have just enslaved Ollie and taken the bow. Yes, these writers seem like they have allowed the interns to run the entire 10th season.

I will watch this Friday with a hope they don't mess it up. Having Lex will go a long way. Perhaps Clark can turn back time like in the movie and erase the mess the last season created.....

PS: I really hope that isn't what they do.

JBInformer 5/10/2011 9:16:36 AM

Joe,  Good review as usual.  I actually signed up to comment becuase of how bad this episode was.  It wasn't just bad, but the whole thing felt pointless. Introduce a super-weapon only to destroy it.  Have Kara need Ollie's help to find the thing (doesn't she have X-Ray vision).  Couldn't she just find it with her X-Ray vision, then break down the wall?  And why does she have a legion ring, I don't think they ever brought that up before. 

Now onto pointless plot two.  Lois getting Clark's powers.  Done right, this could have been okay. I was really hoping Lois would at least get a costume.  Maybe the episode could have been about how she appreciates more of what Clark goes through (Lois & Clark did a good job with the same premise).  But no, we get her being blackmailed with some vague threat against the Blur.  And, if she had Clark's powers, why did that device even work on her? 

Finally - so Clark doesn't need Jor-El telling him what to do anymore, but why shut down the fortress?  The Fortress contains the knowledge that spans galaxies.  I don't shut down my internet everytime I get an e-mail I don't like. 

Thanks for the reviews! 

samson 5/10/2011 9:26:15 AM

Yeah, they lost me when Kara was able to be just as good as Oliver with the arrow. But, as a friend pointed out to me, Superman has been known to have the ability to do things that require great skill at a momments notice even though he's never tried them before. This has been credited to his superhuman control of his muscles and reflexes. So, because Kara is suposedly more advanced at using her powers than Clark, she would have no problem doing the whole arrow trick. But, they could've explaind that in one sentence and everything would've been cool. That is until Super Lois showed up at Watchtower.

All they had to do is have Tess pull out some kryptonite she's stashed just in case yet another crazed Kryptonian gets a wild hair stuck up his or her bullet proof ass. Game over. Come on, it's Smallville. You can pick up kryptonite at the convenience store two for a dollar. How the writers botched that scene was just really, really, stupid.

Not to mention the whole "How do you decide who to help ..." thing was done damn near line for line back in Lois and Clark.

However, it was still cool to see the Almost Legion Of Doom. Damn near made it worth sitting through the let down that was this past week's episode. But, damn near only counts in horse shoes. Missed it by that much (said in my best Maxwell Smart voice).

Jakester 5/10/2011 9:37:51 AM

This episode was a Prophecy all right.  It was telling us that the finale will suck balls.

I will say this, though, Joe:  I can buy that Kara can shoot a bow as well as Ollie.  She's frigging super-powered.  Her hand can be more steady than a human's, and her accuracy is much better because of her super vision and crap.

Everything else was a bunch of lame chopped up and cooked in a stew of weaksauce.

lazarus 5/10/2011 10:15:13 AM

I am not going to bother wasting time disputing the hate. You know what, lower your fracking expectations. It is NETWORK tv. Not HBO, Showtime or somewhere else where they have the money, talent and resources to do the storyline justice. After this you will not have to worry because Wonder Hooker won't last even a season probably and there really just won't be much else on.

I thought the episode could have been better, sure. But I got what they were trying to do. The Kara story was almost straight from JLU. She went into the future to find her own path with the Legion. The Green Arrow part is developing the desparation and solitary feeling he is now in.  I get the thing with Lois and the powers, I understand what the goal was, it could have been handled better but I have placed my expectations lower so I know what I am getting. Most here seem to think this show should be amazing, probably the same that will bitch about the continuity issues in First Class.

As for the bow thing, well I think the bow was a ploy and not real. I believe the real bow is something to be revealed in the finale. I hope the finale is going to live up to expectations but I also understand this is the last of this iconic character we will see for a long time. Kinda like when Enterprise went off the air. People complained about that also, so now there is no Star Trek on the air. Cool beans. Keep your bitching up people, if you want to change it either get into the TV industry and do it, or be ready for 350 channels of shopping, reality shows, or religion. Oh and NFL network of course. :)

lazarus 5/10/2011 10:18:57 AM

Oh and should couldn't tell Clark she was leaving because it would have altered/interfered with his path. I only find it sad that she couldn't find the strength the tell Jor-El to screw off.

SgtTechCom 5/10/2011 10:29:49 AM

The Legion of Doom Rocked lol even tho they were on screen for 2 mins, Lex needs to walk in and take the under his wing and then its all on

Remember it is forbidden for you to be involved in human affairs. Hence no marry lois clark. You have a bigger puprose as Superman =) 

paradigm 5/10/2011 10:49:26 AM

Smallville is one big ball of wasted potential. It has taken them ten years to do what one two-hour movie probably could have done better. But this is the CW we're talking about, so I can't say I'm surprised that Smallville has lasted this long. The CW/WB has a history of dragging out horrible shows that happen to get decent ratings. Remember that we were also subjected to eight seasons of Charmed and eleven seasons of 7th Heaven.

My dad calls Smallville "Superboy", and I can't say I blame him. Neither the main character nor the writing have really grown up over the past ten years. If we're lucky, maybe we'll finally see the show come into its own as Clark becomes Superman... just in time for the series to end.

I haven't been a regular viewer of Smallville since before Michael Rosenbaum left the show. I've tuned in to a few episodes here and there since then, and I haven't been impressed with what I've seen. I may watch the series finale if I remember that it's on, but I won't be too upset if I miss it.

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