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monkeyfoot 10/5/2010 8:17:31 AM

X-Men FC: I've liked the ideas and people behind this from the beginning and referencing the camp scene from the first movie is a plus to me. Some fans are upset that it differs too much from the comics. I like the basic set-up that Bryan Singer established from the first movie. As long as a story is told well in the Fox/Singer/X-men movie franchise I am fine with that. This looks like it is going to be. Sorry, that's the way it is. It's not changing anytime soon. 

SuperSnyder: I'm basically fine with this, too. For those who want spectacular action and FX for Supes, he can definitely do it. I think he can also create human characters you love and care for I'm getting from his work on 300. At least I'm hoping. If you just want Blow Stuff Up action with contrived feeling they could just get Michael Bay. I'm curious as too the mysterious plot they have but Goyer knows his superhero storylines very well (not keen on his directing) and like Wessmith said its got Nolan overseeing it all which is great.

I see nothing wrong with Zod as villain. If this is a reboot/remake for Supes it is good to start off with an audience established villain. The general audience doesn't know most of Supes bad guys other than Zod and Luthor and they used Lex in the last. Brainiac was a possibity as well as Darkseid, but they can wait for a sequel.

"Why do you say these things to me when you know I will kill you for it?"   - General Zod

Rheul_home 10/5/2010 8:22:50 AM

General Zod again? Boooooo! Lets see Brainiac, Metallo, or Darkseid already. This is why they cant relaunch this franchise. WB cant seem to let go of the Donner films.

wessmith1966 10/5/2010 8:25:25 AM

If the new Superman isn't a reboot, but a continuation of continuity created by Singer, here's my idea for the movie...Always plotting to discredit and destroy Superman, Luthor uses a sample of Superman's blood that was left over from the kryptonite shard that he snapped off in Superman's side in SR to create a clone of Superman. But, the cloning process is not perfect and the clone quickly begins deteriorating. Luthor ties to kill the clone, but fails. The clone escapes and tries to put it's life together within it's warped mind and sense of reality (yes, I'm pulling from the first Bizarro episode from the Bruce Timm Superman cartoon) by kidnapping Lois and the kid. In the process, the kids gets killed (sorry, I absolutely HATE that plotline introduced in SR). The death of his son pushes Superman over the edge and he confronts Bizarro and they have a throwdown a la Neo and Smith in the final Matrix film. Superman defeats Bizarro who dies. With his son dead and Lois still with Perry's nephew, Superman retreats from his humanity, dedicating his life to performing superfeats helping humanity around the world and destroying Lex Luthor's network of money and arms dealing. Lois, knowing his pain, leaves the nephew, and goes to the top of the Planet to scream Superman's name hoping he will hear her and come to her. There, she finds Superman changing into Clark. Superman breaks down and she comforts him. He finds his humanity again and Lois finds the love that never really was gone anyway. As Clark and Lois they visit the kid's grave and the movie ends with Clark changing into Superman in front of Lois and flying off to save the world, or a cat stuck in a tree, again. A little corny? Yeah, but that's one of things I like about Superman; in this age of anti-hero heroes, Superman is still all about truth, justice and all that stuff.

I'm just not crazy about Zod coming back. I always liked the idea of Luthor being the big bad behind super-powered villains. I'd like to see Darkseid's world introduced in my idea for the movie; maybe some of the disasters Superman confronts could be created by Darkseid as he tests Superman's powers.

Hobbs 10/5/2010 8:29:24 AM

I love me some Zach but you can be assured there will be a lot of slow motion shots as Zach really likes that.  Don't know how well that will translate into a Supes film but with Nolan behind it I feel good and I'll even give him some slack on the Zod angle.  Wasn't thrilled to read that either but lets see how this developes.

animefan, Watchman the story was slow didn't have anything to do with Snyder.  If they write a script that isn't slow paced, neither will the movie be slow paced.  Supe Returns suffered from Singer's leg humping of Donnors old material.  I don't mind hommage but Returns was overkill and pretty much a remake of the Donnor movie.

FrozenFear 10/5/2010 8:30:36 AM

I say get people in the seats with a known villian like Zod and save Metallo, Bizarro, and Darkseid for the sequel.

Oh, and no "super kids", unless we're talking about Super Girl. Or Power Girl.

ponyboy76 10/5/2010 8:30:37 AM

I am happy to have Snydey helming Superman. He does have a knack for stunning visuals and sequences that aren't just brainless showy set pieces(Bay). And Chris Nolan is a master storyteller. The combination should make for a great movie. At first read, I thought, "shite, not Zod again!" but I guess it makes sense. Monkeyfoot's point about using an established villain makes sense too. My thing is though, that because of Smallville, I'd think that at least some villains would be now better known to at least some of the public and would pave a way for the WB to use these villains in a Superman movie. At least its not Lex Luthor and whose to say Zod won't have another supervillain or two with him.

animefanjared 10/5/2010 8:37:14 AM

Here's my two cents:

Not sold on Snyder as a director.  I haven't seen that owl movie he made, but the film before that (Watchmen) had a lot of the same problems I had with Singer's Superman film.  Namely, a sometimes plodding pace and a slavish adherence to source material that got details right but didn't capture the material's spirit.  The fact that there are supposedly links to the Donner films only increases my fear the Snyder will get so bogged down in "honoring" those films he'll forget to do his own take on things.

I don't mind Zod as a villain, but if this new film is going to be a psuedo sequel to the Donner films, won't that make Zod a retread?  You can't drastically change his characterization (the way Nolan did the the Joker) if it is supposed to be the exact same incarnation of the guy from Superman II. At least it isn't Luthor, but agree that maybe we should be looking elsewhere in Superman's rogues gallery.  I guess the only problem is that villains like Metallo and Bizarro are very much reactions to Superman's presence in the world, and so it seems weird to introduce them right with a new incarnation of Big Blue. 

While I love The Dark Knight (it really is one of my favorite films, superhero or otherwise), I think it has negatively impacted superhero movies in that all of them seem to want to be "gritty" and "real" now.  I have no interest in a "gritty" Superman movie.  Superman is fun, plain and simple.  I want a film that embraces that fun and celebrates the character, including his Blue Boyscout persona.  The man dresses in *the* three primary colors, for God's sake!  That tells you what kind of world he lives in.  He doesn't have to be some brooding anti-hero; he's a hero, and fights for truth, justice, and the American way!  These are core aspects of his character, and trying to remove them so that the film fits into the fad of what is perceived as "in" right now is a major reason why the last film failed.

Oh, and I wanna see Supes kick the crap out of some super powered baddie (which is one reason why Zod could be awesome)!

violator14 10/5/2010 8:38:12 AM

YES! Maybe they do look at these sites and take into account what Maniacs say!!! haha

I can hear the theme song already, and it's giving me goosebumps.

lracors 10/5/2010 8:47:25 AM

Zack and Zod make a porno!

Seriously this should be light years better then (as Wessmith put it) the Singer Emofest.

thecheckeredman 10/5/2010 8:59:07 AM


Zack Snyder?






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