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NIGHT STALKER Suffers Ratings Blow (Article) - 10/5/2005 8:38:33 AM

The fact that it came in third is not a surprise - it's up against CSI (no new series could top that) and The Apprentice which - although running weaker than in previous seasons - is still strong competition. I think the real ratings question is how much of Alias's audience did it lose? And for that matter, how did Alias do in its new slot? After all, it's now up against Survivor, Smallville (another fanboy favorite), The OC, Everybody Hates Chris (the only UPN show worth mentioning in the ratings race), and the 15 people still tuning in to Joey.

Foster's PLAN Flies Highest at Box Office (Article) - 10/3/2005 12:26:35 PM

wessmith, you're right about the hype. The studio may have overhyped it in their eagerness for it to find an audience. Personally, I turn on my "hype" filters before going to see any movie (not to mention go out of my way to avoid spoilers) and I think that helps with any movie. I noticed on the message board for Cinescape's review of Serenity that a number of people posted that they went in with low expectations and were surprised - that's the type of movie it is. I don't buy into the "Serenity is what the SW sequels should have been" line of thought. That's the sort of hype this movie doesn't need. That probably comes from people who felt the sequels were really lacking a Han Solo-style space cowboy to take out some of the Jedi stuffiness. Speaking of which, I have to admit that in this movie, Mal does remind me a bit of Han Solo - you know, the good old Han Solo who actually shot Greedo under the table first. mlauzon, S:AAB the hell is "Space: Above and Beyond."

Foster's PLAN Flies Highest at Box Office (Article) - 10/3/2005 9:01:24 AM

wessmith, I usually agree with your posts, but this one has some fallacies. If you thought it was mediocre, I'm not going to debate that (and for the sake of full disclosure, I enjoyed the show, though I'm not a browncoat-wearing fan). But... Fox did the show a couple disservices by airing it on Friday at 8:00 (a killer timeslot), then compounded that by not airing the pilot first, which was not the best way to introduce the series. Even if you consider it a mediocre series, Fox's cancellations have had nothing to do with quality. Fox has been the worst network in recent years for not letting genre shows "find their audience" (S:AAB, Lone Gunmen, Wonderfalls, etc.) and no doubt they realized they could fill the time slot at a much cheaper price (remember, Firefly first hit the airwaves right about the time Fox started praying at the altar of cheap-as-dirt reality television). Anyway, my point here is no correlation between a series getting cancelled by FOX and the quality of that series. As far as Firefly/Serenity being the next big blockbuster - the lackluster BO does not bode well for this sort of theatrical experiment. The movie was greenlighted on the strength of the show's DVD sales. I suspect that any other installments of Firefly (or just about any other defunct SF TV series) will be seen as made-for-TV movies a'la Farscape, or direct-to-DVD productions. As to the movie itself, I saw it this weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit - not great, but quite enjoyable. I found it as enjoyable as the good, even-numbered Star Trek movies (before B&B started mucking those up). I went with a friend who had never seen Firefly before and I think he enjoyed it even more than I did.

Boston Globe Names Top 50 Sci-Fi Shows (Article) - 9/30/2005 3:10:08 PM

I've seen a lot of lists of best SF shows in various publications (TV Guide, EW, etc.). Normally I have some quibbles, but for the most part I can see their points. That said, this is hands-down the most absurd list of best SF tv shows I've ever seen. As others have pointed out, there are many more worthy shows out there - they chose Space 1999 over Space: Above and Beyond? The Six Million Dollar Man over Angel? Lost in Space over the Prisoner? The fact that they included animated series like The Jetsons and Futurama opens the door to a legion of animated series that could run rings around most of their live action choices. Even the order is ridiculous - Buffy is way too low. The Twilight Zone should always be among the top three - nobody has outdone Serling when it comes to tv anthology series. Even the new Galactica - which I personally think is superb - should not be ranked at #2 since it's far to early to determine its legacy. Their list really looks like they selected the titles at random, then had a chimpanzee arrange the order.

NIGHT STALKER Starts Hunt Soon (Article) - 9/22/2005 3:02:31 PM

I'll give it a try, but it Stuart Townsend seems miscast. It also sounds like Kolchak's backstory is a bit too grim (does every character on TV these days need a grim backstory?). Some early reviews I've seen do not make it look promising. I think somebody like William H. Macy would have been a good Kolchak - older and able to play some lighter comedy among the horror (yeah, I know - too old for the demo the network wants). The scariest original episode for me was the Rakshasa - seeing Carl shoot a crossbow bolt into the grandmotherly Miss Emily was really shocking back then! My favorite comedic moment: Carl using an electric shaver to simulate a bad phone line when he really didn't want to talk to Tony - and Tony calling the bluff.

JUST LIKE HEAVEN (Article) - 9/18/2005 8:14:22 AM

There's been four that have received less than a B- this year: "The Cave" (C), "Alone in the Dark" (D ), "Cursed" (C), "Dominion: Prequel to the Excorcist" (C ). On the other hand they've only awarded three A's: "Kung Fu Hustle" (A), "Revenge of the Sith (A-), "Howl's Moving Castle" (A). Although what intrigued me most is there was a gap during the peak of the Summer movie season and as a result, there were no reviews submitted for three major obvious genre movies: "Batman," "War of the Worlds," and "Land of the Dead."

Sitcoms and Space Invaders (Article) - 9/12/2005 10:54:17 AM

I thought that the original BG theme music had already made an appearance in the new BG miniseries. Didn't they play it when the vipers were doing their fly-by during the Galactica's decommissioning celebration?


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