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'Sock Monkey' to be an animated feature?

By Rob M. Worley     October 11, 2007

Comics2Film hears there's quite a bit of buzz building around a pitch for an animated feature based on Tony Millionaire's 'Sock Monkey' comic. Although the concept has been on and off Hollywood's radar for a while it seems there's a new level of excitement around the proposed project.

Why is that? One answer is that animated features are big business. The other is that the new pitch may be enjoying momentum from the success of the 'Drinky Crow' show that piloted on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim during the summer. In a July interview, Millionaire and his 'Drinky' collaborator Eric Kaplan told C2F that things were looking good for the show to get picked up.

Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident

'Sock Monkey' tells the story of Uncle Gabby who is (as if we need to say it) a sock monkey. Gabby is aided in his adventures by a toy crow named Mr. Crow (who closely resembles 'Drinky Crow'...but C2F is never sure if they are one and the same). The pair's exploits tend to bring elements of childhood innocence onto a collision course with adult reality.

And while all this info is filtering in to C2F HQ, what should we see when we amble into the comics shop on Wednesday? None other than the latest 'Sock Monkey' trade paperback collecting "The Inches Incident". Ask your retailer for it, because it's a damn fine-looking book and a hoot besides!


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