SOCOM 4 and Thor: God of Thunder Enter Level Up Comments -


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fatpantz 5/26/2011 8:22:29 AM

I have read some awesome reviews for PC Witcher 2 already.  If anyone has played it, please leave your opinion as I am undecided on getting it....too many games to play right now as it is haha

littlemikey979 5/26/2011 4:03:33 PM

As far as Thor goes: is anyone really suprised? Both Ironman's were not that good. And on that note, the best IM game I played was the one DrPepper had on their site. I dont understand why they dont put more effort into these games. Its not like they dont know well ahead of time the movies is being made.

I really hope Captain America is worth getting, but the comic-to-movie-to-videogame games dont have a great record so far.



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