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JoeArtistWriter 5/12/2011 12:48:08 PM

GreatOne, and thank you as well for the kind words. Here's what I got out of the Toyman knowing Clark's secret. They were trying to build this Batman/Riddler dynamic from a few years ago in the comic books when the Riddler knew Batman's identity before he got convenient amnesia and was re-made briefly as some pretty boy (what a shitty idea that was) Anyway, I think the dynamic they're trying to develop is Toyman won't give out Clark's secret, because that would ruin the game between the two of them. Perhaps a better writer could have pulled it off, but it's a stretch to begin with.

DuckBeaver, I just checked out that commercial. I'm hoping Smallville is revealed to be just one of the infinite realities in the universe, and that's how all the stuff that's non-canon (ie Chloe and Ollie married, Jimmy Olsen dead) is explained. Fanfic would be entirely too much crap for me to handle.

Duckbeaver 5/13/2011 7:31:23 PM

PAGE: Just finished watching the finale.  It's weird, they did like halfsies on almost everything on your list (except for #1, damn it!).

Joe: I can hear your teeth grinding from here.  Personally, I'm gonna go hit the bars.  I assume you're doing the same.  Looking forward to hearing what you thought.  ;)

Everyone: One last round of Smallville praising/griping.  I look forward to it.  See y'all in a few! 

PAGE 5/14/2011 2:52:33 AM

DUCKBEAVER: Just finished watching the finale myself. Wish the finale consisted more of the last 15 minutes of the show. And you're right, definitely got halfsies on almost everything I put on my list. Can't complain about that. The cameo at the end was a cool surprise. Too bad #1 didn't happen.

heath0920 5/14/2011 6:39:26 AM

The final five minutes were a nice send off and a lovely tribute. (But Sean Ashmore got a "special guest star status for five lines of dialogue and twenty seconds of screen time?)  Really enjoyed the John Williams themes in those closing segments. I also was impressed with Lex and Clark's tete a tete in the mansion. It seemed almost like Lex was doing all these things as a thank you to Clark - I'll be as bad a villain as you can be good a hero, so how good can you be? I thought both actors had their A games for that one. Shame the moment went on to be wasted. . .

However, the show once again spent too much time posturing and provided too little meat. That was the battle between Superman and Darkseid? Really? And after showing this planet get closer and closer to Earth, could we have had even a little scene of Clark pushing it away? But then again, Smallville usually fails in the super violence category.

Grain of salt, I guess. . .

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