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A Sneak Peek At Spider-Man Animated

By Rob M. Worley     February 05, 2002

TheComics Continuum published a nice write-up about what fans can expect whenthe Spider-Man animated show hits the airwaves. The Continuumrecently toured Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver and met with Audu Paden, who is producing theshow for Columbia TriStar, and Steven Wendland, producing for Mainframe.

The producersrevealed that Spider-Man will be CGI rendered, but with a newprocess that will not look like previous 3-D shows. Paden told The Continuumthat the process has everything modeled in 3-D sculpture, but there is a finalrender process that assigns the colors to the artwork that are like paintcolors.

"So the ultimate look will be a prohibitively expensive 2-D feature film - on a TVbudget," Paden said. "The characters will always be on model. The range of performance will be something that we can tap into things that worked before, and play them forward again.There is exquisite control over lighting and mood."

The new processwill allow the cartoon to have dynamic images of the web-slinger swingingthrough the city, with the camera moving along with him.

"It's goingto be cinematic," Paden said. "All the things that they can do in alive-action feature film, we can do with the disciplines of our modeldomain."


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