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And So It Begins

The fall season starts this week for some networks. For others, it's more of the same.

By Patrick Sauriol     August 30, 2004

A family of hard-working lions led by Larry (voiced by John Goodman) entertain Las Vegas in FATHER OF THE PRIDE

This week the end of August brings with it the beginning of this year's new fall television season for NBC and FOX. While both networks aren't rolling out all of their new programming in the next seven days, we're finally getting a new dose of fresh content to watch. Things will continue to escalate as we enter September and I'll do my best to try and keep you informed as to what's new, what's returning and what's just been axed.

For our sadomasochist readers, CBS and NBC are offering late night coverage of the Republican convention throughout the week. I'm sure ABC will get involved too by way of NIGHTLINE, so if it's politics you're looking for don't plan on going to sleep early.

Let's begin.



FEAR FACTOR (8 PM, NBC) Season premiere. The fifth season of TV's double dare game show kicks off this evening. Not only is the show 90 minutes long this week but it's a

A blind woman (Rebecca Gayheart) entices Christian's heart in the second season NIP/TUCK episode "Natasha Charles".

couples reunion show and there are bikinis involved with one of the stunts. Hooyah!

THE COMPLEX: MALIBU (8 PM, FOX) Series premiere. A new reality series that takes TRADING SPACES and marries it to BIG BROTHER. Eight couples are relocated to a cliffside apartment building in Malibu, given a modest budget and told to renovate their apartment. A team of real estate professionals will then grade the performance of the contestants each week, with the lowest scoring couple told to vamoose. The winner gets to keep the money from the eventual sale of the entire building at the end of the season. Really, I am not making this stuff up. The second episode is on Friday night because, if you're watching this Monday night, Fox knows you don't have plans for Friday night.

LAST COMIC STANDING (9:30 PM, NBC) Season premiere. New season, same old faces. It's the season one comics versus the season two comics as host Jay Mohr finances an expedition to a newly discovered pyramid frozen beneath the Antarctic ice. Whoever wins, we laugh.

CSI: MIAMI (10 PM, CBS) "Complications" The body of a Miami anathesiologist is found in his apartment, and Horatio suspects that the murderer was someone the deceased worked with. (Repeat)



FATHER OF THE PRIDE (9 PM, NBC) Series premiere. NBC's expensive CG animated series about a family of showbiz lions working for Sigfriend and Roy.

Aladar (voiced by D.B. Sweeney) runs for safety when the skies attack in a scene from DINOSAUR

This week the feline family tries to play matchmaker between two romantically challenged pandas (Andy Richter and Lisa Kudrow). Bets on how long this one will last? Repeats Thursday at 9:30.

SCRUBS (9:25 PM, NBC) Season premiere. Heather Graham guest stars as the hospital's new psychiatrist who sets the male nurses hearts a flutter.

NIP/TUCK (10 PM, FX) A blind woman (Rebecca Gayheart) comes to McNamara/Troy to "see" if Christian can help her, but it's him that needs the assistance. Meanwhile Julia wants to change her image. The solution? A boob job.



HAWAII (8 PM, NBC) Series premiere. Good-looking cops try to arrest good-looking criminals in a good-looking place hey, it worked for MIAMI VICE, didn't it? ER's Sharif Atkins, SIX FEET UNDER's Eric Balfour and genre vet looking for work Michael Biehn are among

Dr, Swann (Christopher Reeve) returns to guide Clark toward his "Legacy" in SMALLVILLE.

the regular cast. Repeats Friday and Sunday...yup, it's on three times in its first week. When the network says MUST SEE TV, they really mean it.

RENOVATE MY FAMILY (8 PM, FOX) Series premiere. The Biggins family from TRADING SPOUSES get help from a makeover team. By the end of the show they have a new house and each family member has a new look too. Someone tell Joss Whedon that if he had just added a reality component to FIREFLY it'd still be on this network.

SMALLVILLE (8 PM, WB) "Legacy" While Jor-El is having a mysterious influence on Jonathan, Lionel is close to discovering the secrets of Clark. Once again 70s Superman Christopher Reeve guest stars as Dr. Swann. (Repeat)



CSI (9 PM, CBS) "Coming of Rage" Grissom is called to the scene of a gruesome murder involving a teenage boy while Nick investigates the homicide of a new bride. (Repeat)



STARGATE SG-1 (8 PM, SCI FI) "Icon" Daniel's arrival on a distant world leads to a civil war and him trapped on the other side of the Stargate. (Repeat)

ENTERPRISE (8 PM, UPN) "The Council". Archer and Hoshi try to make the Xindi Council see that humans aren't a threat and that the Sphere-Builders are the real bad guys. When the Xindi confront the Sphere-Builders, they remove their masks and are revealed to be Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. (Repeat)

STARGATE ATLANTIS (10 PM, SCI FI) "Home". Thanks to a chance event the Atlantis team is able to return back to Earth and see their loved ones...but can they ever get back to the Pegasus galaxy?




Steven Spielberg on the set of THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK.

spent a lot of money (upwards of $200 million dollars) to make their family friendly movie about a dinosaur named Aladar that's raised by mammals. When a meteor shower threatens to wipe all living things off of the face of the Earth, Aladar leads the warm and cold-blooded to a safe land. Perhaps D.B. Sweeney's finest hour.

MADtv (11 PM, FOX) CLERKS creator Kevin Smith appears in a skit on the show along with a bunch of WWE wrestlers. (Repeat)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (11:30 PM, NBC) The best of Cheri Oteri. Say her name five times while standing in front of a mirror. I dare you. (Repeat)



THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK (7 PM, FOX) Steven Spielberg sends more humans to the sequel that Sam Neill forgot.


Once again that will do it. Tune in next week for more tracking of the fall's new shows here in the Wasteland!



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