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Snipes Muses Over Black Panther

By Rob M. Worley     March 08, 2002

In our interviewwith David Goyer last week, the filmmaker touched on the the prospect offollowing up his Blade partnership with Wesley Snipes, withanother Marvel franchise, The Black Panther.

On a recentpress outing, Eric Moro of Cinescape gotmore information on the project direct from the big man himself.

"We want toget to that next year... next year," Snipes said of The Black Panther."So we've got to make a decision - we're either going to do Blade3 next year or we're going to do Black Panther. Whicheverone comes first, we're going to do."

Snipes musedthat the crusading African prince would allow him to launch a franchisecharacter that would be completely different from the brooding, tormenteddaywalker. While he agreed that the look and mannerisms of T'Challa would becompletely new, when asked what approached he'd take in developing the characterthe actor/producer said, "Oh, man - I have no clue. I have to go hang outwith some [Black] Panthers to go get inspired."


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