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tiberiuscan 9/20/2010 6:56:42 AM

As far as added features this set is a bust, and the deleted scenes features are a waste. I bought this set only because it continues my 'Superman' collection on DVD. The series did have several milestones in season 9 but still skirted around the event we are all waiting for... Clark as Superman. As they were still producing and filming series Season 9 they still were not 100% sure there would be a Season 10. We had to get the glimpses of Superman in both 'Absolute Justice' and the Season finale 'Salvation'. One of the strengths this year is the common thread in several episodes of what defines a hero. (And not just Clark). Metallo, Oliver,  the Power Twins,  the Justice Society, Warrior Angel and of course the Martian Manhunter, all had episodes featuring lessons on what it means to be a hero. Clark has said he has now accepted his destiny this season, but I believe that is only partially true. The promos for Season 10 bear this out. Clark Kent must not just become Superman, but he must save not just Smallville and Metropolis, but the entire planet. Something his father could not do with Krypton.



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