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Tevii 10/5/2010 10:27:08 AM

Some people seem to be relating Zod back to the early superman movie franchise. Zod has been around a lot longer than those films. So i dont think using him is the SAME mistake Singer made by trying to stick with the old franchise. I think this will be a new take entirely. 

But Zod is played out. The last take of Zod on Smallville was abysmal. Talk about milking the "Kneel Before Zod" comment to death.

Braniac is from Krypton. So a re-boot of Superman could easily have him. and be REALLY GOOD.

Hopefully they at least lose the whole ice and crystal theme that they've been using since the 70's film franchise.

krathwardroid 10/5/2010 10:32:42 AM

I am glad Zack Snyder got this job directing Superman, and even more so since Christopher Nolan is producing it. Like the article said, these two elements should make for an amazing Man of Steel movie. Sure, we all know Watchmen had it's flaws, but everyone saw this coming long before the movie was made. Watchmen is not a graphic novel you adapt into a movie. That being said, the theatrical release only contributed to said flaws. The Ultimate Cut did improve upon these significantly and I was pleased with it. 300 was bad ass. Dawn of the Dead was bad ass. Haven't seen Legend of the Guardians yet, but it looks good. I have faith that Snyder and Nolan will put together one hell of a Superman film.

Yes, of course the villain would be Zod. As far as this is concerned, if they manage to do this film justice and are able to make sequels, I can go with General Zod for now. If Bryan Singer had been able to make a sequel, likely it would have featured Zod. Either way, we'd be getting Zod. I just hope this one does well enough so that we can see more villains in future installments. And no, not Nuclear Man. :P

8man 10/5/2010 11:02:06 AM

Zod?  And who else?  It already won't be as good as Smallville.  Why don't they give up?

Looking forward to the next X-Men movie.  An angry Magneto never gets old.

thatguy1 10/5/2010 11:13:00 AM

"Hopefully they at least lose the whole ice and crystal theme that they've been using since the 70's film franchise."

Spot on, Tevil.

Even as much as I loved the original Donner film and the half Donner sequel as a kid, I always HATED the crystal thing and was disgusted to see it take hold in the mythology.  Give Superman a GREAT museum/zoo/lab/retreat with all kinds of cool alien animal inhabitants and trophies from his adventures, as was done (although still on too small a scale for my tastes) in Superman TAS.  A silly ice cave just doesn't cut it for the retreat of the most powerful being on the planet.

And I agree with the "at least it's not Lex again" comments.  Better Zod than Lex (although I'd love to see Lex de-business suited and portrayed as the power suit wearing, scientific genius that he used to be), since that sets up a super powered battle royale, which in Snyder's hands will likely rock the house.  Still, I would have prefered to see them going the Batman Begins route by introducing audiences to one or two previously unused Superman villains.  I mean, isn't Superman enough to hang a marketing campaign on?  What kind of crappy ad-men couldn't come up with a great campaign no matter who the villain is?  Why would they need a "known villain" like Zod?

I seem to recall that Snyder is a fanboy himself, so maybe there will be enough "please bring in new villains" sentiment floating around the community to make him consider a different approach. 

lancedenier 10/5/2010 11:28:36 AM

I'm conflicted about the Superman news.  I've enjoyed Snyder's work so far. Dawn of the Dead? Awesome. 300? Awesome.  Watchmen? Awesome.  Guardians of Ga'Hool? Awesome.  The man can make a visually stunning action film and he can honor the original work.  This is good.  I'm not super excited about Zod.  It might be because I've had to listen to this whiney ass puss of a Zod on the WB all last season on Smallville.  The connection to the Donner films puzzles me as well.  Why?  Let them stand on their own and leave SR with them.  Erect a new franchise.  They didn't connect Nolan's Batman with Burton's Batman (THANK GOD), so why do it here?  If it's a totally new franchise and they revise Zod for it, then it'll be killer.

Darkknight2280 10/5/2010 11:39:20 AM

Well said about the slo-mo Violator!! i thought it was well used in Watchmen and 300 (for the most part).

kentmid 10/5/2010 11:42:29 AM

Yet another reboot that needs to be booted.  While this property demands a Nolan; it does not demand the director who made Watchmen irrelevant.  I don't see the connection, only the lack of one.

Darkknight2280 10/5/2010 11:45:04 AM

8Man Smallville has RAPED the Superman mythos soo bad its sometimes hard to beleive im still watching a show about superman. A superman movie especially being watched over by Chris nolen will more then likely still close to the Superman Mythos and will be larger in scale then smallville could ever have hoped to be. The fact they are bringing in Darseid when Clark is just about to become superman for the 1st time shows you how effed up they are. Yes i get that they are doing their "own thing", but to say its the superior superman property or that they are doing it better is just an utter farce!

krathwardroid 10/5/2010 12:28:15 PM

Darkknight2280: Well, strangely enough, this Smallville series has been the most successful of all the Superman TV shows to date. We can at least forgive it on some levels; Chloe, Lionel Luthor, and the Krypton Prophecy weren't as bad in the end. Comparing this to the Superboy series of the 80s, which would you watch more? I do admit that Smallville certainly has its flaws, not to mention serious plot holes and jumps, but all in all I can dig it. I think the most ridiculous element in this show was the fact that they totally ruined the Doomsday character. This guy KILLED Superman in the comics, yet in Smallville he was just some lame-o with a split personality disorder that Clark made short work of. If they do the same to Darkseid, I may not forgive it. I still say the real Lex Luthor needs to return. We'll see. 

CaptAmerica04 10/5/2010 12:32:54 PM

Snyder's decent, and can certainly handle comic book properties.

But Zod?!  REALLY?!?!  Had to go with a retread villain, huh?  No creativity possible?  Not Darkseid, Doomsday, Mongul, Parasite... nothing?  Really?  That's just pathetic.

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